Monday, July 25, 2011

From the Top Shelf - Hot for It

Today I have for you another selection from Naughty Bits, an anthology of erotic fiction. "Hot for It", by Jodi Lynn Copeland, is a steamy story about good friends who become lovers for a night, and it's very vanilla, but there are a few spanko scraps.

They have been tumultuously intimate, and are now preparing for round two.  She watches him slowly undress:

"And you thought this was a bad idea," I said smugly.

His smile lost some of its confidence, but he only said, "Just call me dumb-ass."

"Dumb-ass. Now speaking of asses, get yours over here, so I can smack it."

... I brought my fingers to his stomach instead, trailing them reverently along his lusciously defined abs, down the long, lean line of his hips and around to his ass. I gave one taut cheek a swat. His breath drew in sharply and his stomach muscles tightened reflexively.

It seems that turned him on. Does she like it too? Let's see. After some graphic sexual details that I won't bore you with, it's her turn:

"You have a great ass." His voice was back to rough, raspy as he reverted to caveman. Jerking me over onto my hands and knees, he stroked his rough palm across my butt cheeks. "I owe you a swat."

"You wouldn't dare," I gasped, even as I waggled my butt and panted for that very thing.

"I would." He lifted his hand away. "And you'd love it."

I didn't bother to respond, just tightened my cheeks and waited to feel his swat. Waited while my sex throbbed, then leaked juices down my thighs in expectation of his touch.

It never came.

"What the hell are you doing, Jack?"

"Making you come," he said, sounding equally smug and amused.

"It's not working."

"Sure it is.... Is your ass not tingling to feel my hand against it? Is your clit not on fire for release?"

Okay, so maybe it was working.   

And that's all the spanking there was - or wasn't.

From Hermione's Heart


Daisychain said...

Now that was HOT!! But, gee, how frustrating! I can't bear the tension of waiting for that first swat!xxx

Meow said...

I hate stories that tease us about spanking and don't follow through with a good one!

kiwigirliegirl said...

yeah, a bit disappointing with no spanking to follow the threat - too much like real life LOL

ronnie said...

Yes frustrating leaving her but hot. Appropriate title:)

Thanks Hermione.


Hermione said...

Daisy - Me neither. The suspense is something else.

Meow - I know. What's with that? He should have followed through.

Kiwi - Tops shouldn't threaten if they aren't willing to follow through with discipline.

Ronnie - Very appropriate. It was a very hot, albeit non-spanking, encounter.