Sunday, May 5, 2013

You Completed the Caption

Ah, the theatre! The smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd, the sound of spanking... Here's what you said:

MyMask: I have always wanted to be spanked in front of an audience.

Prefectdt: "Oh No! He's stuck his head up my ass again."

Lady Koregan: Yes, very funny. Now get that mouse OUT of my dressing room!
And bring my hairbrush with you when you come back.

Michael: "EEEK!!! I didn't think this new Viagra drug would work so well. That thing is now too big for me."

Bonnie: This is precisely why we don't want anyone getting high backstage.

Mitch: Is this like "up the creek without a paddle?"

Sunnygirl: "No, no not the cane. I can't stand the cane."

Kingspan: Ladies often jumped up the first time they tried to sit down after a spanking, but few did it quite so dramatically as Kate.

Six of the best: "Jumping Johosophat. You want to take my knickers down, and spank my voluptuous bare bottom with a cane," said Hermione to her internet friend 'Six of the Best'.

Anon: The first swing caught her a bit surprised.

Ronnie: No, I'm not coming down unless you take that paddle back.

A. Lurker: I can see it's curtains for you Miss Jane!

We were starting to suspect that Miss Mew had been a cat in a former life!

Ricky: Bottoms up!

Vfrat25000: Call Aunt Melba, Uncle Harry showed up to play practice wearing nothing but a Santa Claus Beard and a Speedo, again. Somebody help Prudence get down from the curtain.

This infomercial is over. The Watkins Electric Girdle still has a few defects we have to iron out.

Ha, Ha, Look at Penelope. She said she saw a snake. Ohhh Lordy, It is a snake, make room on that curtain Penelope.

What is going on?
Caroline’s husband just finished reading 50 Shades and whispered what he wanted to do to her when they got home.

I believe this will be the last year of teaching Drama at Drake College for Miss Perkins.
I agree. It looks like the guys from that “Animal House” fraternity finally got to her.
Tell the 300 pound male stripper we are done. He can go now.

Hermione: While the spanking curtain was a novelty, Ellen preferred the spanking bench.

Everyone take a bow for your outstanding performance today! Have a pleasant week, and break a leg!

From Hermione's Heart