Monday, July 22, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 21

Does hot weather have an impact on spanking?

Wendel Jones: The house is air conditioned so we do not feel the heat until after the spanking is over.

Prefectdt: I have never postponed a planned spanking because of hot weather. My fun play encounters often involve some preparation and travelling, so I have refrained from arranging a spanking, if the weather looks like being humid. High humidity (with all it's icky sweatiness) bothers me far more than dry heat.

Roz: I don't think we have postponed a spanking due to hot weather. However I am always paranoid spanking during summer with neighbours with windows and doors open and generally being outside more.

Arched one: Like so many others when it's hot and humid outside we have the air cond. on. that way the only thing that is hot is my bottom when she spanks me.

Barrel: As we live in the desert southwest of the US, if we let the heat impact us, I’d never get spanked. In fact, last Friday we had the most intense caning and hair brush spanking we have ever shared and the temperature was 107 F (42C). We even went out to lunch where she vividly described the punishment she had planned. I don’t think the heat was any influence as I turned the AC down before we started, but I have become more aware that I sweat during punishment sessions. Interesting topic. Thanks

Anon: No postponing! My spankings are strictly punishment and all occur in year round cool basement - aka "urban woodshed". As for steamy upstairs afterwards, well we all know a damp bottom stings far worse than a dry one, but as I said it's punishment and suffering some times more than others is just the price I have to pay.

Peter: My wife feels it is a good time to spank. A good hard session in the heat reminds me all
day of why my damp bottom hurts so much!

Bonnie: I don't recall such an occasion, but I will guess that we probably did.

Bernie: It's 102F right now and the house is a little warm. I don't think that would deter us, but for one thing: I'm hot an sweaty from working outside. A shower would be necessary. Think I'll do that and ...

QBuzz: Not too hot for spanking (that's why ice cubes were invented after all). Though maybe too hot for dressing up :)

Yorkie: Can’t say that we have.

Joe: No never. AC solves that

Ronnie: I don't think we ever have. Last year we did use a portable fan once or twice.

Hermione: We have AC but while the bottom floor is cool, the main level is moderate and upstairs is too warm for comfort. Ron minds the heat more than I do so I thought he would postpone Saturday playtime, but no such luck. He said the paddles would provide all the cool breeze we needed. The after-play spritz of water was quite refreshing!
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