Monday, July 4, 2011

From the Top Shelf - The Da Vinci Code

Ron mentioned the other day that The Da Vinci Code contained a flagellation scene, and was amused when I couldn't recall it.

"I can't believe you'd forget something like that."

Neither could I. But then I remembered that I hadn't actually read the book; I had listened to an audiobook that had possibly been abridged and therefore hadn't contained that part. I hunted for and retrieved our copy of the book, then started turning the pages.

I didn't have to turn many before I found the prize:

Pain is good.


When Silas hung up the phone, his skin tingled with anticipation. One hour, he told himself... I must purge myswlf of today's sins.... Forgiveness was assured. Even so, Silas knew, absolution required sacrifice.

Pulling his shades, he stripped naked and knelt in the centre of his room. Looking down, he examined the spiked cilice belt clamped around his thigh...a leather strap, studded with sharp metal barbs... The pain caused by the device also helped counteract the desires of the flesh.

Although Silas had already worn his cilice today longer than the requisite two hours, he knew today was no ordinary day. Grasping the buckle, he cinched it one notch tighter, wincing as the barbs dug deeper into his flesh. Exhaling slowly, he savoured the cleansing ritual of his pain.

Pain is good, Silas whispered...

Silas turned his attention now to a heavy knotted rope coiled neatly on the floor beside him. The Discipline. the knots were caked with dried blood. Eager for the purifying effects of his own agony, Silas said a quick prayer. Then, gripping one end of the rope, he closed his eyes and swung it hard over his shoulder, feeling the knots slap against his back. He whipped it over his shoulder again, slashing at his flesh. Again and again, he lashed.

Castigo corpus meum.

From Hermione's Heart


joeyred51 said...

In the hit TV show, Boardwalk Empire, there are a couple of flagellation scenes. Also, in the TV show The Borgias, there is at least one flagellation scene. It was a common form of penance 50+ years ago.

ronnie said...

Yes I do remember it Hermone. I've seen a couple of flagellation scenes with nuns, didn't like it.

Thanks Hermione.


findingsara said...

Oh yes, there is one...and it's pretty yucky. Nothing erotic there to my eyes! Sara

Lea said...

I remember that scene from the book. I believe even in the movie version, it shows the character flog himself.


"the knots were caked with dry blood" Bad toy cleanliness there Silas.

I had forgotten about this, it has been some time since I read this book, thanks for reminding me about it.


Daisychain said...

I have never read the book, and do not want to, especially now! Thanks for the warning, Hermione! xxx

kiwigirliegirl said...

yes, i have read the book and watched the movie - i remember the scene. I found it quite harrowing to watch.

Hermione said...

Joey - I haven't seen those shows but maybe they will come to Canada in time.

Ronnie - I've read about them. Seems they are quite an acceptable way of dealing with food cravings.

Sara - Not erotic for me either.

Lea - Hmmm, should I watch the movie or not? I must give that some thought.

Prefectdt - That is such an ick factor. At least he could have washed off the flogger. I omitted some of the blood references.

Daisy - I still haven't read it, but did see more flogging references as I leafed through. Other than the floggins, the book seemed convoluted and hard to follow.

Kiwigirliegirl - I think I would find it a bit too much as well. Thanks for the warning.


treffor said...

If i remember Silas was member of "Opus Dei", influential Roman Catholic group in Franco's Spain whose founder purified himself through scourging. Many of its adherents also do so. He was canonized by the Pope in the 1990s so i am sure , Hermione , you must well outrank him im