Wednesday, November 14, 2018

From the Top Shelf - Spanking

The following article is from a long-gone website, and has been around some time. It is pretty basic but it never hurts to go back to basics occasionally.

Spanking - Position and Posture

One of the factors that sets spanking apart from other forms of swatting is the deliberate and sometimes ceremonial positioning of the participants. While some spankings are haphazard, I prefer spankings that include the ritual of positioning.

Both the spankee and spanker adopt positions that facilitate and enhance the spanking. These positions generally work to the advantage of the spanker and the disadvantage of the spankee.

The spanker enjoys the following advantages from their position:

Comfort. Whether standing or sitting, the spanker is positioned to be comfortable throughout the spanking. They are able to swing their arm at a natural angle and able to sustain a lengthy spanking with ease because of their position.

Strength. Because they are able to wind up and freely swing their arm at a natural angle, the spanker is able to apply swats to the intended target with force. While standing, the spanker cannot only swing their arm but rotate their body to deliver maximum energy to an anxiously awaiting, clenching derriere.

Full access to the bottom to be spanked. The spankee's position is designed to fully expose their bottom and the spanker's relative position is designed to put that bottom at a convenient angle and height. Therefore, the spanker is able completely view, tweak, pat, and spank it.

Safety. Because the spanker is in the position to easily spank the rear-end at the correct angle, it is much less likely that a blow will fall too high or too low.

Control. The spanker's position gives them the "upper hand" and allows them to easily control the spankee. They sit or stand higher than the spankee and are easily able to restrain and situate the spankee.

The spankee realizes the following effects from their position:

Relative comfort. Except for the notable exception of their backside, I think it's important that the spankee be relatively comfortable so they can focus on the sensations being inflicted upon their posterior.

Anticipation. Bending over and getting into position to get your bottom blistered signals the beginning of the spanking and builds anticipation.

Increased sensation. A properly positioned bottom will tend to be spanked harder and more completely on the sensitive "sit spot".

Humiliation. Being put over the knee is a childish, humiliating posture. Having to "assume the position" is humiliating in its submission and rubs in the fact that they are being spanked.

Exposure. A properly positioned bottom is fully exposed. The cheeks are fully presented and split, their undersides turned up.

Emphasis on their bottom. Spanking positions place the center of attention on the bottom of the person being spanked, a fact not lost on said person. The bottom is emphasized by its exposure and upturned position relative to the spanker.

Presentation of their bottom. Not only is the bottom exposed and emphasized but the spankee feels they are willingly "sticking it out" and presenting it for its punishment in the same way as the condemned man who must place his head on the chopping block. The spankee knows their bottom cannot evade or escape the swats.

Submission. Cooperatively getting into position to be spanked is the primary act of submission in spanking.

Safety. Although it may be of little solace, the spankee can take comfort in the fact that their position affords safety from injury. Of course, this can be disconcerting if they know they will be spanked with even more abandon.

Loss of control. Once positioned, the spankee has relinquished control and may not easily regain it until the spanking is done. They may have difficulty removing their rear from the line of fire if they try.

Inability to clench. When standing, one can clench their cheeks together, mitigating the sting of a swat and the exposure. When properly positioned, it is more difficult to clench cheeks and the spanking will be applied to a relaxed, bouncing bottom.

Excellent visual presentation. Speaking from the point of view of an admitted bottom fancier, there a few times that someone looks more adorable and beautiful than when he or she is positioned to be spanked. Not only is the bottom emphasized, but it is formed to a flattering shape and sexily perked out. Spanking positions would be sexy even to people not into spanking.

Following are descriptions of various positions that I find erotic, their distinguishing characteristics, tactics that can be used to enhance them, and precautions to take. All descriptions assume a right-handed spanker.

Over the lap. Spanker is sitting with good posture in an armless chair, knees together. Person being spanked must lay face- down across the spanker's lap, their head to the left and feet to the right. They must be over the lap far enough so their bottom is conveniently located directly over the spanker's right thigh.

In order to preserve modesty, the person being spanked may be tempted to lie flat with their head up and legs straight out behind; however, if they are concerned for their modesty, they shouldn't have gotten themselves spanked in the first place. The spankee's head and shoulders should be angled down and their knees tucked down out of the way so that their bottom is well turned up. A palm pressed against the back of the head and swats to the thighs are helpful in positioning the spankee.

Knees should be at least six inches apart and the lower back should be "arched" or dipped to further turn up their rear. For a woman, this will result in her vulva being fully exposed and presented. Depending on size, toes will either be resting against the floor or hoisted off a few inches. The full weight of the spankee should be resting on the lap.

Hands can either be on the floor or grasping the legs of the chair. If the right hand flies back during spanking, it should be pinned to the lower back by the spanker's left hand.

Prior to starting to spank, the spanker should firmly grasp the spankee's waist above the right hip with the left hand to prevent squirming off the lap. Then the left elbow should be planted between the shoulder blades to keep the head and shoulders from bobbing up.

The spanker should raise their right knee slightly, turning up the bottom further. In the case of a woman spanking a boy, she should make sure his penis is pressed firmly against her right thigh and aimed to the left.

By turning their upper body to the right, the spanker can get a fuller swing and more comfortably apply a stronger swat.

By combining all of these tactics - the raised knee, the elbow in the back, the hand in the small of the back - the spanker can effectively pin the spankee down and spank the daylights out of them.

Over the knee. Similar to over-the-lap except the spankee is bent over the left knee with their legs restrained by the spanker's right leg.

Hands on ankles. This is the classic school-style paddling position. The student must stand well clear of obstacles with feet shoulder width apart. Leaving knees straight and back straight, the student must bend over and grasp their ankles with both hands. The spanker may want to observe the student's hands throughout the paddling to ensure they do not leave the ankles and earn extra swats.

The spanker stands facing the left side of the student. They should stand far enough away so the paddle barely overlaps past the right cheek. They should adjust fore and aft to ensure that both cheeks are struck at the same time (assuming a paddle is being used. Canes and straps warrant slightly forward positioning).

It is not possible to more fully expose and present a rear end than when in this position. When one is told to bend over and grab their ankles, one is, in effect, being told, "we intend to thoroughly paddle your bottom. So not only will you present your rear-end but you will stretch and endeavor to stick it up and out as far as you can absolutely positively can. And throughout the paddling, you will continue to strain to stick it out for the paddle."

Since the angle between the legs and the upper body is well under 90 degrees, this position spreads the cheeks and exposes the rectum and genitals more than any other position.

This is a great fantasy position but I think it only works safely in reality for spankees with flexible bodies (especially when a thick paddle is used). Inflexible people can't reach their ankles without bending their knees. Men run the risk of getting their testicles whacked. Non-fleshy butts get pulled tightly across the pelvic bones and don't provide enough padding when a heavy paddle is used.

Hands on knees. A safer, more workable position than hands-onankles. The bottom is presented in a plumper, more paddle-friendly shape but visually, the position is still very school-like. Depending on the person, I think this position can be more visually appealing because the back can be arched a bit which perks up the bottom. In fact, the further up the legs the hands are placed, the more the spankee can arch their back and stick out their rump.

Again, feet should be shoulder width apart and hand position enforced. Because the back can be arched and bottom upturned, it should be required, both prior and during the paddling. A technique which tends to arch the back correctly is to require the student to look forward at a spot high on the wall. That way, they are required to pull their head up and arch their back.

Over the desk on tiptoes. Another school-like position. The student must bend over a desk with nose or chest pressed to the desk. Hands and arms should be placed on the desk over their head to further arch the back. To further elevate their bottoms to be spanked, they must raise up on to their toes. Penalty swats can be awarded for every incidence of a heel touching the floor (hint: watch after the "last" swat before the student is told they may relax).

Over a barstool or horse. This is probably the best position for paddling because the bottom is presented in a plump and relaxed manner. The person to be punished must lay their full weight across the stool, their feet hanging and hands grasping the legs of the stool at a level such that there is a little support for their upper body.

This is a relaxed, comfortable position which works well for lengthy spankings.

Lying on bed. Another comfortable position for lengthy spankings and ensuing diversions. The spankee must lay face-down on a bed. Their face should be pressed to the mattress while their hips and bottom are elevated on pillows. Since pillows are compressible, it may take three or four to achieve the proper elevation.

Kneeling in chair. One of my favorite positions for spankees with great butts because, properly executed, it presents the rear in its most flattering light. The trick is in the execution.

The spankee must kneel in the seat of a padded chair (save those knees) facing the back with the thighs vertical and upper body forward over the back. Again, the spankee should be required to arch the back well.

Two things conspire to shape his or her bottom cutely. First, the back of the chair prevents him or her from bending so far as to preclude a good back arch. Second, just as high heels shape calves fully by angling the foot to shorten and bulge the calf muscle, kneeling with the calves at right angles to the thighs seems to allow the buttocks to bulge fully.

I've found the following tactics can be used to enhance and focus on positioning:

Adjustment & readjustment. I think it's important to deliberately position and adjust the spankee prior to the first swat. Emphasis should be placed on positioning and presenting the bottom fully. Throughout the spanking, the spankee should be readjusted as their position begins to fail.

Verbal instruction. I think it's best to require the spankee to willfully maintain their own position with out the physical assistance of the spanker especially in the case of stand-up paddlings. Therefore, verbal communication is necessary throughout the spanking to encourage the spankee to continue to assume the correct position.

Pickiness. One of the disciplinary aspects of spanking is that no matter how perfect the spankee is positioned, they can always improve, stick their bottom out a little further, etc. The spanker should not feel guilty that their exacting demands regarding position are perhaps a little too picky and unrealistic.
I learned something today!
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Monday, November 12, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for Nvember 11

How do you feel about waiting for a spanking?

Minelle: Ours are mostly spontaneous! Works better for us!

Jack: Prefer NOW, no matter where. Longest was an eight hour car ride back home after visiting wife's close friend. Nothing said at the time, but once in the car I was told. She was quiet until we got home, she let loose and my bare bottom will attest to that.

Yorkie: Ours are nearly always planned as living with adult kids requires them all to be OUT. As I am the one who is spanked and yet does all the driving for our activities my anticipation is usually ramped up to the max. Occasionally, when we might have a weekend away it may be a bit more spontaneous but even then I am the one thinking about it LONG before we do it.

Bernie: I'm all for some amount of anticipation. I love wondering exactly what will happen, with what, and when.

Paul: Sometimes its at the moment.The hottest is when I am told to be prepared and go to our room strip and wait. Often a few hours nose to the wall in the corner. Then she enters takes time selecting what she will use. The longer I wait the hotter I get!

PrincessImp: I feel compelled to answer, as I am currently waiting for a spanking. I have suspected I had one coming since Thursday evening. I was just told tonight that I am getting it tomorrow. It is a punishment, so I do not like waiting, but can tolerate it. If it were a sexy spanking, waiting can be extremely fun.

QBuzz: We tend to plan in advance by text, sometimes on the day and sometimes a few days in advance. Whether I'm going to be spanking or getting spanked, the anticipation is always a thrill!

Roz: There is something to be said for some build-up and anticipation. However, it depends on the kind of spanking and length of the wait. We have had to wait up to a week and by then the whole reason for the spanking and feelings surrounding it had somewhat dimished.

Bogey: Bacall likes to think about it overnight, to give her time to get her mind right. To go from Alpha to sub

Arched one: Most of my spanking happens as soon as she tells me. But once we were staying with her Aunt for a week. A couple of days before we left as we got into bed she told me after we leave the first hotel we stay at you are getting spanked bent over the side of the bed and laying on the bed over pillows. I knew she was upset over something I had said and for the next 2 days I had butterflies. I think that was the only time I had to wait.

Katie: Hi Hermione, :) I think it depends on the kind of spanking that one has coming their way. Most are pretty immediate these days, and then over. Anticipation can be really fun, if one is waiting for a hot, sexy sparking! Can be a big turn on!

Sir Wendel: All of our spankings are for fun. Wait time just adds to the excitement.

The longest wait for me came after a family gathering. The Misses was mad that I spent most of the time hanging out with her brother-in-law in the basement. When we got in the car she announced that I would be getting a whipping when we got home. The traffic was backed up so it almost two hours before we got home. She reminded me several times during the ride that the whipping was coming. It was very arousing. As soon as we got home she told me to me to pull my pants down and bend over the end of the bed. My bottom was sore for quite some time.

The longest wait the Misses had to endure was about four hours. I caught her rubbing her bottom several times in anticipation of the spanking. When the time came I grabbed the paddle and took her to the kitchen. I put her over my lap, took her skirt up, panties down and paddled her bottom until it glowed in the dark.

Barrel: Most of our spankings are a prelude to making love, so not much build up. However, several times a year and interspaced around doctor’s visits for obvious reasons, we plan punishment sessions. These always involve some level of prolonged anticipation that include reminders for several days of what is coming; oiling of the leather strap and riding crops; wearing hose and a plug to work on the fateful day; a nice lunch or quick drink at an intimate bistro wherein she will tell me quite clearly how she intends to punish me. All this concludes with me preparing the bench at the bottom of our bed with a towel and pillows, restraints and neatly laying out the implements she desires. Then one deep gaze into her eyes as she gently guides me to the bench.

Anon: Both spontaneity and anticipation can work well for me. Even if I’m not relaxed, once my bottom is being thrashed I usually get into a mood where there are no other worries in the world jus what is going on. A wonderful feeling.

Sometimes it doesn’t work cuz the external anxiety about whatever simply doesn’t really go away.

Last week, we talked about having a “rendezvous” but didn’t quite get around to it. I went to bed and was half asleep, when Irene came in with her riding crop. She whipped my bottom thoroughly and I fell into a deep blissful sleep. Really nice, and we finished with more discipline and sex the next day.

Bonnie: I'll wait if I must, especially if there is a planned build up. But most times, I prefer to get on with it.

Hermione: Since I almost always know in advance when one is coming, I am used to waiting. It add a certain frisson of expectancy and dread that adds to the overall experience.
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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #253

I'm glad to see you here this weekend on the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. Let us pause for a moment to remember the many who gave their lives for their countries.

Now on to more light-hearted matters. Sometimes spankings are spontaneous, but at other times we receive advance warning that a spanking is coming some time in the future. But when?

How do you feel about having to wait for a spanking? What is the longest time you have had to wait? Which do you prefer: immediate attention, or a prolonged period to dwell upon the impending paddling?

Leave your response as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to respond.

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It's almost time...

Love Our Lurkers days are coming up at the end of next week, and I want you to participate. It's the time when our silent readers are encouraged to come out of hiding and leave a comment. The details are:

What is it? Lurkers, anonymous readers, call them what you will. They are the people who read our blogs on a regular or occasional basis, but never leave a comment. On LOL days, we encourage those people to be brave and leave a comment. Most blogs allow commenters to remain anonymous, so you never have to reveal your real identity.

Where is it? It's everywhere, but right here on this blog, I will put up a post and record the links to all bloggers who are participating in LOL Days. If you want to see who has joined in the fun, drop by here and you will see the list. If you are joining in, please leave a comment on my post after you publish yours so that I can include you.

When is it? Friday, November 16 and Saturday, November 17.

What do I have to do? If you are a blogger, publish a post on November 16, encouraging your silent readers to leave a comment. "Love Our Lurkers" in the title will be helpful but not compulsory.

What do I say? Some bloggers ask questions for their lurkers to answer. Others have competitions, with a spank for every comment left. Still others only want all their readers to say hello. The important thing is to be friendly and encouraging to readers who might be apprehensive about leaving a comment. Please remember to allow anonymous comments, even if only for a day or two.
How can I help right now?
If you have not already done so, I invite you to post an advance LOL Days announcement soon, so that all your readers know about it too. Not all bloggers read this blog, and we want to be sure nobody is left out.

My creative friend Enzo made the images at the top and bottom of this post, and you are welcome to use one of them in your post. If you would rather choose your own distinctive graphic way of encouraging lurkers out of their shells, then go for it!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 4

Do you ever use a gag or similar device to prevent the spankee from speaking?

QBuzz: I never gag my partner. She sometimes makes me wear a ballgag when she's in charge but it's really just for the look as it doesn't actually stop me making noise, just stops me being intelligible.

Red: Never tried one, but always willing for a new experience.

Rosco: Irene does fairly frequently- often gagging me with a pair of worn panties, Esperanza after she’s been working out.

Sometimes she’ll do it while she's spanking me, sometimes when she’s tying me down after and ordering me to take a nap.

And she’ll pin me down with panties or a bra or whatever stretched across my mouth when she’s mounting me cowgirl style - which usually makes me come pretty quickly.

Sir Wendel: Never used a gag. We like the sounds each other makes when the smack on the bottom hits.

Roz: We don't use a gag and it's not something I would handle well at all.

Simon: I've been gagged during a punishment and I really don't like them. Gags I've discovered make me gag and feel nauseous. I wouldn't gag a lady I was spanking either, after all she might feel the same way as me and anyway I like to chat to the lady over my knee or bent over whilst her bottom turns a delightful shade of pink and then perhaps red.

Yorkie: Never. At first, I was my own gag. I'd keep quiet so as not to scare my wife but lately I've been quite vocal during my spankings and wriggling quite a lot more (as well as the usual sticking my butt out for the next swat ;))

I should also mention that my wife prefers it when I'm expressing myself during the spanking.

Katie: Rob and I have never used anything like that. I'm guessing that it is not something that we would do. I have a sensitive gag reflex anyway, so that might not be pretty!

Jack: Part of the punishment is being heard, my wife states. So she insures that I'm heard, if the walking afterwards doesn't give it away that I've been spanked.

Barrel: We do use a ball gag but only during longer, punishment sessions. It has a hole in it to allow easier breathing as I have learned controlled breathing is essential during any of her spankings. Breathing helps me remain still in order to avoid getting “extras” which are always nasty. The ball gag is also part of the mental build up to a punishment session, which I like.

Ronnie: P once used a pair of my knickers. Don't think I would handle a ball gag very well and not really interested in trying.

Joe: I have never been gagged during my spankings but always willing to try new things. Have mentioned to my wife she should try tying me down for a harsh spanking one day and a gag would seem very appropriate.

Hermione: We haven't used anything like this. I find ball gags somewhat repulsive, and my vocalizing tells Ron if I am enjoying myself or if he needs to lighten up. It wouldn't be much fun for either of us if I stayed silent.

Thank you Barrel for such an interesting topic. I always welcome suggestions for discussion topics, so put your thinking caps on.
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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #252

Welcome one and all to our weekly spanko brunch. I hope you all had a safe, fun Hallowe'en and have responsibly disposed of all the candy wrappers. This week we discuss a topic suggested by regular reader Barrel. It's something we have considered before but I think it's worth revisiting.

Do you ever use a gag, bit, or other item to reduce the verbal response to a spanking? How does this change your reaction to the spanking? Is it something you enjoy,  simply tolerate, or really detest?

Leave your response as a comment and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has weighed in.
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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Get Ready to Love your Lurkers

That's right. We're counting down the days until we hold our thirteenth Love our Lurkers celebration. On Friday November 16 and Saturday November 17, we will be calling all our silent readers to come out from the shadows and leave a comment, no matter how short.

Participation in recent years has dropped, so I am asking you all to encourage your friends to join us on those two days. If you have a blog, tell your readers about the upcoming LOL day. If you don't have a blog, then plan on joining in the fun. If you are a silent reader, get ready to speak up for what might be the first time.

I will post more details about our event soon. If we all work together, we can make LOL 13 the best one yet!
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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

From the Top Shelf - The Prom, part 4

Today we conclude Rollin Hand's short story, "the Prom", from The Schoolgirl Collection. Lisa, Lynne and Terri have each received a hairbrush spanking from Aunt Martha and are now about to be caned by her. But it will be worth it so that they can all go to the prom. Remember that Reggie is filming all this; we will be hearing from him from time to  time throughout the story.
Three girls were lined up against the wall, all holding their skirts up. Three sets of bright red bare bottoms were on display. The girls were sniffling, trying to stem the tears that threatened to come.

“Now girls,” said Aunt Martha. “We have to stay there in that position for a little while. I’ve found that it always helps if a girl can have some quiet time and reflect on the reason why her bottom is burning hot, so no rubbing just yet.”

The girls’ mothers began to ask Aunt Martha some questions about the disciplinary spanking they had just witnessed.

“It didn’t look like you had to use much strength to deliver a pretty good spanking, Mrs. Grenly,” said Mary.

“No dear, not really. A short stroke from shoulder height and a little snap of the wrist is all it takes. As you can see, about thirty good stingers like that and the young lady is regretting her earlier naughtiness.” The moms all nodded.

The mothers chatted for a time with Martha Grenly about the efficacy of spanking as a means of correction. “In my opinion,” said Aunt Martha, “young women today could use a trip across mother’s knee from time to time. It is not only a powerful corrective tool but it provides much needed cathartic release. Girls can be so wound up emotionally. Sometimes a good spanking just lets all that emotion come out. A brisk spanking, a good cry and they feel better.” Martha spoke withassurance.

Martha glanced at the girls. “Well, girls, you can lower your skirts—oh and you may rub now.” The three put their hands behind them and amid gasps of “ooh” and “ahhh”, rubbed a bit before pulling panties back up and lowering skirts. “Now girls, I know you feel quite sore, but there is another item of business. Believe it or not the spanking I just gave you was light. And I did that on purpose. The cane actually hurts worse on a posterior that has not been, shall we say, properly warmed.”

Martha stood up and smoothed her skirt. She went in to the study and returned with a thin yellow wand about thirty inches long. “Girls, this is a junior school cane. As you can see,” She bent it in a near circle, “it is very flexible. You have each agreed to accept six strokes with this instrument.”

The girls watched in anxious dread as she released the tip. It quivered back and forth indicating that this was one whippy little stick. “I will take you one at a time into the study. There is a chair in the center of the room. When I tell you, you will raise your skirts, lower your panties to mid thigh, and bend over the back of the chair. You will grasp the front of the chair seat and don’t let you. I will apply six strokes. You will keep wriggling to a minimum and remain still. If you get out of position, the stroke will have to be repeated. Do you understand?” All during this speech Aunt Martha had stood in front of the three girls flexing the cane between her hands. The girls could not keep their eyes off of it.

“So, one at a time, each you will enter the study, accompanied by your mother. Are we ready?” There were murmurs of assent. “Miss Terril, you are first I believe?” Lisa nodded meekly and went into the study.

* * *

Boy oh boy! Lisa was going to go first again. I turned my attention to the study cameras. The only ones in there were Lisa, Lisa’s mom and Aunt Martha.

Lisa stepped over to the chair back. Aunt Martha told her to lift her skirt and bend right across it. All the time she is whooshing the cane through the air, limbering up, I suppose. Lisa got her dress up and then bent over the back of the chair. Aunt Martha told her to slip her panties down. I got to see that perfect little ass again, this time though it was blushing pink.

On the face shot Lisa was gritting her teeth. Martha tapped Lisa’s bottom then took her arm back and whipped that cane down right on the fat part of her bottom. Lisa let out a yelp. Martha told her to keep still. Then she let fly with another one. Lisa’s knees sagged and a red stripe appeared. Aunt Martha let her have four more just like that. She was yeowching and shifting from foot to foot, and her bottom gave a little jiggle each time the cane hit. Whew! What a show!

* * *

Lynne could hear the dry thwack of the cane and Lisa’s anguished yelps coming from inside the study. She was next. She looked over at her mother and mom shook her head sympathetically, but folded her arms, and whispered to her that she was going to go through with it—no begging off.

Lisa emerged from the study, wiping tears out of her eyes.

"Miss Crane, I believe you are next." Aunt Martha was standing there flexing that cane.

With a cold knot in her stomach, Lynne meekly entered the study. She was told to stand at the chair. "Raise your skirts, please, Miss Crane."

Lynne grimaced, but complied. "Now slip your panties down and bend over the back of the chair. That's it," she said as Lynne slipped her panties down, baring her bottom once again.

"Grip the chair seat and do not let go." Lynne felt the cold wood tapping her bottom. She clenched up. "It's better, child if you relax and don't clench."

"Yes, ma'am," Lynne muttered and tried to relax. She heard a whine and next felt a hot line of fire explode across her buttocks. "Ahh...ah..." she squeaked and stood halfway up. Good grief, that had hurt! Jane had said it wasn't too bad.

"Back down, Miss Crane. Do that again and the stroke won't count."

Lynne bent back over, trembling. She heard that thin whine again then crack! Another searing stripe fell. Oh, this was awful. Worse than she’d ever imagined. She was going to break down and bawl.

Swish....thwack! A third stroke scored her buttocks. "Owww...oh....oh!" yelped Lynne. How does anybody stand this?

The fourth stroke made her yelp in pain —the worst yet. Her eyes started to tear up. She was going to cry.

Stroke number five was even worse. It hit right in the fold above her thighs. She screeched, “Yoww—oh, yow. Please!” She half rose, fluttering her hands, her face a mask of anguish. “In position, Miss Crane. Buck up,” said Aunt Martha.

Lynne shifted from foot to foot, barely hanging on. "One more Miss Crane," announced Aunt Martha.

Swishh.....thwack! It was a sizzler. Lynne threw her head back, let out a wail and cried like a baby.

* * *

Did you see that? My God, that wasn't half a flogging Martha laid on Lynne Crane's sexy butt. Those luscious cheeks just quivered and flexed with every stroke and that little dance of hers between strokes just made it even sexier. She's got six distinct lines across that pert ass of hers now and I'll bet she feels every one of them for a few days.

Now she's leaving and here comes Terri Boswell.

* * *

Standing over against the wall once more, Lynne tried to stop sobbing. The lines painted across her bottom by that wicked cane still stung like crazy.

Whose idea had this been? Well it had sort been a seed planted by Jane. No matter, it was over now and she was going to the prom---with Nick. She winced as she heard the dry sharp cracks of the cane. Terri was getting it and from the muffled wails, it was as bad as her caning.

* * *

Whew! That last one was a real topper. There is nothing like a tall lanky girl who has to bend way over, and one with such a peach of a bottom. I'll have to say though she took her six without flinching, but I could tell it hurt like billyho. Her legs were trembling and from the front you could see the face scrunched up and the big tears rolling. She ended up with six livid stripes across her bum, just like the rest. Our Aunt Martha knows her business. I would not want to be on the receiving end of that, let me tell you.

Well, we're done. Time to roll this up and get out of Dodge as you Yanks say. They are standing against the wall, skirts up again. One more shot of three pairs of gorgeous bottoms lined up, zoom in and get those red lines across those cheeks before they fade and...fade to black. That's a wrap.

* * *

What a dreamy night. Nick looked great in the tuxedo and Lynne was floating. And they had plans for later. Oooh la la! An announcer stopped the band for a moment to say that they had a special treat----a multimedia presentation of the highlights of the high school careers of the class of 2011.

The lights dimmed and the presentation started. It was all spliced together: sports highlights, shots of campus life, drama, chorus, all of it.

Lynne had just turned to Lisa to say something when she saw a look of absolute horror appear on her friend's face. Lynne looked up to see what? A spanking in progress---it shifted very fast but yes... it was her and then Lisa and Terri. It had been spliced together in a rapidly shifting collage, but there was no doubt as to their identities.

That awful day. Then it cut to the caning. There she was getting her butt striped. She put her hand over her mouth. Who? How? This was the ultimate in humiliation. She wanted the ground to swallow her up. Her classmates were all looking at her and Lisa and Terri.

People watched, too mesmerized to move. Finally everyone broke out yammering and looking around. Some started to laugh. The laughter grew. Lynne looked at Nick. At first he'd appeared stunned. Then he started to chuckle too. "What is this Lynne? You got your botty smacked? Wow, girl, you've got one cute...."

Lynne didn't wait to hear the rest. She hauled off and slapped Nick as hard as she could. How dare he laugh at her abject humiliation. She ran out leaving Nick rubbing his jaw ruefully.

Meanwhile the scene had disappeared and it was back to football and such. Had it really been there? "What happened to your date, Nick?" It was Jane. She sidled up to Nick.

"I guess she got pissed and took off," he said. "Did I really see what I thought I saw?"

"What did you think you saw?" asked Jane with mysterious smile.

"I think I saw Lynne and Lisa and Terri getting spanked. On their bare butts. Then bent over taking licks with a stick. I was about to say how sexy it was---was that some sort of experimental theater or something? A prank video they put together? But she slapped me and just ran out."

"Hmmm. You thought it was sexy, huh?"

"You bet," said Nick. "That spanking stuff--what a turn on."

"Well, me too. I'm English, you know. It's quite popular where I come from." Jane slipped her arm inside Nick's. "I just never got around to telling you."

"It is? You like it?" Nick now seemed very interested.

"Yeah. Maybe I could, like, show you," she said leading Nick off. "Do you have a car? We could go to my place. Mother and father are away for the weekend."

And that is how later that evening Jane found herself face down across her former ex-boyfriend's lap with her dress pulled up and panties pulled down as she instructed him on the finer points of administering an erotic spanking.

* * *

Hullo, Reggie here again. Um, this time I'm afraid I'm in a bit of bother. You see they found out who made the video--not too tough really. But it was a good prank, I thought. And, I'd do anything for my twin sister. The powers that be didn't see it that way, though. I'm in all kinds of trouble, not the least of which is the punishment demanded by the girls and their parents. a few short minutes they'll call for me. Waiting down in the study is Aunt Martha and her cane. She's limbering up her arm I'm sure. I'm in the dock for twelve sizzlers and let me tell you, I'm not looking forward to this, not one little bit. Ooops....I think I hear my name being called. See you on the other side.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, October 29, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 28

Wow! I got a great response to this week's question about thongs. But before I do the recap, here's a heads up for our thirteenth Love our Lurkers extravaganza.

Save the date to Love our Lurkers: 
November 16 - 17

Now back to our discussion on thongs. Here's what you said:

Gary: My wife just retired from teaching elementary art, and one day a few years ago, making conversation with a student, referred to the student's flip-flops as "thongs" an outdated term. The student was aghast, so my wife determined not to make that mistake again.

Now, in answer to your question, neither of us wear underwear any more, but we kind of like the stimulating brevity of thong underwear.

Roz: Thongs are definitely out here. I don't like them at all and fortunately neither does Rick. I think he prefers a little more to unwrap :)

Yorkie: Seeing as I am the one that is spanked, I have never worn them and have no intention of ever doing so. I do, however, have one abiding memory of my wife wearing a one piece item with a thong back many years ago (in our home, she would never wear anything like that in public) and, extraordinarily I spanked her while she wore it. Just for fun, and she stipulated I be stern with her and so I was and I spanked her pink then told her to go lay on our bed face down and wait for me and...well we had some fun if you get my meaning.

NoraJean: I have loved thongs from the get go ... no panty lines for one thing plus I find them comfortable. However, since Frank has 'a bit' of a lingerie fetish, my underwear drawer contains just about every kind of panty you could think of ... lol ... and each day he chooses my panties and lays them out for me ... and if there are none laid out, the rule is it's a no panty day ;)

Anon 1: I occasionally wear them but they aren't my favorite or preferred. They ride up way too much to be comfortable. I don't think my spouse has much of an opinion on them.

Sir Wendel: The Misses will wear a thong under her skirt once in a while. I love the look of her bottom when I put her across my lap however spankings are always on the bare bottom so the thong is pulled down the same as a full panty.

QBuzz: Thongs are sexy! I love when my girlfriend wears them and she likes me to wear one for her when I dress up in my g-string waiter outfit

Jack: Try a 20 foot pole!

Princessimp: I don't generally wear thongs, as I don't find them comfortable. My husband actually doesn't care for them either. I could imagine them possibly making a spanking more exciting, since they have sort of a "naughty" feel to them. For a real punishment, though, why would I make things easier for him?! Haha.

Simon: Well they don't suit me but I can take them or leave them when it comes to ladies wearing them. If I'm spanking a lady I so grateful that she is letting me punish her that I don't really care what she is wearing.

Wilma: TMI moment warning. Lol. There are certain days of the month when G-strings are worn to hide other strings during a spanking. It gives me a tiny piece of mind; B could care less. I do wear them by choice depending on what I am wearing. B prefers me in dresses and flowy skirts and thongs don't mix for various reasons! Lol

So to answer the question, for a week a month they help with spankings.

Anon 2: I do not allow them, as a spanker.

I like otk in layers, one at a time, plus I enjoy delivering a super hard panty-warming, so my spankee can't get relief later from cool panties, once we are all done.

Its enjoyable unveiling a bare bottom where as the spanker, you are not sure how red it is.

Thongs take that away.

Downunder Don: Totally off topic, but down here we call them a pair of thongs for your feet and a single thong for your bum.

And no, Mumski doesn't wear either; spanked or not.

Ronnie: I have a couple of pairs but hardly wear them. P quite likes them but prefers the fuller fitting style of knickers when he spanks me.

A.J.: (I assume by your question you mean women wearing things...(?)

For spanking I don't think it matters - they're comin' off regardless!!

My non-spanking girlfriend LOVES them. Only style she wears, and for the same reason Norma Jean gave - no panty line (which...sometimes, I kinda' like). Her other reason, one she will only admit under questing where some alcohol is involved, it that it makes her feel a bit "naughty". And me smile!

Whatev. If it makes her happy...!

Is your next question going to be about "granny-panties"? Because you may get a completely different set of responses!

I intended the question for both men and women, and thank you for the great suggestion for next week!

Fondles: I quite like thongs. I'm sure BIKSS agrees they are quite lovely. The only problem is that if i'm going to be out and about for any period of time, I'd prefer to have something that I could stick a liner on. was that tmi?

For spanking tho, no problem. It's not like they'll stay on too long anyway, i don't think. I shall wear one this evening. I think I have been remiss in my choice of undergarments lately.

Hermione: When I used to teach aerobics I always wore a thong-style leotard over spandex shorts. It was the fashion then and I found it quite comfortable. But when I went out and bought a batch of thong panties, it was quite a different matter. Someone once said it was like wearing dental floss between your cheeks and she's right. Although I enjoyed the sensation of a bare bottom under slacks or jeans, I found them quite uncomfortable. Ron prefers no covering at all for spanking, so we are on the same page there.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #251

Welcome to our weekly spanko brunch. Hallowe'en is just around the corner, and I've stocked up on treats, so help yourself to some candy and let's get started.

Love them or hate them, thong undies are here to stay. Some people wear them every day, others only on occasion, and then there are those who wouldn't touch them with a ten-foot pole!

What is your opinion of thongs? Does your partner agree or disagree with your feeling about them? Do they enhance the spanking experience for either of you?

Leave your response as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion on Monday.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday FAIL

You all know what a stickler I am for good grammar. It's time for another lesson.

"Aphorism is a statement of truth or opinion expressed in a concise and witty manner." Here's an example:

Ron sent me these aphorisms and told me that he'd spank me if I posted them on my blog.

Aphorism is a statement of truth or opinion expressed in a concise and witty manner.

I read that 4,153,237 people got married last year. Not to cause any trouble...but shouldn't that be an even number?

I find it ironic that the colours red, white and blue stand for freedom, until they are flashing behind you.

When wearing a bikini, women reveal 90% of their body. Men are so polite they only look at the covered parts.

Relationships are a lot like algebra. Have you ever looked at your X and wondered Y?

You know that tingly little feeling you get when you fall in love with someone? That's common sense leaving your body.

My therapist says I have a preoccupation with vengeance. We'll see about that!

I think my neighbour is stalking me as she's been Googling my name on her computer. I saw it through my telescope last night.

Money talks...but all mine ever says is good-bye.

You're not fat, you're just easier to see.

If you think nobody cares whether you're alive, try missing a couple of payments.

I always wondered what the job application is like at Hooters. Do they just give you a bra and say, "Here, fill this out?"

The location of your mailbox shows you how far away from your house you can go in a robe, before you start looking like a mental patient.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it keeps the kids in touch!

Now, don’t you feel better knowing what an aphorism is? Oh, Ron, see what I just posted!

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

From the Top Shelf - The Prom, part 3

After a week of waiting, we resume our tale of three girls awaiting punishment for their misdeeds. (You can refresh your memory by rereading parts 1 and 2 here and here.) You may recall that Jane's brother Reggie intended to film the spankings, and we have an interesting narrative from him running through the story.
“Hi. It’s me, Reggie again. Mother told me to leave the house, said I couldn’t be there that day—told me to go to a movie. Well, screw that. I knew this was it, but I had planned for this. So I parked a couple of blocks away, walked back on a parallel street and came in through our neighbor’s yard into our back yard. I’d left a basement window up, so I just crawled in and waited. I could hear them all arrive. We have a guest room down there and that is where I fired up my laptop. One at a time I logged on to all my remote cameras.

“Did I mention I had sound too? Oh yeah, I could hear everything. The girls and their moms all arrived at the same time. It looked like a bunch of ladies coming to tea with their daughters. They were all dressed in proper dresses. You know, heels and hose, hair done just so, like it was a formal occasion, which, you know, I guess in a way it was.

“Let me tell you about these girls, ‘cause these are some hot babes. Lynne is about 5’ 5” with honey blonde streaked hair and a tanned complexion. She is built like model with really full tits, almost no waist at all and great legs. Her ass is sort of perky and juts out. She wears these little flippy miniskirts a lot and when she walks, and that little butt just twitches from side to side.

Her friend Terri is taller and slender with a small chest and long legs. She has a really sexy heart-shaped ass that looks great in tight jeans. Lisa is petite, but she has everything where it counts. It’s just in a smaller package. She looks fabulous in tight jeans too with that tight little chubby rear of hers. I was ready for the show.

“They all showed up, right on time, and went into the parlor. Aunt Martha was introduced to the girls one at a time. She shook hands with them all and they sat down to tea. Aunt Martha never does anything without having tea first. The girls looked pretty nervous. Who wouldn’t? They kept looking at that big flat-backed hairbrush that Aunt Martha had placed in plain sight on the coffee table. I guess they were trying to imagine how that was going to feel in just a few short minutes.”

“Girls, I do hope there are to be no hard feelings,” said Aunt Martha. “You know what you did was to break the law, and that has consequences.” She studied the girls’ anxious faces. “I am relieved that you did not land in more complicated legal trouble. And, I have to remind you as we go forward this afternoon that you have all requested this as an alternative form of punishment, is that not right?”

The girls softly muttered, “Yes, Ma’am.” They fidgeted nervously. They looked at each other. The moment of truth was quickly approaching.

“Good. Just so there is no misunderstanding. Now,” she said, putting her napkin down, “we will proceed. Jane please put the tea service away.”Jane hastened to do her bidding.

“Let’s move this coffee table back, and, Jane dear, can you fetch me a straight-backed chair from the dining room?”

Jane put the tea service in the kitchen and came back to the parlor carrying a sturdy armless chair.

“Just put it right there in the center of the room, dear. That’s a good girl.”

Aunt Martha picked up the flat-backed and rather large wooden hairbrush that had been lying on the coffee table and sat down, smoothing the folds of her skirt.

“Now, girls. Pay attention. You are being punished and I expect you to take your punishment like proper young ladies. There will be no cursing or swearing. You may cry, it’s perfectly all right. I expect you will. There will be no struggling or attempts to evade the punishment. Keep your hands on the floor or grab the chair rung. One at a time you will step over here to my right. You will raise your dress above your hips and allow me to slide your panties down. Then you will come across my knee. When I am finished I will tell you to rise. You will stand over there facing the wall with your skirts raised. Do you understand?"

The girls murmured in the affirmative.

“What was that?” she said sharply. “You answer yes, Ma’am.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” each said, one at a time.

“That’s better, girls. Now it does not matter to me in what order you go, but arrange yourselves in a line.”

If this wasn’t the most humiliating, most childish thing she’d ever experienced, Lynne didn’t know what was. Lisa lined up first with Lynne, then Terri. Lynne chewed on a knuckle as she stood behind Lisa. Aunt Martha gestured and Lisa stepped up. “All right miss. Let’s have your skirt up, please,” said Aunt Martha. Lynne watched as Lisa’s skirt lifted above her hips. Lisa was clad in brief black panties. She wore a garter belt and stockings. They’d been told—no pantyhose.

The brief panties came down to mid-thigh when Aunt Martha hooked her thumbs in either side and slid them down. Lynne could see that Lisa had a very cheeky little bubble-shaped ass. She laid herself across Aunt Martha’s ample lap. The woman shifted her forward until her bottom was the apex of her jackknifed form. She was a petite girl so her legs were off the floor, fluttering.

Lynne held her breath as Martha Grenly picked up the hairbrush. She tapped Lisa’s pert bottom with it, left side, right side, like she was lining up a shot. She drew her arm to shoulder height and brought the brush down, snapping her wrist at the end of the stroke. There was a dry crack! Lisa yelled “Owww!” and threw her head back. Aunt Martha didn’t pause. She smacked the other cheek a second later. Her arm rose and fell really methodically, smacking one cheek, then the other in a slow even tempo. Lynne watched in horrified fascination.

Lisa’s body flinched as the spanks landed. Her bottom cheeks quivered upon impact and a pink flush began to appear. She remained still for the first few smacks but then her legs began to flutter. And she wasn’t quiet.

Smack! “Owww!” Smack! “Yow!” Splat! “Ahh….oww!” Lisa yipped in pain in an almost continuous stream as one sonorous smack after another blistered her nubile buttocks.

Lynne counted about thirty hard hairbrush spanks before Aunt Martha relented. She gulped. This was a bit more intense than she had expected. What had Jane gotten them into? Lisa was sobbing and gulping as her mother helped her up and led her to the corner.

* * *

It’s me, Reggie again. That was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen! My God! Lisa sure has one cute ass. I’d seen her in tight skirts before but wow! Bare? And boy did she wiggle it as she got it. Martha didn’t half lay on. That hairbrush kept spanking and that little bubble butt of hers just wobbled and quivered---and when she started fluttering her legs? Well, you could see the promised land. Poor thing, though. Must have hurt like anything ‘cause Martha reduced her to tears. Jane said that she had cried when she got it, so no surprise. And she looked just adorable like that standing in the corner with her dress hiked up, cute red bum on display.

Well the one I wanted to see was up next. Lynne. Boy, what a babe. She hiked up her skirt to show off that perfect ass of hers and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. She wore high cut panties that exposed half of her butt anyway and that was framed by a sexy garter belt. I had split screen set up, two points of view. One was pointed right at her ass, the other at her front. And it was all being recorded on the hard drive. Aunt Martha slipped her panties down and her plump round ass popped into view. From the front I saw the curls at the lovely triangle where her thighs came together.

She went over Aunt Martha’s knee and Aunt Martha took up the hairbrush. She patted her bottom once or twice and let fly. Crack! Wow what a zinger! Then Crack! Pop! Splat! Aunt Martha spanked that wobbling butt with really brisk-looking strokes. I mean it looked like the brush practically bounced off of her bottom cheeks. She was yelping to beat the band. With her wiggling around like that I could see everything.

* * *

Crack! Crack! “Oh ow!” yipped Lynne. The awful hairbrush landed first on one side, then the other. It was relentless. The sting just kept mounting and mounting. So this was a spanking! And Aunt Martha a big softie? It stung and burned like nothing she’d ever experienced. It was overwhelming.

Lynne was trying to be brave but after just six or seven cracks from that horrid brush it was getting to be too much. She began to buck up and down, clenching and unclenching her bottom. She fluttered her legs up and down. Nothing worked. A bonfire was being lit on her bottom. Why had she ever agreed to this? It was awful. Tears welled up in her eyes as the fiery burning intensified. It just kept coming, one stinging smack after another. She was about to break down and bawl when it stopped. She was helped to her feet by mom who led her over to the wall, panties still bunched at her knees. Her bottom was on fire. “Ok, Lynne, stand there and hold your skirt up. No rubbing just yet.” Lynne’s behind was hot and throbbing. Then her mom resumed her post.

* * *

Whoa, I’m glad I got all that. What a shellacking! Lynne Crane’s sexy ass was as red as a ripe tomato. The last one was Terri. She was a tall girl, and really pretty. Long brown hair, willowy figure, you know. Her hips were slimmer but like the others she had a cute ass too. And she got it just as good. When those long legs went to work I got an eyeful. Ok, I admit it, I had to pull out little willy and start stroking. No help for it. I had the other two against the wall, red butts glowing and lovely Terri wriggling around while Aunt Martha paddled her bottom to a bright red. Seeing these girls get spankings on their bare bottoms was just about the sexiest show this boy had ever seen. Whew! And it wasn’t over.
Reggie is correct. The cane comes next for all three girls.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, October 22, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 21

What kind of spanking stories do you prefer?

QBuzz: Having trawled through a lot of classic spanking stories on various blogs, I have to confess that I most like ones that contain a strong hint of or actual sex scenes (especially if it involves adultery/cuckolding) either towards the end after the spanking or as part of the reason for punishment

Anon 1: A cuckold accepting his woman's need for more than he is providing. Perhaps a bull setting rules for his behavior with wife. Actually anything that forces a person to confront their own fantasies
and make them a reality.

Arched one: As a submissive husband I like stories where she is scolding him prior to spanking putting him in an embarrassing position and scolding as she spanks and I like it when she asks if he needs more he says yes and she says ask for it.

Princessimp: I tend to seek out "daddy daughter," "protector/protectee," or husband/wife contemporary domestic discipline type stories. I like some ageplay stories, but they often veer into direction that I don't like as much. Western and/or sci fi stories generally do not appeal to me.

Roz: I prefer more contemporary romance or d/d stories where there is a real connection between the couple. Sci-fi and vampires etc generally do not appeal.

Yorkie: I love the erotic ones. No punishment, no role play, just the sweet, sweet need for a darn good spanking.

Bogey: I am with Yorkie. Call it erotic, romantic, sensual. Boy meets girl, boy spanks girl, both enjoy it. These stories are rare.

Jack: I have always had a desire to be spanked. Single, I would enjoy reading of wives who spanked their husbands. Women who were very Motherly, spankings were for punishment and afterwards explain why a spanking was needed. I found myself being that male over that woman's lap, soon acting like a little child, squirming, kicking, pleading. Afterwords facing the wall then being consoled by my wife as to why I needed to be spanked. Her words would be "naughty little boy", "Mommy knows what is best". Today I have found such a woman, my wife, she understands the need to spank me. Over time I have begin to call her Mommy, she likes that, reminds me that Mommies spank naughty little boys. The spankings are always over her lap, bare bottom, and when I really start to squirm, the spanking begins. When I was single I would sit in the tub, and masturbate, the more "motherly" the woman was the longer I would hold back and dream I was that male over her lap getting a spanking, felt so good. Today over my wife's lap I have learned that once I starting squirming and pleading she then begins the spanking. I would not change a thing, "My Mommy" knows what is best for me and for our marriage to work.

Baxter: I agree with many comments above. The stories I like are full of description of the interaction between spanker and spankee and the progression of the story up to the actual spanking and then how it is transpiring and the aftermath. If I am aroused significantly, then it is a good story and most are. The stories I don't like are those that go into peripheral and collateral details that have nothing to do with the plot and typically I either skip ahead to the real event or I simply stop reading. The job of the author is to keep the reader engaged. I have written spanking stories for myself based on a real event that is fictionalized and I think they are good and keep me interested, even tho I wrote it.

Liza: I prefer contemporary stories with husbands and wives. It doesn't matter if the spankings are for discipline or foreplay. I dislike ageplay stories.

Barrel: As my wife is the disciplinarian in our family, I enjoy stories where the wife/SO mentally prepares her mate for his impending spankings. Head space preparation and mental acceptance is not only erotic, but motivational for us, highlighted with the spankee’s resolution to submit. Her use of several implements reveals her conviction to change his behavior, which is where we are, even after 40 years of marriage. I dislike younger age play stories.

Ronnie: Contemporary d/d stories. Disciplinary/erotic/foreplay. Don't mind western but don't like Sci-fi.

Hermione: As you can probably guess, I enjoy stories of naughty, nearly-grownup boys and girls getting the cane, paddle or strap from a headmaster or principal. When I was a child I devoured British school stories and and always hoped there would be a spanking scene or five. There rarely was. I prefer not to read stories that contain any real violence (rape, injury to other body parts, blood).
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #250

Welcome to my favourite time of the week, when we all get together to talk about our common interest in TTWD. Today's question was inspired in several ways, most notably by a recent post written by PK, a long-time blogger and published author of spanking stories. There are many different kinds of spanking stories: Western, historical, contemporary and fantasy to name a few. The relationships between spanker and spankee are infinite: teacher and student, master or mistress and servant, husband and wife, and the list goes on. The story can be serious or sexy, with spanking for discipline or as foreplay. Some involve other elements of BDSM, ageplay, or other kinks.

When you choose a spanking story, what are you looking for? What excites you the most? What type of story do you avoid or choose not to read?

Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to reply.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday FAIL

There are some photos that simply shouldn't be shared. The next time you attend a wedding, think twice before sharing shots like these:

Oh, well, go on then!
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

From the Top Shelf - The Prom, part 2

Last week we met Jane and her three friends, who have all been grounded after trying to sneak into a club with fake IDs provided by Jane's brother. But Jane is going to the prom after all, after receiving a spanking and caning from her Aunt Martha. The other girls think this would be a preferable punishment, so Lynne approaches her mother with the suggestion.

“Mom, I’d like to talk to you about the prom.” Lynne’s mom was making dinner. She quizzically regarded her offspring.

“There’s nothing to talk about. You’re not going.”

“Please hear me out, mom,” pleaded Lynne. The story poured out. Mary Crane listened almost in disbelief to the crazy tale recounted by her daughter.

“So what are you saying? You want to take a…a spanking as punishment so you can go to the prom? No. That’s utterly ridiculous. You’re way too old for that.” But even as she said it, she realized that wasn’t right. The problem was that she was still a child, legally, and that in trying to act fully grown she had committed a crime. Maybe, just maybe, a juvenile treatment like this might be appropriate.

She turned at looked her daughter in the eye. “Ok, Lynne. If you are really serious about this I’ll talk to the other mothers…and Mrs. Hastings-Tyne.”

“Oh, thank you, mom! Yes, talk to them.” For the first time since the whole horrid incident, a ray of hope.

Don’t thank me yet, daughter, she thought to herself. Lynne had never been physically punished, but she had.Mary Crane remembered her mother’s stout hairbrush all too well.

* * *

The conversations with the other moms was eye opening. All three of the friends had told their mothers the same story and when they all got together they tentatively agreed to approach Fiona Hastings-Tyne collectively. Jane had urged her friends to try this and their mothers had apparently agreed.

“Yes,” said Fiona a few days later. They had agreed to meet at the local country club for lunch. “Jane made this request. Harold and I talked it over and we agreed that if Jane would accept this punishment willingly, then we’d allow her to go to the prom. After all, punishment is punishment and one type will work as well as another.” Then she chuckled. “I think after her experience with Aunt Martha she won’t be trying to crash any more night clubs until she’s of age.”

“Who exactly is Aunt Martha?” asked Vicki Terril, Lisa’s mom.

Fiona told them. “Martha Grenly retired here some years ago. She is my oldest sister. For many years she was head mistress at The Crossley School for girls in a small village in Scotland. It was a very private and exclusive school for very wealthy or connected families, but very strict as well. It was a boarding school. There is still this belief among the British upper crust of society that if you’re born into a life of wealth and comfort that you should go through no small amount of hell in the form of boarding school. So Crossley fit the bill. Among other things, corporal punishment was employed there. As head mistress my sister frequently carried it out, so she knows what she is about. When Jane made her request Harold and I both thought, ‘we’ll send her to Aunt Martha’. We certainly had never laid a hand on Jane and wouldn’t know how to begin now. Martha, on the other hand knows all about it.”

It was an animated discussion that followed, but it ultimately led to an overriding question. “Would Aunt Martha be willing to act for all of us, sort of—what do you call that—in loco….parentis, that’s it,” said Terri’s mom, Barbara Boswell.

Fiona said, “I can ask.”

* * *

“So you want me to act in loco parentis for you all? Do I understand that right?” The girls’ mothers were all seated having tea at the home of Fiona Hastings with Martha Grenly. She was a large woman, solidly built, not fat. She was in her fifties with close cropped dark hair showing tints of gray. They’d chatted for a bit and then Mary Crane steered the conversation around to the subject at hand.

“I’ll have to tell you, I was floored when Lynne proposed this, but she had talked to Jane and then the girls talked to each other, and, well, I guess they all want to go to the prom so badly that they are apparently willing to suffer the indignity of a childhood punishment if that means they can go.”

Aunt Martha shook her head. Young girls these days. “In my day we did use corporal punishment as perhaps Fiona told you. I was a matron, then a teacher and finally headmistress at Crossley, and it was certainly the best way to curb girlish shenanigans and foolishness. I never liked to spank the girls but sometimes I thought it was for the best.”

“How exactly did you do it?” asked Barbara.

“There were two levels of punishment. The first could be a simple spanking—this was mainly for the maintenance of discipline in the boarding school— disobedience after lights out, pillow fights that got out of hand, that sort of thing. A more formal punishment was the cane. That was reserved for more serious offenses like insubordination, cheating, leaving school grounds.”

Vicki chimed in. “We understand when Jane was punished she got both.”

“Yes. In my opinion what she did was serious and merited a rather severe punishment—especially one that would allow her to go to all these big social functions. That’s a large bill to pay, given her crime.” she chuckled. “A girl at Crossley might have been expelled for that.”

“What would you propose for our girls, then?” asked Vicki.

Aunt Martha thought for a moment. “It would have to be a rather formal punishment, I should think, given the gravity of the situation. And I think it should be a group event. I’d propose that we all convene right here if Fiona agrees.” Fiona nodded. “The girls would have to cooperate fully. I would take them one at a time and give each a thorough spanking. I’d let them recover from that a bit and then call them in one at a time into a private room or study where each would have to bend and take a good hard six strokes with my school cane. That is what Jane got and I think it appropriate.”

The mothers now were nodding in assent. This was sounding better and better. “How should they be dressed for this, er, little ceremony?”

“I’d recommend proper dresses, not too long, not tight--- to make the adjustment of clothing easiest. Certainly no jeans or other sloppy clothing. This is a formal ritual and should be treated with some measure of decorum.”

“Adjustment of clothing?” asked Barbara.

“Yes. They should be punished on their bare bottoms. Bare always gets the best results,” said Aunt Martha adamantly.

* * *

Now, everything you’ve heard so far was told to me by my sister Jane. We’re twins you know. She tells me everything. I’m Reggie Hastings—hullo. Anyway she was privy to everything the girls said as well as the meeting with Aunt Martha. And when I heard all this, well, you can imagine how my mind was racing. Not to mention some other parts. What a show. I had to see it. These girls were some of the prettiest girls at the high school—real hotties, you know? I knew I didn’t have too much time, but I’m a bit of a tech geek as Jane will tell you.

Where would they do it, that was the question? I figured it had to be the front parlor and the study, nothing else made sense. So with carefully concealed lenses hooked to various recoding devices and remote controls I prepared to film an epic to rival Spielberg.

* * *

Lynne waited expectantly for her mother to return. She knew she had been to a meeting at Jane’s house and she knew why they were meeting. She saw her mother’s car drive up. This is it, she thought. The prom. All her hopes.

“You’d better sit down to hear this, Lynne.” They sat at the kitchen table. Lynne was on the edge of her seat. “First of all, I will tell you that you will be allowed to go to the prom…”

“Yes! Yes! Oh, thank you, thank you!” Lynne was elated.

“Wait,” she said, holding her hand up. “You haven’t heard the rest of it. I was about to say, if….”

“If what?” Lynne was now apprehensive.

“If you cooperate fully and accept your punishment as we have planned.”

“What does that mean? Are you…going to spank me?” Now the reality was beginning to intrude.

“Not me. Aunt Martha. All of us moms have agreed and Jane’s Aunt Martha has agreed to be our, sort of, enforcer.
Just so the punishment is fair and the same for all of you.”

Lynne’s face was a mask of confusion.

“We will all meet at Mrs. Hasting’s house. Each of you will willingly accept a sound spanking from Aunt Martha. After a brief period this will be followed by six strokes with an English school cane. It will be the same punishment as your friend Jane received, so don’t look at me like that. That will wipe the slate clean. But I warn you Lynne, any hesitation, any
faltering, any refusal to cooperate fully and the whole thing is off. You will obey Aunt Martha to the letter. It will be humiliating; it will be painful, no doubt. But it’s now up to you.”

Oh my gosh, thought Lynne. A spanking from a strange woman with her friends and their moms watching and then six strokes with a cane. She’d never seen a cane but Jane said it was like a stout switch. She could imagine what that was going to feel like. But she had to, she just had to.

“Ok, mom. I will accept the punishment.”

“It’s going to hurt, Lynne. You’ll have to be brave.” She smoothed her child’s hair affectionately.

“Yes, mom. I’ll try.”

How brave will Lynne really be once the hairbrush is put into action? I'm aftraid you will have to wait until next week to find out.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, October 15, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 14

Do you have any nicknames for your implements?

Yorkie: I never thought of that to be honest. I might have to think of some names but I'm sure my wife won't remember them!

Roz: That's a fun question Hermione. Sadly I don't have a fun answer, we haven't named any implements.

Bogey: Most of ours have descriptive names. Nothing clever. Principals, Teachers, Red, Holey, etc.

Jack: If “Mrs Hairbrush” counts that is the only name I know of. My wife states that when I’m going to be getting a spanking. “Mrs Hairbrush” is needed again and I dread those words.

Princessimp: We have a "domestic discipline paddle" from the London Tanners. Does "that big, bad, mean, awful paddle" count as a name? Yikes.

NoraJean: No special names here as yet ... except maybe to note that 'the' belt, although no longer one that Frank wears, is still mentioned as being 'his' belt. Maybe its that personal connection that makes it my dreaded favourite :))

Sir Wendel: The Misses refers to our paddle as the “big boy” once in a while.

Minelle: No names...but I say ‘Ronnie’s spoon, or Blondie's paddle, Sunny’s present, Cat’s gift—or- well you get my point! Lol

Bernie: "Blackie" was the name coined for the Neoprene paddle we got 15 - 20 years ago. The name was usually used in a statement like "Blackie will be paying you a visit when you get home."

Ronnie: There is only one of our implements we have a name for - 'Bogie's paddle' because it was a gift from him.

Hermione: Ron calls our dogging bat the "Weed Whacker". The black leather paddle is "Black Beauty" and the carpet beater is the "Whistler" because of the sound it makes.

From Hermione's Heart