Sunday, July 24, 2011

You Completed the Caption

The current heatwave affects some of us in strange ways. Here are your thoughts on this shopping expedition:

Mindset: "Yes, dear, we can put lots of rump roast in this frig!"

Six of the best: Hermione says, "After receiving a 'hot bare butt', I need a cold soothing glass of BUD".

Ronnie: "Does my bum look big next to this?"

Bonnie: "Don't mind me, I'm just verifying that that the freezer is wide enough."

Rogue: I don't think a side by side fridge will work. I need a bottom-freezer to cool off my roasted rump. See?

Wordsmith: Eee luv, the salesm'n were right - beats all the others pants down!

Lea: "How can we be out of ICE?"

Poppy: I hate it when he tells me to take my shorts down - I just know I am going to need some frozen peas soon.

Prefectdt: "We need to get our own toy box luv, the shop assistants are starting to suspect something."

A. Lurker: Hmm . . . lots of room for the rump roast, pork loin, my peaches, frozen peas and ice cubes. Bottom line, what's it gonna cost me?

Michael M: "If you buy this model for me honey, you can have me in this position,any time, any day, for a week. Hell you can make that a month."

Hermione: Nope, white's not for me. I want a stainless steel fridge so I can see my bottom reflected in it.

Thanks for having fun along with me. I feel cooler already! See you next week.

From Hermione's Heart

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