Thursday, October 13, 2011

Converting from Vanilla

While scanning the weekly sales flyers that come with the newspaper, I came across a recipe for Chocolate Chip Black Bottom Cheesecake. It sounded delicious, but I thought the recipe could be tweaked a little.

You've probably heard of red velvet cake; a treat that has an entire bottle of red food colouring added to it to give the finished product a deep red hue. if I made a similar addition to the cheesecake recipe, I could rename it Chocolate Chip Red Bottom Cheesecake.

Does anyone have a cake server handy?

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Love the idea Hermione.

Season said...

I'm not sure what intrigues me more - the cake or the cake server!

Hermione said...

Joey - It might be a big hit!

Season - The wooden cake server is a nice way to end the meal:-)


Susie said...

Well now that just sounds delicious...but no new wooden kitchen items are allowed in my home. My kitchen, my rules. Heh...a girl can at least try right?

Anonymous said...

Hermione, your recipe for Chocklate Chip Red Bottom Cheesecake, sounds delicious. It would go well with a scruptious liquored warm 'RUM'p cake. If you know what I mean.

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, the 'RUM'p cake, from Six of the Best, signed Anonymous by mistake.

Hermione said...

Susie - Right, you should decide what utensils are used in your kitchen, and how they are used.

Six - RUMp cake sounds scrumptious!


ronnie said...

Love the Chocolate Chip Red Bottom Cheescake. Sounds delicious.

Never seen a wooden cake server before.


alex reynolds said...

I've never seen a wooden cake server before, either! Sounds like a good idea to me!

There's a way to make red velvet cake without dye, too. it has to do with a chemical reaction between two ingredients which I've now forgotten.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - I hadn't seen a wooden cake server either, but there it was on the internet.

Alex - Beets would make it red, but I Wonder how the cake would taste.


Michael said...

Hermione, you can make Chocolate Chip Red Bottom Cheesecake without using any food coloring. I am sure you and Ron can figure out the recipe. You'll definitely need a spatula or wooden spoon, maybe both. I think Season needs to do some baking this weekend. ;-)

Kaki said...

You can have a well done rump roast for dinner and the chocolate chip red bottom cake for dessert.

The cake server is optional.

Hermione said...

Michael - Something tells me that Season is going to have a well-done bottom in a day or two.

Kaki - In our house, it's never optional:-)


Lea said...

Great idea! And that sure looks yummy!