Sunday, July 7, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #286

Welcome to another summer brunch—for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, anyway. For the folks down under who are in the middle of winter, here's a hearty dish for you to help you stay warm.

We are all here because we have a special interest in spanking, so let's share what we think about it.

What aspect of spanking do you enjoy the most? Has it changed over time, or has it remained constant?

Please feel free to join in the discussion. I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to speak.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

The scolding, long, especially if someone else is present. Standing there pants and underpants around your ankles, saying nothing, wanting to get the spanking over. Jack

Anonymous said...

I think Jack says it all. When we began a few year ago, it was a private spanking followed by corner time
with a bare bottom and nose against the wall. Slowly she demanded more and we both found it arousing.
I have been spanked in front of a few friends, and earlier this year my best buddy revealed that he too was
spanked by his wife. When we spent a weekend in may with them at their place by the lake, he and i were
spanked by our wives at the same time We both stood naked and were standing side by side. Witnessing
his paddling then his mine, was very intense. Later he agreed it was good feeling to be able to have a buddy
you can chat with about this topic.
Thanks .. love this site


Roz said...

Great question Hermione! For me it's the anticipation and preparation and how it makes me feel afterwards.


Eric51Amy49 said...

Lately it's being over Eric's knee. The secure feeling of my body across his legs, pressed against his chest. I listen as he lectures or scolds or reminds, all with the loving intention of keeping us close and me, strong. I know what's coming and then when he starts to spank, the initial pain kills me but that warm burning sensation that comes afterwards is incredible.

QBuzz said...

Definitely the spanking itself if it's OTK. The mixture of pain and intimacy is unbeatable

Barrel said...

I agree with Roz, it is the build up to a long and serious punishment session. In our case, that build up takes place over several days, usually culminating in a date lunch when my wife lovingly tells me what she has planned. She has learned to torment me with the anticipation knowing the only way I can end it is by laying down on the bench at the foot of our bed to be thrashed.

Domhnall the Second said...

That moment when my fear of the next stroke changes to a fear that the next stroke will not come.

Anonymous said...


Interesting question. It’s the relaxation. Some people meditate, I get spanked.

I love the sensation- the sting (like tart lemonade on a hot day) followed by the warmth.

But mostly, the whole experience is relaxing. It takes me entirely out of daily worries and focuses me on my body and Irene’s body. Not just the spanking but also the lecture, the cunnlingus and whatever else we’ve added to the scene.

Often I’m tied up and blindfolded after the initial spanking and “put down” for a nap, which works well to my surprise.



Bonnie said...

For me, the best part is being able to live my fantasies, dreams, and aspirations in real time. It's the chance to experience every sensation, feel every emotion, and indulge every passion. And to do so with my one lover.

With the passage of time and grudging acknowledgement of the aging process, our spanking adventures have become less ambitious. But our imaginations and ingenuity remain as strong as ever. I still speak the words, "Yes, sir," as I climb onto our spanking bench.

Anonymous said...

As I have said before, I have no interest in punishment spankings. I/we spank only for the eroticism and what it leads to, if-you-know-what-I-mean-and-I-think-you-do....

Best part for me on the receiving end? Like some of the above comments, the anticipation of what's to come. Her look and "I'm in charge" attitude she shows. The nervous dryness in my mouth when she is seated and ready to begin. The warmth from her body as I go OTK. And THE BEST - when she lowers my shorts baring the target. There is just something about those few seconds....! (Vulnerability...?) The moment after when she rests her hand on one of my bare cheeks is also nice.
After that it is just the spanking, not hard - but not soft either.

And when the roles are reversed? Pretty much the same thing. Feeling the warmth of her body over my lap, followed by my slowly pulling down or off her panties baring her bottom, and hearing her little "Ummmm...". There is something about that moment, too.


Anonymous said...


I forgot the 2nd part of your question: "Has it changed over time, or has it remained constant?"

Constant. From day #1, too many years ago.


WendelJones said...

I enjoy watching the Misses pull down her pants before going across my lap. Also enjoy watching as her bottom turns red during the spanking. When the Misses does the spanking I enjoy the spanking.

Tomy Nash said...

These days it's the memories. And those memories are a treasure trove of her love, dedication, generosity, and all she did to build me into the person I am today.

Aunt Kay helped change the world and I am grateful for the way she changed mine.

Yorkie69 said...

I think it is everything, but I especially like the spanking itself. Anticipating and then experiencing each implement and the unique feeling each one gives is intoxicating.


Anonymous said...

I'm Jack wife and he is allowed on this sit because I have no problems with it, other sites I do. This needs a woman's view and with Jack he looks so cute and little when it comes to a spanking. I normally just bare his bottom and make him stand and get his scolding. Oh his little man is sticking straight out, depending how naughty he has been, I will have him to address the problem and the problem goes away soon after the spanking begins. A few times he has been spanked with others present. He really pleads and begs and want me to wait or take him to the bedroom. This does not happen and I slowly bare his bottom, scold him longer and once over my lap the spanking dance he does, the pleading, begging, is enjoyed by those watching. Standing facing the wall is the worse for him, no talking, no rubbing. My mother has spanked him after I gave him a spanking. She normally goes to the bedroom and you can hear him promising to be good. One time I heard please No from my husband and when he came back to the kitchen he was naked, crying, rubbing. My mother smiled, seen it all young man, now face the wall, Yes Mother Connie he replied. He looked so cute and so much a naughty little boy who Mother had properly addressed his naughtiness. So this is how I enjoy his spanking, in this house I'm in charge, and this Mommie spanks her naughty little boy on the spot no matter who might be present.

ronnie said...

Everything - the anticipation, emotion, sensation, intimacy, the spanking itself and the words P uses.