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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 11

Our topic this week was revealing your spanking activities to friends or family. Here's what you said:

Sub hub: It has never happened to me. How I reacted would of course depend on whether it was family/friends that my role as a submissive was exposed to or not. That would be bad. It if it were strangers that W/we would never see again, that would be awesome. So I'd be saying "what the hell? or I'd say "Thank you Mistress".

Dan: It happened to me once, and it was my own fault. Over a relatively boozy happy hour, I told a mutual female friend about our DD relationship. I later admitted to my wife that I had told this friend. She was embarrassed, but got over it. A few weeks later, they went to a football game together. They called me from the car on the way home, and after exchanging some pleasantries, my wife announced that I would be getting a very hard spanking that night. I gulped and went very red with embarrassment. She and our friend had apparently spent a good part of the afternoon talking about our DD arrangement. Even though I had told her about it earlier, I hadn't shared many details, and it was truly mortifying for my wife to announce to this person that I would be getting spanked that night. Took things to a whole different level.

Sunnygirl: Hasn't happened and it would all depend upon the circumstances and the parties involved.

BigD lils: It's happened to us with some friends, who completely thought we were weird. Let's say we don't hang out with them again. I've mentioned one other time to a friend about spanking she seemed not to care.

Natasha: It's not happened to us but we have had friends where the husband mentioned 'I spank my wife' and he was laughing but his wife was not and it just got awkward for a second. All is well now...

Not sure how I'd react - probably do a nervous laugh and a BIG sip of whatever I was drinking...

Cara: Sometimes a quizzical look and a shrug is best.

Terpsichore: It has never happened, but I imagine it would depend a lot on the circumstances and how and what words were actually said. If possible to shyly laugh it away as nothing - great; if not, well then I guess our secret would be known.

Autumn: I would probably say something like, "Yeah, we were doing 50 Shades of Grey long before it was popular!" And then laugh...nervously.

Annapurna: There was a time in my life, much earlier than now, I would have been driven to the brink of suicide over such a scandalous and thoughtless disclosure.

Now, I would openly admit that I have a spanking fetish and love it. If there were follow up inquires, I would say something like this: “What would be gained by you knowing more about my intimate life, something I only share with my wife? What prerogative gives you the right to know something that’s implicitly private? If you’re curious, there are books I can recommend to your for your reading enjoyment.”

River: My husband smacks my butt at least ten times a day randomly, fairly hard, regardless of where we are or who we're with. Exceptions being quiet places like libraries, doctors offices, etc. He also will remind me to be respectful, tell me I'm walking a fine line....he's very open in communicating to me what he wants/needs. But, if he ever actually said, in front of anyone we know very well, "You're getting a spanking when we get home," I would be very very embarrassed. I doubt there would be any lasting repercussions in our relationships though.

Simcor: Consensual spanking is, unfortunately, still in taboo. In general it would be better to withhold such remarks in public, unless the audience is aware of the relationship and has no troubles with it. But if a slip of the tongue is made, I would suggest pay little attention to it, not to blow up the incident.

Arched one: I can't imagine that happening as we both keep our relationship private. But if it did and depending on how it was brought up, I'd probably say, yes she spanks and corrects me, and it has brought us closer together and move in love than ever before.

Roz: It hasn't happened here. It would depend on who it was said in front if, but I think I would try and make light of it ... he's just being silly etc.

Nina: I think I'd try to relate such a remark to bedroom play. And it would embarrass me a lot, so I couldn't be sure that I'd find the right words in such a moment at all. Hubby wouldn't do that intentionally, so I think we would talk about it, but try to get over it.

Dr. Ken: It's never happened to me. If it did, I would laugh and try to pass it off as a joke. And then when alone she would get the spanking of her life!

Ronnie: Well it would depend if it was family or friends and whether it seemed likely that I could turn it into joke. Or, with friends, just outright saying 'yes it's true, why don't you try it':) Not happened thankfully.

Garyntboy: It has happened on a few occasions in the past, usually when excess alcohol was surprise there...but with friends it was not a problem as they have a similar spanking relationship. In front of family, I just tried to laugh it off.

Baxter: Never has happened. But a couple that was over one afternoon had a quiet quick conversation. He said something like I guess I will be disciplined when we get home and she nodded her head affirmatively. I never got the courage to ask him what that meant and nothing further has been said or implied. My wife and I keep my spanking fetish a secret.

Bogey: I do wonder why we keep our spanking interests so private, while we allow our infidelities to be of general knowledge.

S: We didn't say anything, but we had friends for supper once. I went out to the kitchen, D followed me, and I found myself across his knee, getting a good B B S. The sound of a male palm smacking a female bare bottom is very distinctive, and D had left the door ajar. When we returned to our guests, there was a round of clapping, and someone put a soft cushion on my chair ! All four of my cheeks were as red as each other.

Hermione: I can't imagine Ron ever telling anyone in the family about our activities. He's never told our friends either, as far as I know. But if it ever did slip out, after he'd had a few beverages, I would probably be embarrassed. A lot would depend on the reaction of the listeners. If they were shocked, I would quickly change the subject. But if they were amused or took it as an admission of an adventurous sex life, then I'd probably turn it into a joke. How I reacted later on, when we were alone, would depend on how the rest of the evening went. I might wait until the next day to raise the subject.

Thank you to all who participated. See you all next week!
From Hermione's Heart

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I hope you don't mind me commenting.

I really liked the part about getting the random hard swat.

I'm just a little jealous, but just a little.

If I were bending over trying to pull a pot roast out of the oven, I might not like it. Other than that, the attention part is arousing for me. I might be tempted to think of various ways to get a little sloppy walking that fine line. I just love treats like that.