Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Donn's Wife's Favourite Implements

 Donn writes: "I can't call these my own favorite implements, but I certainly favor them over my wife's other, much more serious implements. (We only use DD thrashings for behavior modification.)

I received a fair number of awed comments when I once mentioned on Dan's blog Disciplined Hubbies that I am usually disciplined with rubber straps, these two in particular.

My wife, who has a chronic wrist injury/impairment prefers these for their extreme effectiveness with light to medium strokes. (She directed me to fabricate these to meet those goals.)

The smaller one (~15" long; 1.5" wide, 0.25" thick) is made of  two layers of neoprene rubber, sandwiching a thin nylon stiffener.  My wife likes it for everyday / maintenance use in close quarters action. (She likes to take immediate corrective action whenever possible, and this strap is small enough to be used almost anywhere, and actually folds and easily fits into her purse.)

The larger one is a tawse with neoprene tails made from rubber cargo-straps  (~22" long overall;  each tail 0.75" wide x 0.33" thick).  With a full arm/shoulder swing, this tawse can range from serious attention getting (light swings), to "This is MOST-SERIOUS punishment young man!" (fast swings).

I think she particularly likes these because she can get a wide range of effects without applying too much force through her wrist, and also because neither of these transmit impact force/impulses back up the implement into her wrist."

Impressive indeed!

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Anonymous said...

I showed this to my wife/mommy, she smiled, oh you would be squirming and pleading once I applied this to your bare naughty bottom, but I prefer the bath brush, long handle and you squirm and plead enough. Jack

Anonymous said...

Ouch! So nice to hear she's very serious about keeping you in line! Graham

Anonymous said...

Irene also has wrist issues and asked me to find implements with a round handle. We have a strap similar to the two-tailed one shown here, except the handle is red and the strap is black.

It is pretty much ideal for us. Irene likes the feel and the noise it makes. For me it is intense but not severe. I try to take a breath between lashes but do not always have quite enough time.

- Rosco

Barrel said...

Both of these look absolutely sinister! She shorter implement, when used in tight quarters, has to be intense. And hand made…impressive.

Donn said...


Yes, a round handle can make a big difference. Too many of the commercial offerings have a somewhat "rectangular" handle which forces the disciplinarian to either contort their arm, write or whole body in order to get the correct swing angle and make good / uniform contact with target. A round handle most naturally fits the hand, plus it is really easy to give a round handle ridges and depressions around the circumference, helping to improve grip / control.

Curious: Is you wife's "handled tawse" also some form of rubber, or the classic heavy / harness leather?

angle and swing

WendelJones said...

Very nice. The Misses seems to like the look of both. I may be in trouble in the future.

Anonymous said...


Pretty sure it’s leather, on top of something else. We’re traveling, visiting grandchildren, or I’d look. I don’t remember where I found it, but you’re right the round handle is very important.

We’re almost 70, so we are trying to be as smart as possible about these and related matters.


Roz said...

Very impressive that you made these Donn. They certainly look ouchy!