Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 14

Have you ever given or received a spanking when a third person was present?

Roz: Great question Hermione. We went to a BDSM function once and Rick decided to spank me. There was nobody else in the room to begin with but a few started watching from the doorway or came in briefly. I just kept my head buried! I didn't want to eyeball anyone lol. Other than that, there has never been anyone else present.

QBuzz: I attended a couple of spanking parties with three men and two ladies in attendance. The men spanked all the women and the women spanked each other (all done in front of everyone else of course).

I love the idea of a third party being involved and either watching or participating. Not sure if it'd work in reality though

Wendel: Never had anyone watch and not really interested in having spectators.

Anon 1: If wife is going "blister me raw" for a real screw up she will have a witness, of her choosing, present. And trust me the person is not there to save my ass in any way. It's usually female friend or relative, but sometimes it's an elderly male friend to add to humiliation.

Anon 2: My first spanking as an adult was such a case. Shortly after we started dating I was told I best improve my language and attitude or she would make wish I had. Well I went to far and one Saturday morning I found myself across her lap, thinking at first this was a joke, but soon learned otherwise, kicking, pleading, when her Mother dropped in. Please stop I said, no more, her mother said, about time and left the room, when she came back she handed her daughter a hairbrush, does wonders, and it sure did. I danced around the room rubbing, I had kicked off my underpants and could care less all was on display. It was facing the wall, the two talked, I just wanted to get dressed.

Yorkie: That would be a big, fat no and there never will be.

Anon 3:  The worse spanking I got, the one I dreaded the most, was in the presence of her best friend. The spanking was happening when she dropped in, my wife said nothing and applied that paddle fast and hard.

Joe: No so far there as not been a third party present during my spankings but I am hoping that will change. My wife only spanks me because I ask her to and it has taken some time for to learn how as she was afraid of hurting me in the beginning and had to learn the difference between hurt and injure. She is a very private person so a third party may not happen, just hope the spankings continue and keep getting better.

Prefectdt: Yes but that was due to certain circumstances back in the 1990's. I was happy for a third party to be present but not to interfere. The interaction had to be solely between the top and myself.

Welcome back! It's lovely to hear from you again!

Barrel: We have never had a third person witness or participate in our spankings. I would welcome it...I think. My wife, I am skeptical. She has an ideal candidate in her divorced exercise instructor who is quite a flirt, active in the nightlife scene and comes across as a bit edgy. Nevertheless, I am not holding my breath as our sessions almost always conclude with intimacy.

Liza: No. My husband and I have no interest in a third party present.
I've been curious about something. I've noticed quite a few comments about men being spanked by their wives and there are one or more women present, and a lot of times the mother-in-law spanks the husband. I've never seen a comment about a wife spanked with the husband's friends present or being spanked by the father-in-law. Does this ever happen?

Readers, does it?

Ronnie: I think I would like to watch someone getting spanked but wouldn't like anyone watching me getting spanked.

Red: Yes, I have been watched by Danielle's husband Tom, and by Cindy being spanked. However, I really never wondered what I looked like, or how I was seen to be reacting, nor what they were thinking, because Danielle is such an effective and dominant spanker that my mind only was with what she was stating, or the spanks I was receiving.

In addition, we did attend a week-end spanking party, but it had wonderful times, but some not so wonderful also. One must be careful with whom one "PLAYS". Most people were great. I would like to watch someone else be spanked, and that did happen at the party.

I would like to meet other spankers, but most in North America are too shy to meet. (hint hint)

Realblueyes: A couple of years ago I did something really stupid and my GF decided to spank me in front of a couple of her nurse friends. I was blindfolded in our bed room then led out to our living room were her friends were enjoying a glass of wine. I was draped across C's lap and she began. Started off gently but got serious quickly. It was the hardest and longest spanking I have ever gotten and ended with a round of applause from her friends. I wanted in our bedroom till friends left then C came in and rewarded me with a nice session of passion. I still don't know who the spectators were tho I suspect who one was.

Hermione: Yes, as a child, (sorry, no details, as this is a blog about adult consensual spanking) but never as an adult. Like Ronnie, I would enjoy watching someone else being spanked. but our spanking activities are strictly between the two of us.

Thank you all for your revelations.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I visiting a lady I knew and it turned into foreplay, enjoying her breast, she then asking it would be best to remove my clothing and we went to the bedroom. In short I thought it would go further, it did not and I understood. The next day I went to see her and she did not come to the door, three days later she finally did. I told it was okay, it was her choice but to avoid me, that was very childish. We talked, then I said you need a good spanking for your childish behavior. Here or in the bedroom she said, I said in the bedroom. I had her strip down panties and bra and as she stood before me I scolded her, she look so much like a naughty little girl. I then pulled down the panties and over my lap she went. Her bottom was a bright red, very warm, and I knew it was stinging when I stop the spanking. To the front room I said sternly and she did as told. She stood facing the wall and wanted to leave when someone knock on the door. I answered it was her best friend and yes shocked to see her standing naked, facing the wall. I told the friend that if she wants to put some cream on her friends bottom it was okay. Both left the room, when they returned, the friend said she would have used an hairbrush. That evening I was once again enjoying her beautiful breast, she squirmed, which helped. She thanked me for the spanking, said she needed it. I stopped and stood up, off with everything i said and leave in the frontroom and once in the bedroom I continued and it went no further as we both fell asleep. In the morning, she was up already, found her in the kitchen, I was naked, erect and hugged her. She smiled as I rubbed her bottom and then to my shock said lets see how this works and off to bed we went.

Anonymous said...

When the desire is so strong, that you cannot hold it back, that is what happened to me. My wife let others know that she spanks me, and I wish at times she would spank me in front of others. A couple of months ago, a older friend, female was visiting and I had done something stupid, she said in private wait until we are alone. We came back to the front room, my wife said we needed to talk, I then said she is going to spank me once your are gone for my behavior. I said I was sorry about that and then looked at my wife, why not give the spanking and get it over with. The lady smiled, I would enjoy seeing how you spank him. Big mistake, I was soon standing bare from the waist down, my wife had placed a chair in the middle of the room, the bath brush in her hand and in no time I was putting on a show. Dancing around the room, rubbing while the two enjoyed, my wife then handed the bath brush to her friend, Thank You she said and sternly said to me, over my lap you naughty little boy and I resisted but soon was over her lap and my sore spanked bottom was getting a sound spanking. When she finished, she shocked me, don't face the wall young man, I want your bottom facing the wall, your hands at your side and you best not move, speak, I will give you another spanking. Looking at my wife, same here young man. Learned that showing all meant nothing to these women, what meant most was seeing me, looking like a little boy who just got a well deserved spanking.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line, no pun intended, this male desire got to the point that all of the masturbating to spanking magazines, making up stories to pictures of males being spanked and admitting it was getting out of control, I finally did something about it, but shortly after regretted, but then realize this is what I wanted all along. I decided to shock my girlfriend, not knowing one of her friends had just arrived. Naked, erect, I walked into the front room, stopped seeing her friend, my girlfriend had a shock look, and the stood up, grabbed my arm, okay she said, I give you that spanking you want and my friend will enjoy the show. The friend put a chair in the middle of the room I was soon over my girlfriends lap and feeling the sting of her hand and soon squirming. The friend enjoyed the show, left the room and came back with a hairbrush. Try this and my girlfriend did and when she stopped she handed the brush to her friend, get over her lap young man and I did as told. I danced around the room, rubbing, showing all. When the friend left, my girlfriend told me to leave the wall and stand before her. Is this what you want she said, I said nothing, you want me to spank you, I finally said yes. She smiled, you will learn that this might not be what you want. Married, five years, spankings are still given, yes they are harder, but I feel better and my wife knows it. As to her friend, well she too is married, and her husband finds sitting very hard at time. My wife has threaten to have us both, husbands, spanked at the same time, and the wives might spank the other husband.