Thursday, June 3, 2010


When my husband Ron gets into spanko mode, it takes a while for him to resume normal non-spanking activities. Take last week, for example. He had given my bottom some very generous attention, and I was still feeling the after effects several hours later. Ron surprised me by bestowing a very sound swat on
my left cheek as he passed me on his way out the back door to check on the barbecue. That same side received a similar slap as he came back in.

"Ow! That side is getting too much attention. I'm starting to feel lopsided."

"Which one?" Whack. "That one?" Ron asked innocently.

"Ow. Yes, you're giving that side too many whacks," I complained.

"Too bad."

Five minutes later, as I was setting the table, Ron passed me on the way to the fridge for more barbecue sauce. My back was turned and I didn't see the attack coming.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Three solid swats landed on the neglected right side.

"There. Is that better? Do they feel even?" Ron inquired, full of fake concern.

"Ow, yeah, that's fine," I agreed, and backed away.

But Ron wasn't quite through. After a struggle with the sauce bottle top, he turned to the sink and rinsed his hands, then proceeded to rub them vigorously on my cotton-clad rear to dry them off. He couldn't help throwing in a few pats to remove any lingering water drops.

"Mmmm. You make a good towel," he muttered.

"Glad to be of use to you," I replied.

And that still wasn't all. Later, the long barbecue tongs were applied to my seat before they were used on the chicken. (Note to self: spanked with metal! Blog about this.)

It's funny how much additional attention my bottom gets in the hours after a spanking. I'm not complaining, but I sure wish that attention could be spread out a little over the week. Maybe a bit less when I'm tender, and a lot more as time heals the soreness and I'm starting to eagerly anticipate the next round of bottom-warming. The day before one would be the best time for a good preview of the hard swats soon to follow.

But I won't be asking Ron to stop those unexpected but ill-timed flurries of attention to my bottom any time soon. I appreciate his enthusiasm.

From Hermione's Heart


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Now that you mention it, I see that I am more inclined to pop Becall's bottom after a paddling. And if I fail to distribute the pops equally, she will complain until I even things up.

widgets said...

You should be very thankful that Ron can spank you and that you can enjoy these. I have a broken spine and can not! Now all I can do is spank my husband, aj
Once in a while I used to enjoy a nice loving spanking when given by aj and then the love and attention he showered on me; I could even order a spanking and worshipping that followed. Count your blessings.

Princess said...

My bottom gets a lot more attention after a spanking too...but thats because it amuses him to watch me!

Anonymous said...

Well of course, Hermione, a naughty wife's bottom should get attention all the time...before, during and after a the ideal world that is. But in the real world sometimes we men get it lopsided as you say...not only in terms of which cheek gets most attention but also in terms of how much attention is given before or after a bottom-smacking.

I sometimes tell Mrs.A that her bottom is the most-attended-to bottom in the world but of course there is no way of proving or disproving that statement.....or is there?



Janet said...

Barbecue tongs??? Hmm, now thats a new one!!! Maybe you should avoid having a barbecue when Ron is in a spanko mood. LOL

Glad that he is taking such good care of you, once again it's that "careful what you wish for" coming to bite you in the butt.

ronnie said...

I wonder why they do that, give extra swats for a while after a spanking.

A metal spanking, tell us more :)

Loved your post Hermione.


Scunge said...

Ah yes One Cheek Syndrome I know it well! LOL!

Hermione said...

Bogie - And so she should complain!

Rachel - Yikes! That sounds painful. Yes, I do count them every day.

Princess - Whatever makes him happy!

Aristotle - We could do a study. But where to find the subjects...

Janet - It was a new one on me too!

Ronnie - Beats me (no pun intended). Maybe P has some insight.

Scunge - That seems to be a common complaint. Spankers reading this kindly take note!


Unknown said...

Hermione: Venus and Mars... I can remember when he was very reluctant to spank you, and now that he is totally comfortable, ..... conditions... Hey, he just had fun,a nd wants to keep the burn alive for you.. Thoughtful and considerate are the words I would use to describe Ron...

Hermione said...

Red - He's a real sweetie! I guess I should be careful what I wish for.