Sunday, August 9, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #343

You all enjoy some aspect of spanking or you wouldn't be reading this, right? But your reason for enjoyment might be much different from mine, or from other readers. So let's get personal today.

What benefits do you derive from spanking or being spanked?

Please leave your response as a comment. After everyone has had a chance to weigh in, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart


Baxter said...

I have always been a spanko so when my wife gives me a spanking, usually because I ask for it, I enjoy the heat and pain and the afterglow of the activity.


QBuzz said...

I would say intense arousal, intensity and stress-relief (usually in that order).

QBuzz said...

That should have been 'intimacy', not 'intensity' sorry!

Joe said...

It depends on what king of spanking my wife is giving me. She only spanks me because I ask for it but sometimes it is not too hard and very playful & sexual and others are long and hard when she knows I am very upset or stressed out. Either way it is calming and stimulating to me. I find the first few minutes rather painful but it slowly changes to a very pleasant experience until I feel uphoric.

WendelJones said...

When the Misses spanks me all my stress and worries go away. I feel very relaxed afterwards even though i cannot sit down. I feel excitement and arousal when i spank the MIsses. I love watching her bare little bottom squirm and turn red as i spank her.

Simon said...

Whether giving or receiving there's only one reason I do this, because I enjoy it immensely.

Roz said...

Great question Hermione, I would say, depending on the type of spanking, arousal, release, after glow etc, but the biggest benefit is the intimacy and closeness between us.


Anonymous said...

The first few smacks sometimes hurt quite a bit, but then the spanking becomes a delicious blend of pain, heat and stimulation that is both physical and emotional.

But maybe the main thing is relaxation. My mind is emptied of everything else and the spanking and associated activities become my whole world. (I don’t meditate.)



I have waxed lyrical about the high I get from my body's and brain's reaction to being spanked many times. So I thought that I would write about the long term benefit I get from being spanked. I don't get spanked as often as I would like, so I realize that the benefits of being spanked can last some weeks after the event, once the crash has been coped with. I seem to deal with the bad days better and enjoy the good days more. I feel more settled and less prone to having a black cloud over my head. And I feel more competent at making important life decisions. All around I cope with life in a calmer and more positive way, than when I have not had my rear end reddened for some time.


ronnie said...

For me the pain, arousal, intimacy, the closeness it brings. Also a great sense of release.


Barrel said...

Terrific question. Initially, I benefit from the mental tug of war that I want it, but I know it’s going to hurt. Next, the role reversal from dominant to submissive as I follow instructions to get into position. As the spanking begins, I benefit from total acceptance and welcoming of the sting and heat. But my main benefit is the purging of stress and tension. A long and hard spanking is the only way I know to achieve that total release.

Bonnie said...

There are many benefits. I feel more confident, more positive, more committed, and just generally more pleasant thanks to the spankings I receive. A good spanking helps me to put things back in their proper perspective.

As much as I crave the actual spanking experience, I am every bit as fond of the way I feel afterward – energized yet relaxed, happy yet balanced, and satisfied yet totally tuned in to all things sensual. That little ache that persists reminds me constantly of how I acquired it and how turned on it makes me.

sub hub in phx said...

I get spankings for punishment/correction of something I have wrong or have done to disappoint Mistress. It is and always will be my goal to avoid disappointment for my Mistress and although I know that is not possible, getting spanked "wipes the slate clean". I am very grateful that I am married to the woman of my dreams and that she embraces the Mistress role in our relationship.

On getting spankings ... I don't like it when they are happening ... because it hurts! That said, I am immediately in sub space being summoned for a spanking, required to become naked for Mistress and present myself for the spanking. The act, in and of itself is a special reminder for both of us of who has which role in our loving marriage. I've said in the past, it would be like being required to consume my ejaculate every time I ejaculated. The act itself would be NOT desirable but the requirement to do it would be an intensely symbolic gesture of devotion. In other words ... I would hate to have to do but very much cherish being required to. I hope that makes sense.