Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Not Just a Pretty Bum

"The bathroom sink is clogged again," Ron announced the other day.

"But I just unblocked it last week." I had poured a full bottle of liquid drain cleaner down the drain and the sink seemed fine then.

"Well, it's blocked again." Okay, I had to admit he was right. Now that I wash our cloth masks regularly, I had noticed that the water wasn't draining out fast enough. Our old sink had a stopper that you lifted out, allowing me to fish out the hair and other gunk that was blocking the drain. (Icky jobs are my department, it seems.) But our new sink has a stopper that doesn't come out, no matter how much I twist and turn it. I really don't like poring chemicals down the drain; there must be a better way.

I headed for the computer and Googled the problem. Presto! A short video on Youtube showed exactly what had to be done underneath the sink in order to remove the stopper. With the aid of a wrench I freed the stopper, cleaned out the gunk, and reassembled everything. It took about five minutes, including a trip to the basement for the wrench.

"I figured out how to take out the stopper and fixed the sink," I proudly announced to my better half.

"Great! You should be a plumber."

"No, but maybe a plumber's helper," I replied.

From Hermione's Heart


Baxter said...

so the pressing question, Hermione, when you were under the sink, were you showing Ron your buttcrack? and the other question is, did anyone get spanked for the clogged drain?



Bernie said...

Duluth Trading Company used to sell Crack Spackle. I think it actually was a long tailed tee shirt.

Minielle Labraun said...

Thanks for the smile! I hate plumbing issues. My guys the one who does the icky jobs!

Roz said...

LoL Hermione, love it! Good on you for researching and taking care of the problem. Love the plumbers helper idea lol


Anonymous said...

As I said recently to Julie all that relates to unclogging is my husband's area. He uses Boy Butter.

ronnie said...

Good for you. Plumbing is P's department. Thanks for the smile.


Anonymous said...

Crack squad