Thursday, May 2, 2024

Mark's Favourite Implement

 Mark writes: "My favourite implement is a rattan cane that we have had for many years. It scares me still but is an experience that is like no other. Mostly reserved these days for the offence of smoking. The picture shows it next to a homemade paddle based on the Muskoka paddle that Strict Julie has."

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From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Yikes, you are much braver than me Mark! Hermione, I'm enjoying seeing everyone's favourite implements ☺


Donn said...

Mark: That "Muskoka Paddle" is simply beautiful. It looks like it was made out of "hard maple?" (The shaping and radiusing you did around the edges is excellent.)

Comparing its length to the cane, the paddle looks like it might be 10.5 to 11 inches? (Might decide to try making one in my own shop.)

Mark said...

Thanks for putting them up Hermione, this series was a good idea. Not sure about the braveness Roz, the cane does scare me!
Donn, I asked Julie for the dimensions of her paddle and got the following: Length 38cm - roughly half paddle, half handle, widest paddle 7.8cm, paddle thickness 0.8cm, and neck 1.5cm diameter round. Mine is similar to that but is slightly thicker (maybe 1.2cm) - it is the second one that I have made because the first one was very stingy with no thud (and I don't prefer that!).

Mark said...

Sorry Donn, no mine is made from Radiata Pine finished with Tung Oil. Julie's was, I think, some kind of hardwood. I have made a "holey" paddle from NZ Rimu which is a hardwood but it's pretty severe.

Anonymous said...

My wife/mommy looking at all of these reminds me they all have something in common. Long after the spanking, others will know who wear the pants in the family, the way you walk, squirming while sitting, and most of all quickly doing what your wife saids.
As for the bath brush it is the long handle, the size of the brush, and the weight. She reminds me that the bath brush brings out a better spanking dance, a redder bottom, and reminds me she is in charge and what Mommy saids, her little boy will do.

Anonymous said...

Mark, We’ve been using canes for a long time. I have a love hate relationship ship with it. I like the look of the paddle.

Anonymous said...

Just love the cane! Graham

Anonymous said...

Spanked for smoking is nothing compared to being spanked for playing with yourself. I was caught while dating, looking at spanking magazines and sitting on the toilet naked playing with myself. My girlfriend now my wife caught me, needless to say I had to finish, an then over her lap, her hand hurt like hell and I was a total mess when she finished. Jack