Sunday, June 20, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #231

I'm delighted to be able to help Bonnie with brunch on this Father's Day weekend. Here's a question that I've recently wondered about, so I'm passing it along to you for your consideration.

What advice do you have for someone who would like to try adding roleplay to a spanking session? Do you have any suggestions for starting out? How did you get started? Are there pitfalls to be avoided, that you have discovered the hard way? What are the do's and don'ts that may help or hinder the experience? If you don't engage in roleplay yourself, do you think this discussion might encourage you to try it?

Once everyone has had a chance to contribute, I will post an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart


The Incredible Girl said...

I have nothing to contribute! I am one of those that would like to try and will benefit from the responses to the question. (And it is a great question indeed!)

A.S.S. said...

A good way to start is for the spankee to share a misdeed from her past. It can be something she got in trouble for (even spanked) or something she got away with. Examples we've used are... lying to a teacher, getting in a fight at school, shoplifting a sweater, being a bad baby-sitter... to more adult things like cussing at a bank teller and breaking a traffic law. Make it something you're both comfortable with both age wise and role wise.

Then the spanker gives the spanking that should have (or did) occurred for the misdeed. He can assume the actual role (teacher, cop, etc)... or he can be himself and still scold about the naughtiness of it all and how a spanking is still owed.

Doing it this way gives spanker and spankee easy to understand roles. It doesn't feel silly and you don't get lost trying to figure out what to do. Getting too complex or too made up are pitfalls to avoid early on.

Of course, this is all for a more discipline feeling roleplay spanking... though it's easy enough to make the actual spanking playful or erotic.

Good topic!
~Todd and Suzy

OnHerKnee said...

I might be interested in trying role play but I've always been of the opinion that it just seems too phony.

For us at least so far it's all real, if it's just for stress relief, maintaining discipline or actual punishment.

Frankly at this point, I'm not really sure if I want to give up reality for a game with TTWD. We'll see, I never like saying never.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I think women are better at role play than men. Think back, girls had their dolls in all sort of roles, including getting spanked. Boys tend to action, not words.

I think some of my most memorable spankings were when Becall jumped into a role and I was able to pick it up and go with it.

If you ever wanted to try it, just do it. Don't try to write a script, just wing it.

A-Non said...

I don't have any real experience to add, just some ideas about how roleplay appeals to me.

I am not a big fan of elaborate roleplay. I do not care to pretend to be the naughty cheerleader or private school student in a short skirt, being punished in the principal's office. Any roleplay has to be a near-extension of my real life.

However, I might consider dressing up as a pure fantasy figure like Wonder Woman if I were to be in the role as spanker! That would give me some confidence to be the spanker that I am not!

ronnie said...

I hope there's some tea left in the pot Hermione :)

We've tried roleplay in the past and I didn't find it easy to just switch on. I like leather and equestrian, P likes discipline and institutions (educational types), he hasn't shared some of my preferences in the past and likewise (I used to hate the idea of roleplay involving schoolgirls, cheerleaders etc because of the age thing but I've overcome that by being an adult student. Ahem...).

Overall I think the best spanking is when it comes naturally for good reasons without any roleplay. But variety is the spice of life and I think roleplay has its place as long you both want to take part, so in my opinion talk it through thorouly first, how, where, what you want to happen, and try to agree unspoken signals that will trigger it, so that both sides know what's coming and can prepare and enjoy it fully, without having to discuss it. Eg.. ''Right I'm going to be your tutor now and I'm not pleased with your work, in fact I intend to spank you so go and put some sensible knickers on and a skirt and blouse...etc etc...'' wouldn't work with me at all if I'd been deeply involved with work issue all day and wasn't in that mindset, but if I knew it was coming because of some pre-arranged signal it would be different, I'd look forward to it and build towards it and vice-versa.

Great question, thanks Hermione.


R Humphries said...

Hi Guys … Another delightful topic … our activities are almost exclusively conducted in role-playing mode, we do not have a domestic discipline or D/s relationship (although I can assure you that I am Master of my domain and all that I survey … or something like that) … I am fortunate that my long-term partner is of a theatrical bent and finds it easy to fall in to character … for us it works as we are now comfortable in our alter-personalities and can take them on relatively effortlessly which gives as the time and opportunity to savor the whole drama of the experience … I would strongly recommend that you experiment with different themes until you find something you are comfortable with … for us it makes spanking what we want it to be … gloriously good fun … enjoy yourselves … Cheers … RH

Scunge said...

I like role-play at spanking parties but have not yet to try it with My Sir. We might try it someday but we have fun yes and some discipline without role-play now.


I have found that one thing that I do when role playing helps me and may help others but I have to admit it sounds a bit daft at first. The advice is.....

Do bad impressions

I have particularly found this useful when I am required to switch, as I am not a natural Top and acting like one does not come easily. At times like these I try to take on the persona of John Cleese and/or Mr Mackay, from the TV comedy series Porridge. I have never done either of these well enough for anyone to cotton on that I am doing impressions but the resulting character that comes out seems to work well for when I have to play the role of a strict spanker.


ThomasIII said...

Having done my fair share of roleplay, including acting in my own spanking videos, I guess I can step forward. For me, I find that I can easier step into the role because I'm naturally drawn to all segments of spanking, and because I'm somewhat able to think in the moment. Roleplay is all about improvisation. Unfortunately, improvisation isn't something that you can really learn. It comes with being comfortable in the role that you're playing. While I might be comfortable in any spanker role, simply because I'm somewhat worldly and know enough about things in general that I can usually wing it, others might not. So, I'd say that the first rule is to stick to roles that you're comfortable in. If you feel out of sorts if you're trying to play a schoolgirl, then don't. Play a role that you know and can relate to and you'll bring authenticity to the role.

I think that I also have a slight leg up on others simply because I'm fond of roleplaying in general, not just for spanking. I've played Dungeons and Dragons with my friends, and slip into the role of warrior or wizard when I need to. I'm also familiar with online roleplay, where my extensive vocabulary and point of view have made me quite popular in some chatrooms. Again, since I'm familiar with the actual act of spanking in real life, I'm better able to roleplay online because I know what perspective to come from. It really isn't much different roleplaying in person, either, except that it's the perspective of the role that you're really focusing on, since the spanking side will come naturally.