Sunday, May 12, 2013

You Completed the Caption

A game of billiards brings out the best and the worst in the competitors. Here's what you wrote:

Simon: Her bottom had started white gone pink then red and was well on the way to black and blue giving him a total of 19 points.

Bob: I am going to be very disappointed if you don’t sink the pink after this nice little foreplay.

Minelle: Time to settle our little bet!

DelFonte: What were you saying about being soundly beaten?

Sunnygirl: I'll teach you to come into a men's club.

Bonnie: "When he asked me, 'Stripes or solids?' I thought he was talking about billiards."

Michael: Woman: "OUCH! But I only meant it figuratively! OUCH!"
Man: "Well I took it literally when you said you bet your ass."

GaryNTboy: When I said 'pass me the rest' I didn't mean the rest of the balls you naughty girl.

Kingspan: Jane saw the sign that said "No masse shots allowed," but she had no idea the rule would be so strictly enforced.

(P.S. - I liked the stripes and solids joke, Bonnie!)

Six of the best: "My dear, this spanking that I am giving you, on your bare bottom, is for telling me I was behind the eight ball, playing pool."

Ricky: Just remember, you lost!
Oh, really?

Mitch: "2 ball in the back pocket, and don't scratch."

Ronnie: "Mary, I told you what would happen if you came in here flirting again."

David: I never know if I should go for the pink or the brown either.

Sir Wendel Jones: 1940’s Gentlemen’s Rule #231 - In Pool, the winner spanks the loser’s girlfriend.

Hermione: I don't believe you, Mister. This can't be the way you keep track of points here you come from.

Happy Mother's Day to all those who are celebrating it today.

From Hermione's Heart

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sisofthebest said...

Happy Mother's Day Hermione. And may it be 'a spanking good one'.