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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 29

How does the intensity of pain change for you during a spanking?

Alan: I think it’s difficult to describe the pain from a spanking at all objectively. The sharp memories often experienced during spankings seems to fade over time leaving the positive emotions about being spanked as memory. A video or audio of an actual spanking is probably useful for many to recover what it was really like with any objective perspective. Subjectively for me it varies but seems to start moderately no matter how hard she is spanking but then progressively becomes more intense and painful until I feel it has to stop ( which it never does until she thinks I am showing real remorse or contrition). That whole cycle can start up again if she stops to lecture or give me intermission in the corner. If she spanks uninterrupted there is usually a point where my bum becomes numb to it and although it remains punishment, I am no longer fighting it mentally or physically. That is where she tries to take most punishment spankings and that is now where most end up.

Prefectdt: Having played with many spankers experience has taught me that when and where the most intense pain happens differs based on who is spanking me and what they are using to do the job. I was spanked by one Top who's hand spanking, at the start of play, was so harsh that everything that followed felt easy to take. But on other occasions the highest intensity pain has been during or at the finale of the spanking. In the end it depends a lot on who you are playing with.

Kanga: I also think pain levels have a lot to do with the type of spanking it is and the emotions attached.

During play I have been spanked continuously with a hairbrush, belt and wooden spoon over a period of 4 hours with few breaks in between until I was heavily bruised and even had skin broken. But there was no emotion involved and, sadly, very little connection to the spanker.

Change this to a spanker I love and respect and add in the emotion of having disappointed them and myself and, seriously, 10 minutes of continual hand spanking on a bare bottom with no warm up and full on scolding, and I'm begging for it to stop.

So, for me, pain is very closely aligned with emotion and my connection to the spanker.

Roz: I agree that it depends on the type of spanking and the emotions involved. Also the implements being used, how they are being used and whether there are breaks during the spanking. In general however, the intensity increases during the spanking.

Yorkie: My spankings usually follow the same pattern and my wife goes at it right from the start so the pain is at its least addictive until more swats bring in the dopamine and endorphins. Although once that first set of 20 stops, I catch my breath and ask for more almost straight away. It also depends on what implement is used and how long it’s been since the last one.

For instance, my last spanking was the third in three days and even starting with the OTK strap first was quite painful and intense. Of course, once my wife finished the initial set, I wanted more, which I got. My butt was tender for a few days. Glorious!

Jack: Pain to me is when my wife lets me off her lap, it is the stinging that I feel, it gradually goes away. What doesn't is the hot feeling that last, my bottom is not on fire but very warm and sitting is not easy. Sure I dance around rubbing just a normal reaction. I will say that when my wife decides to use the bath brush, that is pain after a good five or six swats and when she finishes I really dance around, it is so much more than the stinging, warm feeling.

Bonnie: That's a good question and one I'm not certain I have answered before. Pain is subjective and I think we might all experience it differently.

For me, the pain can be very intense at the beginning, especially if he starts right in without a good warm up. After a couple of minutes, I kind of settle in, as much as I can, and I'm not quite as aware of the immediate pain. I believe that Randy consciously tries to combat this "complacency" by varying his pace and the force of the blows. When he suddenly begins striking harder and/or faster, I become much more aware of my bottom and the sharp pain he is inflicting upon it. I can think of nothing else.

Often, he will change implements part way through a spanking. When he moves from leather to a wooden paddle or brush, it adds a new, deeper sort of ache to the sting I was already feeling. We've been using the punishment cane lately and it often delivers the final stage of a serious session. The cane adds another, different shade of posterior discomfort.

We often say that spanking isn't about the pain. Except when it is.

Wendel: I agree that the implement is the key.

The pain or maybe I should say the sharp stings from the belt starts out strong but always seems to level off. Don’t get me wrong my bottom is burning for hours and is sore for about a day. When the Misses the uses the paddle the pain increases as the spanking continues. My bottom is burning and stings long after it ends. The Misses says the pain from the paddle is the most intense and that it is difficult sitting the following day. The continued pain reminds us of our love for each other and we would trade it for anything.

Hermione: For me, the worst part is the first few minutes, because there is never a warmup. Any implement hurts unbearably, and I regret being in the position I find myself. But, as  time goes on, the pain becomes less and less, until I can scarcely feel anything. The only exception to this when specific severe implements are used. Then I feel sharp pain that does not lessen over time.

Thank you for sharing your feelings!
From Hermione's Heart

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