Sunday, July 28, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #289

It's time to enjoy some delicious treats and talk about spanking. We all enjoy spanking for various reasons, so let's consider one of them today. Punishment might not be a reason for you to spank or be spanked, but let's imagine that it's a possibility.

Have you ever done or said something that you now regret, and need to be punished for? Would a spanking clear your conscience? If you are a top, is there something that your partner has done that would be remedied with a spanking?

As always, leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

It is not a regret, but spankings I need. My girlfriend at the time, now my wife would with a smile say a spanking would do me good, that was all. I don't regret what I did to finally get her to spank me, but the timing was not right at all. I went to her apartment to pick her up for dinner, I was just wearing a long coat, nothing under, so when she opened the door I would flash her. What happened I did not expect, it was her best friend who opened the door, and then calmly said it for you Susan. I quickly stepped inside and Susan looked at me, smiled, and grabbed my arm. Off with the coat she said and I protested until she finally had enough and it was off. I was soon over her lap, her friend had gotten the hairbrush and the spanking I wanted, was happening but not the way I wanted it to happen. Her friend watched, finally said he wanted a spanking, well he getting one. When she finished I told her I had clothes in the car, she got them, I got dressed and took her and her friend out to dinner. Squirming, the waitress noticed, Susan said, the hairbrush had a talk with him. We dropped her friend off at home and went back to her apartment, spent the night. Next morning she wanted to see if my bottom was still red, it was. We have been married five years, the spankings are punishment and she could care less if anyone witness my spankings, I should not have been "naughty" as she calls it.

Anonymous said...

I am usually the one doing the spanking, but after confessing to my fiancé that while away in another country for my job, I had an affair with a woman for seven months. When I returned home I never told her about it. She had told me if I had done anything while i was away I should confess it before we married. I didnt and we got married. After a few years we were about to begin family planning. At that time my wife warned me that if I had committed any infidelity either before or since we married and I had not confessed it and she discovered it later she would leave me.
If there was one thing i knew about her was she meant it. I was riddled both with guilt as well as fear if she found out she would leave me.She had been off the pill about seven months when one nite after we had sex I blurted out my confession. Five minutes after i confessed she was out of the house.The next four months were the worst of my life. Finally our counselor aherranged for a face to face session. In it she wanted details and if I could not provide the answers the next stop was divorce court. Long story short she finally asked to speak to the woman, who by that time was in the states.To this day I am not sure what was said between them but I got a second chance. The only thing mywife would reveal was that my former lover told her I needed to be spanked for anything i did wrong. My wife took it literally and that weekend she developed our procedure. Weekly i kneel before her naked an holding her hand confess anything i had done wrong. And so it began.... that was 5 years ago We have twin sons who are two and every saturday my inlaws pick up the boys and I strip naked and confess.Sometimes i am not punished other times like telling her a lie about a business trip so i could sneak off to Vegas with fellow workers for a quick 24 hours of gambling.earned me two months of bare assed spankings with my own belt. ( it is a very thick bak leather two inch wide belt
that leaves marks welts for days.Strangley when two months were over, I missed the connection between us. Now when I feel that craving I ask for it.
My wife says she knows a few days before I ask when I crave it. It isn't the pain I crave but it is a way to show her my need for her..


Roz said...

A number of years ago I spent the day visiting my parents who, at the time lived about an hour away and the trip included driving over a notorious mountain range. Rick always worried about me doing that drive and was also away at the time and I failed to let him know once I was home safely. He was beside himself with worry. The weather had also been dodgy that day and we later found out someone did indeed crash on that road that night.

This resulted in a fairly serious spanking. I felt terrible for worrying Rick like that, and really had no excuse. The spanking cleared the air for both of us.


Spankedhortic II said...

I have a list as long as my....... no my arm is not long enough for that comparison.

One thing that I greatly regret and have never been corrected for is the awful moustache that I grew, as soon as I was able to, back in the 1980's. I grew it because Midge Ure of the band Ultravox had one and I thought it was cool at the time. I wore that moustache until 1993 and now every time that I look at a photograph of myself, from that era, I cringe and wish that someone had bought me to book about it. It truly was a terrible moustache.


Domhnall the Second said...

With my wife’s permission, I have been seeing a professional disciplinarian for over ten years. On two occasions I confessed a past error to her and asked to be dealt with. These past errors had been troubling me for many years and, to my surprise, the discipline sessions actually set me free from the guilt I had been experiencing. To be honest, I had always felt that discipline spankings were similar to role playing but I found the experience to be very effective in clearing my conscience and would avail myself of the experience again should the need arise.

Barrel said...

Yes, I have said some things in the past that I regret. 20 years later, I am embarrassed I said the things I did. My wife employed disciplinary spankings, first to relieve her frustration with me, and second to try to teach me a lesson. I have mellowed a bit as I age and she has not had the need to discipline me in the same manner. Today our thrashings are more stress relief for me. She can read me when one is needed and I am getting better at knowing the same, and asking for a serious session. Life, including spanking, is really good right now.

WendelJones said...

We will get into arguments and stop talking to each other for a few hours. As we start to make up I usually request a spanking with the belt for arguing. After she whips my bottom The Misses will request a spanking for her part in the fight. When the spankings are over we hold each other tight and remember how much we love each other (and how sore our bottoms are).
Also, Every so often the Missies will come home from shopping carrying lots of bags. She’ll go straight for the paddle and present it to me requesting a spanking for spending too much.