Saturday, July 27, 2019

You finished the sentence

When I'm alone, I like to...

Anon 1: my F/m magazines, hoping that I'm caught and I get the spanking I want.

PK: ...let stories and fantasies run through my mind and then capture them in writing.

Anon 2: ...have a warm soak in the tub, thinking of being spanked and end up masturbating.

Morningstar: ...colour. As boring as this sounds, nothing kinky mostly fantasy I never knew it could be so soothing!

Prefectdt: It's the only time I can do this without people laughing.

Windy: ...listen to my Spotify playlist as I am in the kitchen doing food prep. I do not listen to music on purpose at many other times because it feels like too much noise. But, when I am alone, I like to listen to some personally chosen songs that free my mind, lift my spirits, and inspire me to write.

Anon 3: ...sing opera, very loudly and to an imaginary audience.

Ronnie: ...have the radio loud while I do my housework and sing and dance along.

Roz: ...sing while doing chores. Seems to be a popular theme.

Wendel: movies at full volume and eat my favorite foods.

Rosco: music loudly when i am alone and cooking. When I am alone and at work, I like the ability to focus on long-term projects. When I am in bed alone, either when I wake up or before I go to sleep, I like to listen to my wife of anybody else who is up and about.

Bernie: ...I try to figure out my life. Some of it I get, some not.

Hermione: ...polish the wooden paddles and saddle-soap the leather ones.
From Hermione's Heart

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