Monday, July 3, 2017

You Completed the Caption

Sorry for the delay, but better late than never!  Here are your clever captions for this vintage photo.

kdpierre: Initially foot-tired and bored at the Art Museum, once Myrtle saw "Bird in Space"on a pedestal, she immediately decided it was the perfect thing to sit upon...and subsequently contemplated how 'modern art' was not nearly as useless as she had previously thought.

Anon 1: I hope this time he leaves his buddies at the bar!

Anon 2: You know, it's every woman's dream to have a good man put her up on a pedestal. What nobody tells you is that a good man will periodically yank you down off the pedestal, sit down on it and put you over his knee for a sound spanking, which is what's about to happen right now.

Leigh: What implement will he choose?

Andrea: I wonder if Will get to keep my panties on this time and will he tweak my nipples, I hope so....

Katie: Never in my wildest dreams, did I imagine myself being sent to think about my behavior, while staring at an art exhibit, in a museum. I wonder if he will spank here...

Sir Wendel: Yes, I deserve a spanking for choosing the Museum over a shoe sale at Macy’s.

Baxter: Here I sit quietly in contemplation and comfortable. Because of my skipping out on class, I will be unable to sit comfortably as the professor promised a spanking. Well, my bottom could use a warm up.

Anon 3: When he asked me to pose for "before" and "after" pictures, I never dreamed he'd be photographing my bare bottom "before" and "after" a spanking. He's just finished shooting the before pics and has gone to fetch a hairbrush to prepare my poor bum for the "after" photos.

Anon 4: If I'd known the theme of this exhibition was "The Well Spanked Bottom" I never would have volunteered to be a model.

Hermione: You're going to love watching him spank me, aren't you? I might just turn your head around and let you face the wall this time. How would you like that, eh?

Thank you all for making me laugh today. 
From Hermione's Heart

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