Friday, June 4, 2010


Quite possibly. At the very least, she deserves a good spanking for going out in public like that. The very idea!

But why is the fellow behind her looking elsewhere?

From Hermione's Heart


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

I think that's what's been referred to elsewhere as "denim underwear".

B'Man said...

I think the fella behind her has lock jaw of the eyeballs. He's probably locked on to his wife, who's staring at him with an "I dare you" threat bleeding through her glare. In the next scene he's probably getting hit with her bags.

turiya said...

Of course, he could be gay and checking out a hot guy! :-D



Scunge said...

Hey she is wearing an apron to cover the front bits at least! Still that is most definitely a spankable offense!

Hermione said...

Karl - The panty lines would be quite visible if this was worn as underwear.

Babyman - Welcome! I think you could be right. His wife's watching.

turiya - Also a possibility.

Scunge - Any volunteers?


Anonymous said...

I think those look like the least uncomfortable shorts in the whole world.

I think that he is her boyfriend and is walking behind her glaring at all the other men oogling her.

I think it is a spankable offence in terms of crimes against fashion rather than immodest attire. :)

elisabeth said...

I'm with Poppy - that's a "Don't!" - I am wondering what the point of them is. Why not just skip pants all together and walk around in your undies?

Hermione said...

Poppy - I hope she is wearing sunblock.

Elisabeth - I think they might not reveal as much! Glad you dropped by.


Anonymous said...

She may have needed help putting sunblock on. I suspect there could be offers of help if she needed it.


ronnie said...

She'd asked her boyfriend to walk behind to see if her bum looked big in the shorts but he got distracted thinking about the bargain he'd just got at O'Neill.


Anonymous said...

That young lady's pert little bum definitely needs 'toasting' on several counts....appearing like that in public, looking so unfashionable, appearing in such uncomfortable-looking shorts etc.

As for rubbing sun cream on her little bum, Hermione, yes I would like to volunteer please!


Hermione said...

Poppy - Many, I'm sure.

Ronnie - Or maybe he was simply avoiding answering her.

Aristotle - Off you go, then!

ThomasIII said...

Actually, if this mode of dress is common whereever this photo was taken, then perhaps the young man's eyes are directed to a hot blonde outside of the picture who's wearing even LESs. After all, if these shorts are common, then someone has to be almost indecent in order to be scandalous, and scandalous is all the fashion, nowadays.

And, yes, I'd spank any woman of mine that went outside like that, unless I was leading her on a leash. As for rubbing sunscreen on her, no dice! I'd want her bottom to be sunburned, as that would make the spanking burn that much hotter.

(Note to spankees: I would not suggest testing out the "sunburn spanking" as it will hurt like Hell. I've had one young lady that let her thighs get sunburnt, and, well, I like spanking thighs, so she found out just how bad such a spanking is.

Hermione said...

Thomas - A spanking on a sunburn - OUCH!

Unknown said...

glad to give a helping hand if needed.Red