Sunday, June 27, 2010

What did you think they were made of?

This year we planted broom corn (also known as sorghum) in our garden.

Yes, it's really used to make brooms. It's very attractive, grows quite tall, and when ripe it is covered with little seeds of various colours. But I haven't decided what to do with the harvest.

Maybe I'll make a broom for Ron to use when Harry drops by for a pickup game of Quiddich in the air over the back yard.

A wreath would look pretty on the front door.

Or I could simply stand the coloured fronds in an earthenware jar for a simple yet attractive room decoration.

No, I think I'll make a rod, and let Ron try it out on my bottom.

On second thought, striking my body with that rod would knock the little kernels off, and send them flying in all directions. We'll have to conduct our horticultural experiment outside. Oooh!

Roll on, harvest time.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

It looks far too beautiful to make a rod out of. How clever you are to grow such things.
Sorghum was also used as a weapon against witches- I like that. It clearly bats for both sides. :)

Anonymous said...

I thought one made molasses out of sorghum, pressing or boiling the seeds or some such. And of course one has to remove the seeds from the stalk, and what better way than the one you describe, Hermione? You'll want a drop cloth to catch them.

And Poppy, what else would one expect from something that looks so switchy?

Unknown said...

love to hear the results of this experiment.. Probably far in the countryside!

Hermione said...

Poppy - It is lovely. I didn't know that about sorghum. Just the thing we need around here; something to ward off witches.

Devlin - Molasses? Possibly. I could look up a recipe and make sure we collect all the seeds after the have been removed from the floggers by whatever means Ron chooses.

Red - Probably in the garden shed, with a dropcloth to catch the fallout.


Jean said...

They look really neat. That would be cool to grow. Thanks for sharing.

ronnie said...

Oh I think you've made the right decision to make a rod for Ron but how lovely a wreath would look on the door at Christmas time.

Doesn't broom corn grow very tall?


Hermione said...

Jean - I suspect the birds will enjoy them too.

Ronnie - As I recall, they get to be about 5-6 feet tall, just like regular corn (maize).