Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 2

Happy Independence Day to my American readers! What advice would you give the a spanking newbie?

Roz: My advice would be communicate with your partner then communicate some more. It's important to discover each other's likes, dislikes, no-go areas etc and to determine the direction you both want your relationship to go in future.

A.J. What Roz said.

And maybe be open to the thought you won't like it? Ease into it. Apply Roz's comments after. Try it several times.

For her: That you can always say "no". Or, "Harder!"
For him: It's not a contest. You're not in this position to have to prove anything.

For both, take your time and not rush anything or have too high demands/expectations.

Don't make it the point about which your world turns.

Make sure there are lots of smiles!

Ronnie: Just starting out - communication to determine how you both want TTWD to work for you. How far you want to take it. As AJ says, take your time, talk, try it. No pressure.

If you would like to get into spanking maybe find some blogs that you like and pass the link/s on to your partner for them to read and then talk to see what they think.

Hermione: Assuming you have already decided to try spanking, I would suggest you start out using the hand only. Leave the implements for a later time when both of you are comfortable with the idea of inflicting pain. Then gradually add implements according to personal preference. If a hairbrush turns you on, try it. Always wanted to feel a belt? Go for it, but gently at first. As pain tolerance increases and you and your partner understand one another's limits, you can become more experimental.

Excellent advice! If you have anything to add, please do so as a comment below.
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Eric51 Amy49 said...

Never start off cold and bare.

Warm up, warm up, warm up


Fondles said...

Read a lot, talk a lot, and always debrief. It was probably the most imptt thing for us- discussing it afterwards. And keeping sight of the goal. Never want the spanking to continue so much that the needs of the spanker are not met. Just as the bottom needs to be kept a careful eye on, so too does the top - is he comfortable with it or merely acquiescing, is it good for him too? Is there any resentment?

Terpsichore said...

great advice from everyone
communicate before, during, and after
be open to the possibilities
remember the love and trust in your relationship is what gives you the freedom to explore and express your love in different ways...have fun exploring... :-)