Thursday, May 30, 2024

Rosco's Favourite Implement

Rosco writes: "Here is ours - a two-tailed round-handled strap.

It is Irene's favorite, so it is mine as well. She likes to make it hurt - intense but not severe. She also likes the solid feel when she spanks me, so whips are less satisfying for her. She's got a bit of arthritis in her hands so the round handle is important - most straps have flat handles.

The onset of a spanking with this strap can be overwhelming. But once my bottom warms up, I slip into a delicious euphoria that I wish would last forever. Sometimes, however, it is a bit hard to sit for a few days afterward.

I love your blog."

That certainly looks effective!

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Oh my, love how it looks but yes, it does look very effective!


Anonymous said...

Looks like it would result in a very sore bottom! Graham

Barrel said...

Are the tails supple enough to wrap into tight quarters? If so, the range this toy can cover makes it extremely effective.

Ronnie Soul said...

I can imagine very effective. We have a twin tale scottish tawse. It's quite thick leather and eally gets my attention.


Donn said...


Yep! Definitely looks effective.

It also has beautiful leatherwork; the braiding of the handle is very attractive.

Rosco, I'm curious: How thick are those leather "tails?"

(Also, in answer to Barrel's question, my own wife's "rubber tailed tawse" is DEFINITELY supple and flexible enough to fully wrap around a thigh or into a crack. In fact, one of her favorite methods it to lay a stroke so that, as the tails wrap around, all of the energy (maximum speed) moves and concentrates at the very end of the tail, ready to make that final contact. She finds this is the best way to "wrap & strap" high onto the insides of my thighs.)

Anonymous said...

Hermione- thanks for posting.

Donn, I can only say the strap has medium thickness just right. We have another implement that’s too thin and delivers only a mild sting (it’s also single tailed). After responding to you post I tried to find where I bought this, but haven’t been able to. When I get home next week I’ll see if there’s any small name or clue on it.

This strap is best suited to the buttocks. Irene uses it occasionally on the tops of my thighs but doesn’t swing hard, and also more softly swats my balls with it. But for those spots the riding crop works better.