Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spanking at Harvest Time

She's assumed the position, and now I invite you to supply a suitable explanation for why she's up there. Be creative!

From Hermione's Heart


allie said...

She is obviously giving them a 'show and tell' of which fruit is the ripest.

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

The girl on the ladder is the daughter of the farmer and she was given the job of explaining to the newly hired pickers how to do it right.

At first she was having a hard time getting everyone to pay attention, until one of the men taught her a little trick, that she's been using ever since.

Anonymous said...

She has been spanked already.....and she is demonstrating in situ what an apple should look like before it is ready for picking....and because it is so important to get it right she has to be spanked first thing every morning and refresh memories with another demonstration every day!


sixofthebest said...

The naughty lady up on the ladder says, to the guys below. "Would any of you gentlemen like an orange". One of the wise guys, below chirps up this answer. "I like that bottom one of yours, It's most squeezeable and spankable, don't you agree"


She is up there to prove that you can find peaches in an orange tree :)


Hermione said...

LOL everyone! Those are all great!

My main focus was on the fruit. I couldn't decide what kind it was. I still don't know for sure.


Unknown said...

defintely the fruit and woman have a wonderful epar type shape...

Anonymous said...

I believe they are lemons. At least thats what they look like in the bags the guys are sitting on. The Girl on the ladder was told to cut her own switch and those nice farm hands were helping her choose a good one!


Beth Eisley said...

Hmm... I would have said oranges?

ronnie said...

She's a summer worker and wasn't sure how to dress to pick the fruit but the very kind workers made sure she was dressed correctly.

I would say an orange tree.


PS, Sorry if comment doesn't appear correct as out on the move and using mobile.

Anonymous said...

"I am too wearing a thong! See?!!"

Georgia didn't understand. Since the other instructors had such a difficult time getting their students to pass the FDA inspector's test, she had tried to make her version of the test so very simple: no questions about the life cycle of the fruit, no concerns about the best pestacide to use, no pesky math with weights ad measures. Her only question was, "What kind of fruit is this?" She was shocked when it came time to grade the papers that not a one could tell lemons from peaches.

George Weinstein said...

"Does everyone want only oranges?"

"Yes, Yes, Yes!!!"