Sunday, May 5, 2024

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #538

We've all had an exciting week enjoying the pictures of implements that our readers use. There's been quite a lot of conversation about them, and that's great. This week, we will discuss not implements but something closely related. Our good friend Barrel suggested the topic; thank you, Barrel!

Do you use any special or unique equipment like spanking benches or horses? If so, please describe it. If not, is there some item you would like to have?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

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Bonnie said...

Yes, we have a spanking bench. I love the bench and it gets used fairly often. But more frequently, our furniture of choice is the living room couch. Whether he is seated with me across his lap or I am flipped over the back, the couch is a comfortable and familiar spanking locale.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Yes, would love to have a really nice, large spanking bench and a Singapore caning frame among other items. But where in the world would you store them unless one is a hermit? Friends and especially kids are very snoopy. And who wants to explain repeatedly why a door is kept locked? Looking forward to everyone's comments on this fun topic. Graham

Anonymous said...

No special spanking benches or anything similar. I’d live to try one, but we don’t know what we’d do with visitors including our adult children.

Irene does tie me to our massage table sometimes before she straps my bottom. And I bought a pouf that I can kneel on and bend over the Ned so the geometry works.

The other item, for post spanking activities, that has worked really well is a gardening bench. After she is done with the discipline, our normal course of events is reverse cowgirl cunnlingus followed by cowgirl intercourse. Irene can no longer lean her wrists comfortably. I thought it might be a little weird having the bench in the bed but it hast been a problem and I often close my eyes anyway.


Mark said...

I would love a spanking bench where I can be fully restrained unable to significantly move arms or legs and one where my torso is also immobilised for my caning. I have been thinking about the best way to achieve this without having to hide a proper one. I'd welcome any ideas!

These days I bend over the end of the dining table and have to hold myself still. To date not whilst we have dinner guests!

Sage Blum said...

Spanking benches sound interesting. Maybe not too expensive if you build it yourself? I am mostly lying on the bed sideways OTK, with head and legs resting on the bed, and my partner sitting at the head of the bed. But with some implements I feel nothing in that position e.g. the belt & the riding crop. So for those, I bend over a stuffed chair with my arms and head on pillows, and then I can feel them a lot.

WendelJones said...

We bought some restraints and I tied the Misses’ hands and feet to the four bed posts. I proceeded to whip her bottom with the belt. She did not care for it. I did enjoy being the restrained one and getting my butt whipped but after that they were buried in the closet and have never made another appearance. The spanking bench sounds interesting. We have thought about trying it at least once. If only there was a place we could rent one for the weekend.

Roz said...

No special equipment here,a bench does sound interesting, but as others have said, what about visitors or guests? Our furniture of choice is the bed or couch.


Anonymous said...

No special furniture, my spankings are always across wife/mommy lap, so the chairs have no arms. There is one particular chair that is higher than the others, mommy enjoys using that, I’m off the ground more over her lap and with her grip I’m going no where.
She insures that when the spanking is done I’ve learned my lesson and most of all feel like a naughty little boy. I do recall only one time that when we were in a hotel, I was just bent over and she applied her hand, I had just gotten out of the shower and a wet bottom spanking with her hand I know the hotel could hear me. I hated going to breakfast, squirming, the waitress an older woman served us, she smiled at me, looked at my wife, and said Mother’s work is never done. My wife just smiled and said part of being a wife. Jack

Barrel said...

We are fortunate to have summer and winter homes, so we needed two solutions for total restraint. In one, I formulated a set up wherein a simple folding chair is placed up against a table height coffee table, both secured together at the near touching legs with Velcro straps. Pillows on the seat of the folding chair where I kneel and the top of the table, covered with towels, provide a comfortable (for a while) reclining place. Various lengths of 2” wide Velcro straps secure my ankles to the chair legs, thighs to the table legs, waist and torso to the table top and finally wrists to the table legs on the far end of the table. My wife really likes how easy and quickly she can secure and release the straps. I can assemble this set up in 10 minutes.

At our other home, I built an A shaped restraining frame from 2x3’s, complete with foam and leather covered padding for the legs, lower and upper body. The frame configuration is held together with a simple hinge at the top of the A. Simple plywood, covered with foam pads are held by my weight. Again, 2” Velcro straps are employed at my ankles, knees, upper thighs, waist, torso and wrists. It folds almost flat and is stored under our bed. When put to use, it can sit on top of a blanket on the low coffee table in our living room. Assembly takes 15 minutes.

I admit my engineering training and several hours of thought provided these solutions, both of which were easy. The assembly before use creates a terrific mind rush knowing what is to follow.

Thanks for offering my question. I am quite impressed with the answers so far.


KDPierre said...

We have several things, the most spanking-related being a bed top 'rack' with adjustable butt elevation and places tp secure ankles, wrists, and waist. Once secured, moving out of place or even wriggling is pretty much impossible. I feel very vulnerable in it and even Nikki has used it to punish me, but....................... the thing is very cumbersome due to being made to accommodate my 6'3" body, and so, because of how difficult it is to set up and even the time it takes to secure all the restraints, we rarely use it, saving it more for 'special occasions'. (Which is a shame) My goal is to put it out semi-permanently in the basement once we have the house to ourselves.

We have a bench as well, but it doesn't work that well, being a very early design attempt that only saw action in prior relationships but is now gathering dust in the attic. And then, for both sex play and punishment, there is our......"chair". How it's used is a bit outside of the scope of the blog though. >wink-wink<

Anonymous said...

"Do you use any special or unique equipment like spanking benches or horses?"

No. Unless my (or her) lap falls under the definition of "furniture."

Way too much effort that would destroy the spontaneity of the moment. There is - of course! - the nondescript straight-backed and armless spanking chair we all know and love.

(Side note: I was in this wonderful woman's apt. years ago. Sitting there talking I saw a perfect, straight-backed and armless chair along one of her walls. Anyone would think nothing of it if one was a guest. A guest might think, 'why did she only have one chair like that? Where is the other one..?'

Because it was perfect for only one thing; and if you knew "her," a little chill ran up your back. Cuz', oh, yeah; you knew why that chair was there.)

I'm with Bonnie; the only other furniture is a great and COMFORTABLE sofa, with plush arms (or back) over which the bare-bottom is perched. The last time I had to buy one, that was a primary consideration.


Prefectdt said...

Not really. As I cannot play at home, what is available at the site of the spanking, tends to be what gets used. It can range from normal furniture, in an encounter with a fellow amateur enthusiast, through to a full on restraining bench, at a professional's place of discipline.


Loki_Darksong said...

There is no spanking bench at our current household

However I have one on the shopping list at a website that specifically sells spanking benches as a purchase for our new household. It will be a welcome piece of furniture for our new home.

Sage Blum said...

Thanks, Barrel, for instructions on how to make a spanking bench or something like one from stuff around the house. I'm not handy about building stuff. But I looked around online at spanking benches and the simplest ones are two cushioned tables--a lower one to kneel on and a higher one to rest one's torso and stomach and head on. So we just tried out using a low straight backed chair for me to kneel on, with the back on one side and my partner on the other. And for my torso to rest on, a higher table. Both with cushions placed on them for comfort. It worked pretty well for comfort for me, and I sure felt the spanking stinging a lot in that position. My partner liked it. He said "It makes the butt nice and visible."

Donn said...


I remember your "bedtop 'rack'" from the photos you posted in your old blog.

I thought it was a very unique and functional design, but don't remember the specifics well enough to describe it to another person. (Dan is considering doing a weekly discussion on "spanking furniture" over at DisciplinedHubbies and I thought your "rack" might make an excellent part of that discussion. (While I can access your old blog on the Internet Archive, I have no idea which post included the photos, and your (deceased) blog is no longer indexed by Google.)

Is it possible that you could ask Dan or Hermione to post some photos of that "rack?"

-- Thanks for Considering