Saturday, June 2, 2018

You Finished this Sentence

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Now back to our regular program.

Spankings are great except...

Baxter: ... the people who richly deserve them, don't get them.

... until the top stops spanking.

Arched one: ...when she is done spanking me my bottom is soooo sore.

Joe: ... it shows me how much my wife loves me.

Windy: ... when you're in the middle of a spanking session and all of a sudden your HOH goes, "Ah, crap!" And I turn around and look back there to see what is going on back there....because whatever it is, it is not my job.... I just take whatever he is dishing out...... So I look back and he has just snapped the dowel rod in half, which is surprising because it didn't feel like it broke and wasn't really hurting too much anyway . And then he tells me he has been "flicking it" instead of striking or swinging it....... and the flick broke it. And so that was over!

KDPierre: ... when they involve presidents, porn stars, and magazines, because then they are just creepy.......and more than a little vomit-inducing.

Anon 1: ... for the spanking part!

... there are never enough of them ... and they never last long enough.

... when they're not.

Amy: ...when you have to ask for them!

Ronnie: ... when the implement breaks.

NoraJean: ... when they take the form of a swat in a public place ... Frank is getting a bit too confident these days!

Kingspan: ... when people who don't want to get them do, and people who do want to get them don't.

Rosco: ... when they don't last long enough. I shouldn't complain, as my wife Irene gets very aroused spanking me. Sometimes she intends to punish me more, but can't wait to turn me over for reverse cowgirl cunnilingus which is usually followed by regular cowgirl intercourse.

There's a fair amount of variety during the foreplay and discipline, but little during the cunnilingus and intercourse. I know that may seem a little "routine" and non-creative, but we will probably not change it much until and unless the wonderful passionate intensity subsides.

Sir Wendel: ...umm…except…well…I guess they are just great.

Anon 2: ... when I'm not able to give them.

... when they're only in my imagination. Nah, they're still great then, just not quite as great.

Hermione: ... when they stop.

From Hermione's Heart

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