Saturday, August 1, 2020

You Completed the Caption

Roz: Ow you brute. Did you have to hit so hard?

Anon: My mother is coming shortly, what will she think? Your mother told me this is what you needed, to the corner my naughty little wife or should I say my naughty little girl.

Baxter: Waiting for my spanking is so hard, why not just give me the spanking right away? He always waits, giving me time to think about my misdeeds and the guilt builds up so high. And when he grabs me and pulls me over his knees and spanks me many many times, the build up to the orgasm is so nice, so very nice. And he wonders why I am naughty.He shall never know.

Ronnie: Oh I hope it's not the cane he's going to use.

j.stern: Fucking crystal acorn ! It is so painful.... soo good....

Rosco:  Now that you’ve spanked me, you’re going to do what?

What sort of man did I marry? Is this all some sort of twisted game for you? Well okay, but only if I can be on top.

Weasel: 'No, Sir, I wasn't trying to tiptoe away. I know I have a sound spanking coming. Yes Sir, I'll wait in the corner of your study'.

Alan: DID you knock before you just bungled in here? That's the kind of behavior that gets you in trouble isn't it. You know the penalty for that, don't you. Bring me my brush. NOW!

Prefectdt: Check the reflection, aim, fire. Arnica gel deployed.

cagedlion: Who put a thumbtack on the chair?

Barrel: Yes, my lovely. I intend to thrash your bum to the same color as your shoes. Come here!

Hermione: I can't see how red my bum is. Will you help me take this thing off?
From Hermione's Heart

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