Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From the Top Shelf - Peeping Tom I

For your titillation, here is another delicious excerpt from Annie and the Society by Evelyn Culver. (Here is the first one.) Annie, a naughty Victorian lady, enjoys both giving and receiving spankings, and with the help and cooperation of Mavis her housekeeper and Bertha her maid, manages to fill the long days while her artist husband is away. Today, the women have an unexpected visitor.

It was another cloudy but very sultry day and therefore ideal for a naked lunch in the garden. We were just finishing our repast when I saw a peculiar movement high up in a nearby tree. I focused my eyes and realized with an angry start that there was a human figure concealed in the branches. Heedless of my nudity, I called to Mavis and Bertha to follow me and ran to the spot. At first I wondered if my eyes had deceived me, for there was no sign of an intruder. Then I spotted an injudicious little movement and we threw stones and large twigs at him until he clambered rapidly down, whereupon we captured him.

He proved to be a comely youth of about my age, with golden hair, blue eyes and of pleasing build. His struggles were plainly halfhearted, presumably because of the distraction of the ample feminine charms jiggling in full view, and this, I felt sure, was to his benefit, because judging from the angry expressions on my servants' faces, it would have boded ill with him had his efforts been more forceful. Both were strong country girls and the two of them controlled him easily.

There then followed a few moments of complete silence. Even the birds seemed to be waiting on events and there was not a breath of wind to rustle the trees... Inspiration struck like a thunderbolt.

"Well. We have a Peeping Tom, girls. A wicked, evil young man. And a tresspasser. Shall we hand him over? Or shall we deal with him ourselves?" His eyes flickered nervously between the enthusiastically nodding faces before him, but I noted that he was quite unable to resist a downward glance at the nakedly bobbing breasts.

"Not very long ago such behaviour would have resulted in a good whipping. Sadly this is no longer the case, but I am sure that prison is an effective alternative." He paled at the thought. "But we shall whip him. Agreed?" Their assent was immediate. I folded my arms across the excited mounds of my bosom and stared at him thoughtfully before continuing. "We could lay one of my riding whips across his bare back. That would undoubtedly teach him a lesson he would never forget. But he has not long left his boyhood behind. Let us then treat him as a naughty boy and birch him. On his bare bottom." His pallor immediately changed to a vivid blush of shame. "But first we shall warm his bottom with our hands. Lay him down on the ground and hold him tight. I shall pull down his trousers."

This was done in a trice and he ended up at full length with Mavis sitting on his shoulders and Bertha holding his ankles. I knelt down by his left hip and thrust my hand between his belly and the warm grass and began to undo the buttons... I wrenched his trousers down, his shirt up and immediately set about his pleasingly rounded buttocks.

I struck him with genuine anger and in no time at all, he was struggling to escape and making it difficult for me to hit his bottom with any accuracy. Not that I minded, for I was not in the least interested in the aesthetic aspects for once, just in punishing him. My hand was soon too sore to continue -- although the crimson blotchiness of his flesh was eloquent testimony to the effectiveness of my efforts -- and I signalled Mavis to take my place. She did so with a more studied and even rhythm, so that by the end of her turn, the discoloration was better distributed.

I then let Bertha finish this opening assault, which she did with mounting ehthusiasm and increasing competence. I had enjoyed watching my friends in action as much as I had administering the punishment myself. I had used the weight of my body to pin his upper parts down, sitting on his shoulders, and his writhing under my naked bottom had proved a most diverting background to the sights of their eager faces, swaying breasts and his quivering rump. So it was hardly surprising that when Bertha sank back on her heels, I turned him over so that we could examine his frontal aspects. Which proved to be of impressive proportions and soon swelled and stiffened magnificently under my firm handling.

It was time to birch him.

I think that's enough for now. I'll let you all take a deep breath or two after that invigorating workout, and I'll conclude the story later.

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ronnie said...

Delightful but naughty of you Hermione leaving it like that.

Thanks for sharing.


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Ronnie - Yes, I know I'm naughty. It comes with the territory!


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Oh MY!!! Glad I didn't get here sooner, for I got to read both parts together!!! LOL xxx