Wednesday, June 30, 2010


While driving home from work the other day I passed a store that sells swimming pools, patio furniture and other assorted outdoor merchandise. I had driven by many times, but what caught my eye this time was a new electric sign that displayed constantly-changing messages, in a variety of colours and fonts, about the products available inside. This is what I saw:

Obviously this is what the sign was really advertising:

but this is what I thought of:

Perhaps I should drop in some day, just in case I was wrong.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

A lovely chair for a spanker to sit on with a lady over his knee with her knickers down, getting her bottom smacked prior to being made to bend over for 'six of the best' with the cane.


ronnie said...

Oh yes do Hermione. Perhaps there's a room with lots of lovely rattan canes.


sixofthebest said...

Dear Hermoine, Happy Canada Day, and congratulations for putting on a fine display at the Winter Olympics last winter. 'Six of the best to you', hopefully with that rattan cane you display in your blog.

Hermione said...

Aristotle - You know, I never thought of that!

Ronnie - I can only hope. They must have some merchandise that will sell in the winter.

Six - Thank you on both counts! I don't have that cane yet, but will check out the rattan emporium soon.


Anonymous said...

Many rattan furniture stores will have a suply of rattan in various sizes - to fix furniture with - and as with so many other vanilla items they can be perverted! You can buy it cheap by the foot or whatever and soak it in the bathtub to straighten it out since it often comes in loops. Then cut to size and you know the rest

Anonymous said...

I thinnk it is furniture for ladies to be placed on whilst they are getting the cane.

I vote never to go there. Let us go to a bar and drink cosmos instead.


Hermione said...

Anonymous - That's worth looking into, if I'm feeling brave.

Poppy - That's a much better idea!


Petal said...

I do know that our local shop that carries rattan will sell you rattan by the foot for repair as mentioned earlier. I have never thought of it until your thanks....and I say buy the rattan, then go to the bar!

Unknown said...

Could be worth the visit. The title takes my mind the sam eway immediately.

Hermione said...

Petal - I must check that out, then. \and maybe the bar too!

Red - Great minds, ya know!