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From the Top Shelf - The Wrestling Ladies, part 3

Well, well! Last week we learned a bit more about Bruce and his past experiences with being spanked. Today he is on his way to a pool party, to wrestle the incredibly fit Tawny. If he wins, Tawny is his slave for the day. But if he loses, a bare-bottom spanking will be his reward.
After that chat, Bruce was hooked. He didn’t know why these women were interested in him but he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity. He could weather the inevitable kidding and snickering at work, secure in the knowledge that he, not they, had been invited to the home of the club’s gorgeous female wrestlers. That thought made him wonder. Did they own the place together? Did they share the house in some kind of communal living arrangement?

Bruce found the place easily enough. It was a French country style house, some distance out of the city. A long gravel driveway flanked by trees on each side led to a circular driveway in front of the house. In the middle of the driveway was a fountain that featured water pouring from a pitcher held by a naked cherub. A woman in Grecian robes standing next to the cherub held a flail in her hand. It was an odd piece of sculpture.

He left his car in the driveway with several others and stepped up to the front door. He heard a soft chime ring as he pushed the button. A minute later the door opened and he was greeted by a young and very pretty girl in a frilly maid’s costume. He recognized her as one of the girls from the club. The skirt was scandalously short, coming barely to the tops of her thighs. She wore stockings and high heels that emphasized the lean muscular shape of her legs. The top was low cut and Bruce had to force his gaze away from her cleavage. Around her neck she wore a leather collar with a ring in it. The collar seemed out of sync with the rest of her costume.

She smiled and said “Please follow me. Everyone is out back.”

She turned to lead the way and Bruce followed, his eyes glued to the provocative sway of her hips in that short skirt. Double French doors led to a patio surrounding an expansive swimming pool, and it was here that Bruce’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.

All of the ladies from the club were sunbathing, swimming or lounging around the pool in bathing attire that revealed nearly everything. There were half a dozen hot young women in thong bikinis that were barely there displaying acres of white, golden and bronzed female flesh. Bruce took it all in. There were also several men. They wore abbreviated bathing trunks like Speedos and appeared to be catering to the women lounging around the pool, fetching drinks for some, massaging the feet of others, and spreading lotion on sunbathers who were face down in lawn recliners. He stood there, transfixed with awe, and almost did not hear the question proposed to him.

“So how about it, Bruce? Ready for a rematch?”

Bruce turned, startled to see that it was Lara who had addressed him. He gulped. Lara was a formidable woman in just about any attire, but clad in a tiny black bikini, she was overwhelming. Standing at over six feet tall, her black hair spilling down, breasts straining against the tiny confines of her bikini top, she was a vision of female strength and power. Bruce was just glad he wasn’t being asked to wrestle her.

“Uh, sure,” said Bruce.

Tawny, a/k/a Jen, stood back, hands on her hips. She smiled at him, but it was a not a warm smile, it was almost a smirk. Two girls dragged a mat over onto a part of the lawn. Interest perked up among the men and women around the pool who saw something was about to happen. A crowd began to assemble, spacing themselves around the mat. Bruce noted the gleeful expressions on some of the faces, especially the women’s. The men were more subdued, as if they knew that what was about to happen did not bode well for him.

Lara assumed control of the festivities. “We have a rematch,” she announced. “Bruce here will take another shot at Jen for the usual wager. If he wins, her ass is his. If he loses, he will be our houseboy for today – with the customary initiation ceremony.”

Everyone murmured approval. A few clapped and whistled. There was laughter. Bruce was alarmed. Initiation ceremony? What had she meant by that?

“But first,” she said. “We have an item of business. Those in our household know that we have a demerit system. The one having the largest number of demerits for the past week must serve as ‘maid for a day’ and must also accept her punishment for bad behavior. We do this on Sunday, which is today. Since we are all gathered now to see Bruce square off with Jen, we might as well take care of the demerits. Gina?” Lara looked toward the French doors where the pretty girl in the French maid’s outfit stood.

“Yes, Lara,” she said in a small voice. To Bruce she sounded nervous.

“It’s time girl. Go get the paddle and come right back out here.”

Now there was visible excitement and Bruce immediately understood why. Someone was going to get it. Gina returned a few moments later. In her hand was a short strap, maybe a foot long and a few inches wide secured to a handle. To Bruce, it had the look of an implement that was all business. It looked wicked.

Lara snapped her fingers at one of the men. “Fetch me a chair, Gregory.” As Gregory rushed to do her bidding, she added, “I should not have to tell you, Gregory. You should have known what I needed. We’ll have a little talk about that later.” Bruce could see Gregory blush red with embarrassment while others chuckled. Just what had she meant by a “little talk?”

Gregory grabbed an armless chair and brought it over next to the pool. He placed it behind Lara and she proceeded to sit while the bikini-clad club girls and the men moved closer then fanning out in a semi circle surrounding Gina who stood silently holding the strap.

“Well, Gina dear, it seems like you are our unlucky winner this week.” She shook her head and clucked her tongue. “So many household demerits.” Then Bruce saw Lara looking at him. He knew he must have looked confused, because Lara said, “I see our guest is wondering just what in the world is going on. Well, I’ll tell you, as Gina brings herself right over here. Come on Gina. Bring momma the paddle.” She gestured with her hand. As Gina walked toward Lara, seated there like a Roman empress summoning a slave, Lara continued.

“We all live here in this house, me and all my girls. The boys are special guests today, like you. You see, I own the wrestling club and the girls work for me. Plus they get free room and board. But there are rules and everyone has chores. We keep a weekly list and if there are so many infractions, that person has to pay a little penalty. She must act as maid for a day and serve everyone else. And, for each tick, or demerit, she gets three licks with my little attitude adjuster here.”

Gina now stood to Lara’s right side. “Now, Gina has been rather naughty – how many demerits do you have dear?”

“Six,” said Gina in a small voice, then she started to protest. “But it’s not fair. I didn’t deserve all of them.”

“Oh, right, Gina baby. You got six – and all your own fault,” said a lush brunette whose name Bruce didn’t know. Others chimed in too. The consensus seemed to be that she deserved what she was going to get.

“Six,” said Lara, shaking her head. “My, my, girl. That’s too bad.” She slapped her thighs. “Time to pay up, then. Hand momma the strap and get across momma’s knee.”

Bruce now understood. Lara acted not only as employer but also as some sort of house mother to this bevy of young women who lived in her house as if they were a sorority of some sort. His eyes grew wide as the pretty Gina clambered over Lara’s thighs face down. Her bottom jutted up and the tiny French maid skirt rode up her backside, half exposing diaphanous black panties set off by a garter belt and hose of the same color. Bruce felt his groin tighten and his cock stiffened, pushing against his slacks, making a tent.

The others who were watching exhibited various reactions. Some were clearly excited to see one of their own getting a licking. Others bit their lips, perhaps in empathy with the unfortunate Gina. Still others chuckled in amusement at seeing the pretty girl taken down a peg.

For Bruce it was arousing. He had to catch his breath as Lara skinned down the tiny panties leaving Gina’s shapely bottom gloriously bare. The cheeks jiggled slightly as Lara shifted her position. Then she hefted the strap.

“Eighteen licks, Gina. You know the rules. No jumping around, no squirming away. That will only mean extras.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Gina.

Lara patted Gina’s bottom a time or two then raised her arm to deliver the first lick. It fell, landing square across Gina’s lush bottom summits with a loud crack. Gina squealed.
Crack! “Ahh...woo!” yelped Gina, as another swat landed.

Crack! “Yow!” Cried Gina.
Smack! Another solid stroke made her fanny ripple.

The licking continued to fall in a methodical fashion. Lara took her time. She applied the strap deftly with several seconds between spanks. Gina yelped lustily. She flinched and clenched, reacting to each solid crack with the strap, but she remained in position. The strap’s impacts caused the flesh of her bottom to ripple. Gina threw her head back, and bucked, her feet flying up behind her as each smack rang out.

Smack! The strap flattened the rounded cheeks.
Smack! A hard crack right at the base of her buttocks.
Crack! Gina yowled and fluttered her feet.

When all eighteen had been delivered, Lara set Gina on her feet. Gina bent over and drew air through her teeth with a painful hiss as she tried to rub the sting out her bottom cheeks. Lara told her to pull her panties up and with a last smack of her palm sent Gina scooting off to put the strap back where it belonged, a place all the girls were, no doubt, very familiar with.

Lara stood and, along with everyone else watched the red-bottomed Gina beat a hasty retreat to the house, strap in hand. She slapped her hands together in a display of having accomplished a much needed chore, then announced, “All right everyone. Time for the main event.” They moved as a group over to the mat that had been spread out on the lawn and spaced themselves around it to get a good look.
Oh dear! I'm afraid we will have to wait until next week to discover Bruce's fate.
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Roz said...

This is such a great, entertaining story Hermione, am enjoying this. Looking forward to reading more. I think Bruce is going to find himself on the back foot in the re-match!


ronnie said...

Hermione, thanks for sharing this story, enjoying the read. Will be interesting to see what happens in the re-match.