Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Last week Ron finished off our spanking session with a twist.

He had begun with the leather belt, and after a stingy start, I had settled in to enjoy the luxurious ouch that only leather can produce. Each swat landed across both cheeks, doubling both pleasure and pain.

"Now for the finale," he said, and, picking up a brown wooden paddle, he proceeded to paddle my left cheek. After several swats he stopped, regarded the effect, then paddled it some more.

"Hey!" I protested. "What are you doing? What about the right side? I'm feeling uneven."

"I'm trying to even you up," he explained as he continued. "Your right cheek is darker than your left, so I'm evening them up."

"What?" Then I realized what has happened. "The right side got more from the end of the belt, and the other side only got the middle."

"That's right, so I'm fixing it." Ron is so meticulous, and sometimes that's a good thing.This time, I'm not so sure.

So my question to you is, when a belt is your spanking implement, do you give - or get - strokes on both cheeks at once? Or are they delivered to one cheek at a time?

The Belt Survey

I like the belt to be applied:

To both cheeks at once
First one cheek then the other
A combination of both
We don't use a belt

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Hermione: How kind these Tops are: worrying about the symmetry of their efforts, color, striping, etc. LOL. Great post.

The belt is my favorite implement. Usually, a double belt is applied to both cheeks in the same spot.

Daisychain said...

When Davey uses the belt, it is, as you say, the case, that although it lands across both sides, one side gets more "ouchy attention" than the other...so my darling thoughtful husband moves from one side of me to the other to apply it, every few strokes.
Bless him! xxxx

ronnie said...

LOL, you had me smiling.

To be honest I can't remember the last time the belt was used so I can't say. We do have a strap P made from a leather belt and that is applied to one cheek at a time.


Erica said...

New Guy is good about being even. He'll do a combination of strikes across both cheeks, then move from one side to the other, getting each cheek fully. Lucky me, huh? :-D

Anonymous said...

i'd rather have an accurate spanker than an inaccurate one! :) Your post kind of made me think about balance in D/s, and i guess it goes for more than spanking. Dominant/sub, yin/yang.

Or whatever. Spankings are great. :D

Meow said...

How thoughtful our guys are to worry about symmetry! Fun post!

kiwigirliegirl said...

cool post. I did vote hehe. But its been so long since He used anything other than the cane :( I cant remember. But my Hubbyis the same as Daisychain, he just swaps sides so that both sides of me get it. Ouch!

kiwigirliegirl said...

Oh, He does have a studded strap which he hangs on the bedroom wall in all its glory. It hurts like hell and can knock the wind from me when he uses it hard :(

bree said...

Even Stevens. Are you sure His name is Ron?

I always like to be in symmetry no matter what the implement. Otherwise I have people come up to me asking me "What is the matter? Why are you listing like that?"

What am I? A boat? Are you calling me fat? Nautically speaking? I just ran aground from your stupid seafaring question! Shove off! :P

Those are things I am thinking and would like to say. But being the polite person I am, I just answer "No, I am fine thanks for asking."

Hermione said...

Joey - Gotta love those considerate Tops! The belt is my fave too.

Daisy - I like that idea of moving to the other side. I must suggest that.

Ronnie - The strap would be pretty much the same, if it's doubles over.

Erica - So lucky! I like the sound of that combination.

Her toy - That's an astute observation. Everything in balance makes for a successful relationship.

Meow - Thanks. Don't you love thoughtful (or anal) men?

Kiwi - I like the description of that studded strap. Studs down when applied, I hope?

bree - LOL! Love the nautical interpretation of being uneven.

Ron is a pseudonym, and you're right. Even Stephen would be appropriate.


Lea said...

I prefer things to be even. Usually if I'm spanked with a belt or strap, the top will stand on both sides of me to keep it more even. I've heard the "I'm evening you out" before too and thought uh, I don't mind being more bruised over here, enough! Lol. I hate being smacked in the same spot repeatedly.

Hermione said...

Lea - I'm with you. No loitering in the same spot!


Nadia's Notions said...

We are completely new to the world of spanking... as in, within this week. (I read Fifty Shades of Grey) I've been devouring this blog and sharing with my husband. When I started talking to him about implements, he got very nervous and said he doesn't know if he wants to do this. :( So, no belt for us. Love your blog-and your name!

Hermione said...

Nadia - Welcome to my blog, and to the wonderful world of spanking. Isn't it cool that the very popular 50 Shades has introduced you to a whole new experience!

It's perfectly okay for your husband to be hesitant about using implements. His hand is a perfect way to start out. Things will evolve once you are both comfortable with spanking and the magical results it produces.
I'm so glad you left a comment.

Big hugs,