Sunday, May 26, 2024

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #541

The gardening season is in full swing here in the North, as we have passed the last possible day of frost and tender plants may now be safely planted. Only two more months and our garden will be full to bursting with tomatoes, cucumbers and summer squash. In the meantime, let's consider a topic suggested my our dear friend Bonnie. (Do check out her latest song parody.)

If a cable network introduced a new dramatic series that features consensual adult spankings, would you watch? How about if it were a comedy? What would the characters and setting be like?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely! When will it start? :-) Graham

Sage Blum said...

I'd tune in. And if I liked it, would keep watching.

Spreck Rosekrans said...

Sure. I’d be most interested if it’s believable.

And semi consensual would be fine.

Comedy preferable, I think.


WendelJones said...

I work designing and building movie sets and have dreamed of spanking someone on every one. I even spanked The Misses on a couple. I have my own concept for a spanking based show. Maybe one day I will pitch it to Netflix or Hulu.
As long as the series was not too serious or too silly, I would watch but my fear is Hollywood would take it to the extreme in each direction and miss out on showing the enjoyment people have getting and giving spankings.

Roz said...

I think I would definitely have to watch out of curiosity. Not so sure if it was a comedy.


FL said...

Anyone remember the Dan Aykroyd/Rosie O'Donnell disaster 'Exit to Eden'? It was based on Anne Rice's erotic novel of the same name, about a man exploring his sexuality and falling in love with a woman who ran a private S&M island.
Hollywood made it into a 'comedy' and absolutely destroyed anything remotely erotic or even interesting about the topic. I mean, Aykroyd and O'Donnell? To be fair, Dana Delaney was smoking in the movie but nowhere near enough to save it.
So while I'd definitely watch the first episode or two, I'm not optimistic that they wouldn't completely mess it up and turn it into a mockery.

Anonymous said...

My spanking fantasies change over time, but they once included characters from TV shows. From the 60s:

Mary Ann and Ginger (why pick one?) from Gilligan’s Island.

Betty Joe, Bobby Joe and Billie Joe from Petticoat Junction - I was jealous when one got married.

More recently Angie Harmon as Abbie Carmichael on Law & Order

And I rarely watch Fox News and find it inane, but they have many attractive bossy women on there that could at least try to teach a snowflake like me a lesson or two. Bring it on.


Anonymous said...

Yes I'd watch it. Comedy, not so sure.


KDPierre said...

I'm with FL in being highly skeptical over the outcome. Also, based on the 50 Shades phenomenon, I'd also venture to say that if the show was in any way accurate and relatable to folks like us, it would not have enough viewers to keep it on, and if it did have a popular and large following, it would likely be just as shitty and unrealistic as 50 Shades.

Also as a writer of spanking themed stories, my experience is that kink audiences are highly specialized in their tastes and if a story doesn't check very specific boxes for people, they are not interested, so as a result audiences become more and more niche and smaller with each preference. Hell, just getting folks to agree on a basic gender dynamic for a story would already cut the audience in half, or a third. The styles of expression and interest within TTWD are myriad. So while people say they would watch, my experience is that they would only if their dynamic and preferences were being featured.

Bonnie said...

I'd probably watch even if it was bad. Yes, please. More spankings.

I agree that there would be many ways to mess this up. I would like to see a romantic couple scenario that is cute, lighthearted, and funny. They discover their kinks as they learn about one another, resulting in humorous misunderstandings. But their mutual love and communication skills carry them through.

Each episode could feature a different fun activity that ends up with a spanking - Tennis, horseback riding, pickle ball, a one room schoolhouse, a hay barn, the beach, an amusement park, a passenger train, a business office, a castle, a forest trail - each with costumes and implements appropriate for the venue.

I would title the series Love & Consequences.

On a whole different level, I like those Asian TV game shows featuring goofy competitions where the winner gets a prize and the loser gets a spanking. I want to play and be really terrible. Failing that, I would watch.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

I couldn't agree more with FL regarding Exit to Eden. I'm a huge Anne Rice fan. While that book was far from my favorite of hers, it was tragic what the producers did with it.

I doubt there will ever be a series that features adult spanking as a significant theme, but there are a few out there with graphic depictions or references. "Weeds" has two very graphic spanking scenes, one OTK in the back of a limousine and other with a belt in a bar. There is a very explicit threat to use spanking (erotically) as punishment in one episode of "Shameless." "Billions" opens with a very, very explicit BDSM scene. Desperate Housewives had significant storyline with one of the couples exploring Dominance and submission.

Lizzie and Walton said...

A drama, with touches of humor. Market size would dictate indie produced/pay-per-view online format. 40ish power couple – guy heads a prestigious law firm; wife the CEO of a tech company. Community leaders, philanthropists, socialites…with a sometimes hard to keep secret. Domestic discipline, in the form of spanking/erotic discipline, plays a major role in their private lives.

Prefectdt said...

More mainstream BDSMy than purist spanko, but there is already Bonding, on Netflix. And I did watch it, even though it was pretty bad. I started watching season 2, as well, hoping that it might improve. But it didn't.
So that answers that, in real life.

I would watch another series by other people, too, if one came along. But I think that I would prefer to see a series that has another focus (Comedy or Drama) but just has characters who happen to be spankos. I know that has been done in the past, but it would be nice to see it done well, this time.


Prefectdt said...

I just wrote a comment and it seems to have disappeared. Sorry, but it was a long comment and I do not have the energy to leave it again. Perhaps if you could check your spam box, or something.


Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Prefectdt, the same thing happened to a comment I left this afternoon.

Loki_Darksong said...

Now that you mention it, I believe there was a series or a movie that had a spanking theme to it.

However I definitely be interested in a series that had a spanking theme to it. Live action or animated.

Mary said...

I would love a FLR version of the Big Bang Theory with spanking. It is easy to imagine Bernadette taking charge with Howard kicking and whining over her knee. Certainly, Leonard would submit to Penny and her strong, Nebraska farm girl hand. Wouldn't the whole crew cheer Sheldon getting a very public spanking and having to apologize to the group? And Raj would finally get what he has coming when his parents arrange a marriage to a woman who keeps him dressed in a Sori in the kitchen and uses a wooden spoon.