Thursday, June 17, 2010

When You're Naughty

You go on the naughty spot. At least that's what Supernanny teaches distraught parents each week. Ron and I have been watching that television program, and are very sceptical that a naughty child can be disciplined by being placed on the naughty spot (or naughty chair, naughty beanbag, naughty bench... you get the idea). This method, thanks to the miracle of modern filming and editing techniques, produces a perfectly behaved youngster in the space of an hour.

One evening recently Ron was trying to convince me of something, and I knew he was teasing me, so I refused to be taken in. I finally said something rude and unprintable to him. He retorted, "You're going on the naughty spot!"

We both thought this was hilarious, and laughed together at the thought. In between snickers, Ron managed to add, "I'm going to whack you on your naughty spot." Now that was something I could go for.

A naughty spot can be thought of in various ways by adult spanking enthusiasts. It might be the place where you go to think about your misdemeanors prior to a spanking. It could also be the place where spankings are administered. Or it might be the place on your body that feels the effects of the discipline. I think that in our case, Ron was thinking of the last possibility. So thank you, Supernanny, for giving us a new addition to our spanko vocabulary.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Fabulous take on this- I am going to use this very arguement to see if I can get the man in my life to change his mind about a specific naughty spot.

Jean said...

Thanks for sharing this. "Naughty Spot" can mean so many things

Hermione said...

Poppy - It sounds perfectly logical and reasonable - I'm sure he will go for it.

Jean - Yes, I can think of one or two other meanings.


Unknown said...

But if it results in a spanking, you will be talking a blue (unprintable)streak constantly to Ron!!!! BTW: what is unprintable on a blog?

ronnie said...

Very good Hermione. I like that, "whack you on your naughty spot"


Hermione said...

Red - Okay, nothing's really unprintable, but I don't want to disillusion my faithful readers :-)

Ronnie - I thought it was priceless.