Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Barrel's Favourite Implement

Barrel writes: "Our favorite is a home made strap I fashioned out of a leather shoulder strap from a suiter I used to carry on airplanes.  Doubled back over itself, it resembled a spanking strap and my imagination was off to the races.  The handle and stem is reinforced with a coaxial cable and the business end includes several pieces of metal to add weight.  I hand sewed the edges together and added a leather wrist strap to ensure it could be wielded with force.  My wife loves this as she can, and does, swing it as hard as she can and land it with precision, maybe due to a lot of practice ;<).  It makes a resounding smack and delivers quite the sting without the bruising thud of a wood paddle.  Like Hermione, my wife uses it for warm up before moving on to increased intensity. "

He then adds: "While writing this, I found the original pic I sent you several years ago, which is also attached for nostalgic purposes.  Thanks for doing this again."

It's my pleasure! Thank you, Barrel.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

The 'instrument' used for spankings brings up the question: Who first brought up spankings in a relationship. Was it brought to enhance sexual pleasure and if so how was the subject approach? Do females bring it up or do males bring it up. I must be something both wants, either getting of given, or the relationship would be over. It back to what came first the chicken or the egg. Jack

Anonymous said...

Homemade - impressive.


Anonymous said...


From my reading, and personal experience with DD and several DD "couples," it is almost always (> 95%) the "husband" who must convince the "wife" to become his disciplinarian. My observations agree well with the general consensus on the "DisciplinedHubbies" blog. (Though many people think the percentage is closer to "> 98%" husband initiated.)

However, once a wife starts to appreciate both the husband's "needs" and the benefits to the relationship, and directly to herself, she can become an enthusiastic "convert."

Jack, I hope you realize how lucky you truly are to have a wife whose family background encourages her to vigorously apply "maternal guidance" when needed. A lot of guys envy you!

Donn said...


I was curious about two of the implements in your larger/older photo of your "collection."

Second from the bottom, there appears to be some type of black, "heavily textured" paddle or strap. Is this made out of plastic, or possibly rubber?

Similarly, slightly higher-up, you have what appears to be a blue, flexible, silicone-rubber paddle (strap?). Is that observation correct?

Can you tell me where you purchased these two items, particularly the black "waffle stomper?"

-- Thanks

Ronnie Soul said...

Barrel, I like the lookk of your home made strap. I can imagine it would deliver a good sting.


Barrel said...

Donn - I believe the black paddle is on Amazon under “Frisky Silicone Textured Paddle”. It is red but looks the same as ours. BEWARE…it is intense and a half step up from the hairbrush. Yep, the blue paddle is very flexible and short enough to work in tight quarters, and therefore is very effective and is proof a little goes a long way.

Ronnie - the home made strap delivers quite the sting that grows over time as it is laid on and it can be employed over a longer time span which works for both of us.

WendelJones said...

Cool looking implement. You may have missed your calling.

Roz said...

Very impressive Barrel,very clever and I too bet it packs a punch.