Sunday, July 14, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #287

I hope everyone had a good, productive week, and that you are ready to relax with good friends and enjoy a discussion about spanking. Speaking of friends, that leads us nicely into today's topic.

Have you ever given or received a spanking when a third person was present? If so, did that individual assist in the spanking in any way, or was s/he simply an observer? If not, how would you feel about having another person watch or join in?

If you would like to add your voice to the discussion, please feel free to leave a comment. Once everyone has had the opportunity to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Great question Hermione. We went to a BDSM function once and Rick decided to spank me. There was nobody else in the room to begin with but a few started watching from the doorway or came in briefly. I just kept my head burried! I didn't want to eyeball anyone lol. Other than that, there has never been anyone else present.


QBuzz said...

I attended a couple of spanking parties with three men and two ladies in attendance. The men spanked all the women and the women spanked each other (all done in front of everyone else of course).
I love the idea of a third party being involved and either watching or participating. Not sure if it'd work in reality though

WendelJones said...

Never had anyone watch and not really interested in having spectators.

Anonymous said...

If wife is going "blister me raw" for a real screw up she will have a witness, of her choosing, present. And trust me the person is not there to save my ass in any way. It's usually female friend or relative, but sometimes it's an elderly male friend to add to humiliation.

Anonymous said...

My first spanking as an adult was such a case. Shortly after we started dating I was told I best improve my language and attitude or she would make wish I had. Well I went to far and one Saturday morning I found myself across her lap, thinking at first this was a joke, but soon learned otherwise, kicking, pleading, when her Mother dropped in. Please stop I said, no more, her mother said, about time and left the room, when she came back she handed her daughter a hairbrush, does wonders, and it sure did. I danced around the room rubbing, I had kicked off my underpants and could care less all was on display. It was facing the wall, the two talked, I just wanted to get dress.

Yorkie69 said...

That would be a big, fat no and there never will be.


Anonymous said...

In my household, my wife has taken charge, after five years plus of marriage I have learned best to do as told and quickly. Our marriage is strong, our love is strong and most important if it was not for my wife stepping forward it would not be this way. As for spankings, always bare bottom, and applied when needed. The worse spanking I got, the one I dreaded the most, was in the presence of her best friend. The spanking was happening when she dropped in, my wife said nothing and applied that paddle fast and hard. She had me remove my pants, underpants, and after a long scolding the spanking began. When she stopped, stood me up, all on display in front of her friend, told to face the wall, and I had to respond, Yes Mommy. Her friend asked about that, my wife said if he wishes to act like a naughty little boy, is it not the Mommy who spanks naughty little boys. The friend spoke to me, so you have been a naughty little boy, I said yes I have been a naughty little boy. The two talked and when she left, told my wife, I think my husband needs a Mommie.

Joe said...

No so far there as not been a third party present during my spankings but I am hoping that will change. My wife only spanks me because I ask her to and it has taken some time for to learn how as she was afraid of hurting me in the beginning and had to learn the difference between hurt and injure. She is a very private person so a third party may not happen, just hope the spankings continue and keep getting better.

Spankedhortic said...

Yes but that was due to certain circumstances back in the 1990's. I was happy for a third party to be present but not to interfere. The interaction had to be solely between the top and myself.


Barrel said...

We have never had a third person witness or participate in our spankings. I would welcome it...I think. My wife, I am skeptical. She has an ideal candidate in her divorced exercise instructor who is quite a flirt, active in the nightlife scene and comes across as a bit edgy. Nevertheless, I am not holding my breath as our sessions almost always conclude with intimacy.

Anonymous said...

No. My husband and I have no interest in a third party present.
I've been curious about something. I've noticed quite a few comments about men being spanked by their wives and there are one or more women present, and a lot of times the mother-in-law spanks the husband. I've never seen a comment about a wife spanked with the husband's friends present or being spanked by the father-in-law. Does this ever happen?


ronnie said...

I think I would like to watch someone getting spanked but wouldn't like anyone watching me getting spanked.


Unknown said...

Yes, I have been watched by Danielle's husband Tom, and by Cindy being spanked. However, I really never wondered what I looked like, or how I was seen to be re-acting, nor what they were thinking, because Danielle is such an effective and dominant spanker that my mind only was with what she was stating, or the spanks I was receiving.
In addition, we did attend a week-end spanking party, but it had wonderful times, but some not so wonderful also. One must be careful with whom one "PLAYS". Most people were great.
I would like to watch someone else be spanked, and that did happen at the party.
I would like to meet other spankers, but most in North America are too shy to meet. (hint hint)
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago I did something really stupid and my GF decided to spank me in front of a couple of her nurse friends. I was blindfolded in our bed room then led out to our living room were her friends were enjoying a glass of wine. I was draped across C's lap and she began. Started off gently but got serious quickly. It was the hardest and longest spanking I have ever gotten and ended with a round of applause from her friends. I wanted in our bedroom till friends left then C came in and rewarded me with a nice session of passion. I still don't know who the spectators were tho I suspect who one was.