Wednesday, May 8, 2024

FL's Favourite Implement

Not the actual implement


FL writes: "Is the hand considered an implement? If not, then a solid wooden hairbrush, preferably oval."

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart


Sage Blum said...

Cane-iac used to have what they called a perfect brush. They're out of them now. I asked them what kind of brush it was & they said they got it from their equestrian suppplier. It is indeed a great brush, perhaps a perfect one. Great for stress release.

Roz said...

Ooh, hair brushes pack a punch apparently. I've never actually tried one.


Anonymous said...

My first adult spanking was applied with a large hairbrush, the older woman I was seeing applied it, and I mean applied it. My attitude and behavior had gone too far. When she said i needed a spanking I thought she was joking so went along with her. It wasn't long before I knew she was not joking and when she stopped I thought she was done, not even close, she pulled my pants, underpants down and told to step out of them. What followed was a truly sound spanking and the results was a grown man acting like a naughty little boy, dancing, rubbing and then facing the wall. Jack