Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Now you're in trouble

"How many times have I told you that you must wipe the glasses carefully, by hand, to remove the water spots. Now come with me..."

This picture was in an advertisement for a water softener, and did not include the admonishment that appears above it. I couldn't help but notice the no-nonsense look on her face and decided to add what I assumed she might have been saying.

Somebody is in for a spanking, don't you think?

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

What a great example of "The Look."

Michael M said...

I get into trouble for this all the time.
Michael M

ronnie said...

LOL definitely. Maybe they should have included that in the add.


Hermione said...

Joey - I think she has practised it a lot.

Michael M - Oh, dear!

Ronnie - They would sell a lot more water softener if they did.


sarah thorne said...

heh - my response would be 'do it yourself if you're that damn picky.' :-D

I love it when commercials have that element of mystery to them in this way.


Dragon's Rose said...

If I tried on that “look” I would end up OTK in about two seconds. I would be lucky if we made it to the garage before the spanking started. EEKKK


If she saw my domestic habits, she would probably thrash me to death, if she gets so upset over a few water marks.


Daisychain said...

Heehee, yes, most men know this look; even if they are HoH, I just BET they have seen it!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Almost looks like the look I get from my Wife, only instead of a glass it would be a hairbrush.

It's amazing what a look can do to a grown man, or Woman.


Anonymous said...

You say the nicest things...

Michael said...

Yes, Hermione, that's definitely the admonishment that goes along with that look. A spanking is most certainly on the agenda. Ron never leaves water spotted glasses, right? :-)

Hermione said...

Sarah - Many commercials have another level that makes you think.

Dragon's Rose - Yeah, not a wise idea for a M/f relationship.

Prefectdt - I'll bet she doesn't approve of dried egg on the plates either.

Daisy - Some men just aren't domestically inclined.

James - Yes, simply amazing!

Recidavist - I thought I might strike a chord, so to speak.

Michael - Oh, no, never. We have soft water here so the subject never comes up.


maui girl said...

I agree it looks more like a F/m spanking with that look she has. ;) But I'll definitely take it the other way around. Maybe I should try this at home. :)

sixofdthebest said...

I am sure this unhappy housewife's look was even more sorrowful, when her husband treated her bare bottom to a painful spanking.

Hermione said...

Maui Girl - You could try, but it will only work if hubby cares about the state of the glassware.

Six - For daring to insult his dishwashing abilities? Cool!