Monday, July 18, 2011

From the Top Shelf - Letting Go

I recently went to Chapters and used a gift card to buy Naughty Bits, an anthology of erotic fiction. Published in 2009, it contains a variety of short stories written one or two years prior. It came as a delightful surprise to find snippets of spanking in otherwise vanilla stories. Here, then, are the significant excerpts from one of the stories, "Letting Go" by Sarah McCarty.

Becky stood there, breath shuddering, adrenalin flowing for three uncomprehending seconds until he said, "Bend over."

And the conflagration started again, her mind racing ahead of her actions, picturing how she'd look to him, her hands braced on her bed, her rear thrust back in a purely submissive pose...

Subtle pressure bent her over. She caught her weight on her hands, feeling awkward and vulnerable and as turned on as she'd ever been...

"I've been thinking about this since morning."

It was a struggle to find her voice. "What exactly is 'this'?"

His shadow fell over her as he stood, making her vividly aware of his size, the need to dominate he'd always kept in check for her. The need she'd asked him to let loose. His hands on the waistband  of her sweatpants were cold. She jumped. Her pants and underwear followed the shiver as it snaked down to her toes. "Your ass."

Which told her nothing and suggested everything.

The snap of his fingers against her right cheek had her jumping again. "Push back."

She did.

Another tiny slap, this one so soft it seemed to absorb the sting of the other. In the aftermath, his palm lingered. "You liked that?"

There was no way she could deny it, even if every liberated bone in her body demanded that she do so. Those betraying goosebumps were at it again, telegraphing her delight.


She braced her arms on the bed, pushing back further. It wasn't enough. She wanted more... She wanted him to claim her in a totally primitive way that went far deeper than any woman would consider politically correct... She wiggled her hips. A smart sting on her right cheek halted the movement. "Stay still and take it."

Oh God! She bit her lip as the sting melded with the heat burning her from the inside out, feeding it. How had he known? In her dreams he had said things like that to her, did things like that to her, but she'd never told him, never written it down. How had he known this part of her fantasy she'd never dared to confess?


"Come for me."

Low, deep and intent, the order didn't leave her any choice. On the next slap she did, bucking and arching her hips for more of whatever he wanted to give her, open to the pleasure, the pain or a combination of the two. Just open...


"Take off your clothes," he instructed quietly. "And then climb into bed and close your eyes."

From Hermione's Heart


MyMask said...

I love reading erotic fiction. Sometimes my wife and I will email fantasies to each other, which can be real turn ons.
This story was well written.

findingsara said...

Sarah McCarty is an author I look for. She's written quite a few interesting books in related genres.

Daisychain said...


ronnie said...

Delightful Hermione, thanks.


Meow said...

Very hot! Thanks!

Hermione said...

MyMask - That does sound like a lot of fun.

Sara - Really? I've never heard of her but I enjoyed this story.

Daisy - Very!

Ronnie - Glad you liked it.

Meow - Hot reading for a hot summer day!


kiwigirliegirl said...

mmmmmmm ill watch out for that book in book stores here :)

Hermione said...

Kiwigg - It's a real winner!


Lil Sam said...

As alway Hermione you picked another great story

Hermione said...

Lil Sam - Hey! It's great to hear from you again. Hope you'll be blogging again soon.