Sunday, October 2, 2011

You Completed the Caption

This was the caption for the photo on I've never had so many responses so soon after a CtC post was published! Your captions are:

Recidavist: You know that I won't hear talk of the Democrats or their policies in this house, now open wide while I wash those communist notions out of your mouth, and after that, if you like a bit of red in your politics, we'll see if a bit of red on your bottom helps remind you that we are Republicans in this house.

Duality: Stop? Oh my dear sweet man, I haven't even STARTED yet.

Prefectdt: "Look me in the eye and tell me again. When was the last time that you cleaned the toilet?"

vfrat25000: I am going to ask you one more time and then the pain will begin. Where is the remote control to the big television?

Jimmy you are my slave and totally under my control. I grant you the right to speak. What do you want the MASTER to do? Will you scratch my nose, it really itches.

Now, I can finally get that one long hair hanging from your nose that is always grossing me out!

I am going to teach you the art of submission and receiving pain. Hold on…Hold on Francine…I have to go pee…!

You guys have a fun Saturday evening; I’ll bring the kids back around Noon on Sunday.
Thanks Mom.

I admit this is the strangest New Employee Orientation I have ever attended but I think I like it!

I see that you enjoy pain, I see it in your eyes…You are completely under my control. Not quite…I think I’m sitting on your earring!

Note to Self: Internet dating websites are no longer an option.

Simon: Now, in future you will not be asking me to iron your shirts, will you?

Ronnie: "I did warn you what would happen if you forgot my birthday again."

Six of the Best: He says, "When I get out of these handcuffs, you will regret thinking that Sarah Palin is a 'smart ass'. Because I'm going to warm your ass, for that's where you and Sarah lodge your brains."

Words on the Bottom: For the last time, there's nothing in your eye! I'll take the cuffs off as long as you stop rubbing it.

My Mask: He talks her into taking the cuffs off of him and soon after the positions are reversed. She is getting the spanking that she so deserves.

Lady Koregan: Now darling, how many times have I warned you that your reckless driving was going to get you in trouble? Fortunately I have talked the police into releasing you into my custody and dropping the charges, but you are going to pay for this dearly once I get you home...

Michael: A young Hilary Rodham Clinton and William Jefferson Clinton enjoying fun times on their honeymoon.

Thank you to all who contributed. Next week I hope to have another picture that generates an equal amount of enthusiasm.

From Hermione's Heart

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