Monday, June 17, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 16

Have you had a spanking that made you laugh?

sam & Peg: When we were visiting her mother & dad, we thought both of them had gone to church. Taking an opportunity to spank me, my wife gave me a good hard spanking with a paddle. After we came downstairs later to see her dad reading the paper we freaked. Her dad didn't look up but merely said, "Sounds like your mom has taught you well." He smiled and all three of us began laughing

Wendel Jones: There have been a few times when I lost my hold on the Misses while spanking her and she fell off my lap. The Misses would laugh until she realized that she would go back over so I could finish the spanking.

Roz: We have had a number of both fun and funny spankings over the years. From memory I think the funny spankings were mostly with implements breaking. On one occasion Rick was using the cane and giving a stern lecture etc and it broke. We both ended up laughing but it didn't stay funny for long for me as he decided it was still safe to use.

Rosco: We don’t take spanking too seriously but we do try to get into the role play so we don’t laugh much. But we’re not afraid to.

Irene has been spanking me for almost 40 years now and is quite proficient. She’s only taken to tying me down over the last 10 years or so, and she’s sometimes pretty incompetent at doing that. I laugh when she struggles and she spanks me harder and longer, so everyone wins.

Bonnie: We often laugh during spankings, and during sex too, because life is funny. When Randy the stern disciplinarian says something preposterously pompous in that deep commanding voice, sometimes it just strikes me as goofy. I can't help but giggle, even when I know my bottom will pay the price. Before long, he's usually laughing too.

I agree with Roz that broken spanking implements are hilarious. Years ago, when we relied mostly upon pervertables, this happened more often. Once he bought a light wooden paddle with a cute saying from a roadside junk shop. It snapped on the first firm swat. The saying was "Attitude Adjuster." It worked I guess, just not in the intended manner. Today, Randy makes sure to spank me with implements that are harder than my bottom.

Jack: The only time I remember laughing being a part of spanking was when my mother-in-law saw me facing the wall for the first time, She could not help herself, an adult with a very red bottom. My wife told her mother he was laughing at first.

Amy: Thankfully, Eric and I both laugh at ourselves and our dynamic at times. I once confided in him this whole fantasy about being taken in hand in the woods. We went for a hike and he did his best to make that scenario come true but who knew how uncomfortable being naked, up against a tree, when it's chilly, and your husband is trying to spank you. I kept bouncing around. Oh. Ouch. No. Not here. That's not comfortable. Try this. Uh, I'm too cold. How about in the sun? By the time he got a swat or two in, we were just laughing at the whole thing.

Hermione: Ron often makes jokes while he spanks me. One of his current favourites comes out while he wields the leather flyswatter decorated with metal studs. "It's riveting!" he declares.

Having an implement break is always cause for laughter too. We have broken a few wooden spoons, but there are always more available.
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