Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Not to Read

This book was one of the ones that appeared in a recent Huffington Post article entitled 15 Worst Books to read on a Plane.

I wonder why.

From Hermione's Heart


Richard Windsor said...

That is a really great list, especially as I am about to board a flight :)

Can you imagine this one here --> "A Day with Air Traffic Controllers"

I'm bored already and I haven't even seen the book :)

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine on your next flight in place of a movie they had one flight attendant spank another one in front of everyone?! I daresay nobody would be bored with the "show":)!


Michael M said...

This is not the greatest literature ever written but it is entertaining.
There are 4 stewardesses (sorry - cabin crew) who share an apartment and spank each other when chores are left undone. They also get round to spanking their men friends (not pilots) in order to keep them in line.
You can get it from Kindle and read it in peace on a plane, without anyone seeing the cover. If you are male however, then the cabin crew might spot something else.

Michael M

ronnie said...

LOL, what a list.

On a flight once I saw an attendant give her colleague (male)a quick pat on the bum, he turned and gave her a smile. We both said gotta be spankos:)


Anonymous said...

This is an old Will Henry classic from the '60's. I've used the MacGuffin here of the women-sharing-housing in several of my stories and it always seems to provide great fodder for plot lines, sort of like a spanking soap opera. This may have actually been one of the first, but Henry used this in several novels.

Hermione said...

Richard -Welcome! Wouldn't it be funny if airport security found this book in your luggage and confiscated it, or wouldn't let you board?

Kitty - I love that idea. Better than watching them demonstrate life jackets.

Michael - I migjt try to download it, but probably wouldn't read it on a plane, just in case.

Ronnie - All the books were pretty funny. Yes, you had to be right about the spankos on the plane.

Rollin - Thanks for the info. It's interesting to hear from someone who's familiar with the book and author.


Anonymous said...

Truth is stranger than fiction... I read this book in my youth.. as it was one of the few outlets for my spanking fantasies. Every chapter had a new theme of why someone was spanked. IT appears to cost $1 as ab electronic book on Amazon, but you need a kindle.

Meow said...

I guess this doesn't earn a spot on The Top Shelf?

sixofthebest said...

Arianna Huffington, who owns the Huffington Post, was once caught plagerizing a book about Maria Callas. (Information about this case is on the Internet. So she should be the last person to critize what us 'spanko's', should read or not. If I might be so bold Hermione, she in my opinion deserves 'six of the best', with a pliable stinging cane on her voluptous bare bottom. And I mean 'six of the very best'.

Anonymous said...

I just put one of these stories on my blog. I was heavily influenced by Henry in those days and so this story is very much like what you would find in the novel above.

Anonymous said...

I second sixofthebest's say that six times fast, lol! A new tongue twister!


Hermione said...

Red - What a coincidence! This book is well-known by several of my readers.

Meow - Not yet. It might, if I buy the book.

Six - Naughty Arianna!

Rollin - I will take a look as soon as I can. Thanks.

Kitty - Not possible before breakfast! I'll try again later.