Sunday, October 9, 2011

You Completed the Caption

Here's what was in the newspaper:

Simon: Hermione was shocked to discover the law that stated that husbands had to spank their wife at least once a day had actually been repealed in 1840.

It appeared that the policeman had been wrong when he said that spankings for driving offences was mandatory in her area.

Duality: All the paddles you can carry for $30?!?! Time to head to the Spank-Emporium.

Spanking Desire: 'New Law: Mandatory Spankings for All Housewives Every 30 Minutes'

Six of the Best: What a headline. "Mission Accomplished. President Obama, spanks Sarah Palin. Bare bottom justice meted out."

vfat25000: I think Mildred just realized the letter to Dear Abby from “My Wife Needs Spanked” was from her husband Chuck.

Her two sons, Frankie & Rusty finally perfected their electric buzzer chair after successfully testing it on Mom.

Mildred’s Extra Strength Laxative “Turbo Lax” kicked in at the Drivers License Agency about four hours earlier than expected.

Prudence Potwater was a bit astonished to see her husband Arnie in the picture of the Police Raid at Madame Spanky’s House of Naughty Ladies

My Goodness Gracious…They raised the price of a cup of coffee at Pickle’s Diner to a nickel…!

Guess who just found out that her daughter is an underwear model for J C Penny’s?

PK: A two for one paddle sale! I have to get this paper out before he sees it!

Ronnie: Gloria couldn't believe what she was reading. The local store offering a buy one get one free on her favourite sherry.

Gloria couldn't believe the government had bought in a new law allowing husbands to spank their wives at least one a week. She wouldn't be voting for them in the coming election.

Sophie: She was shocked to read the headline:


Mikki: OMGoodness... who told... and worse yet who took the picture of me and my HOH, he was spanking me and someone has outed us!! OHHH... S is going to be so mad when he sees this... and somehow it will probably be my fault!

Bobbie Jo: Obama's Comeuppance: Former President Clinton takes Obama in hand with a razor strap for White House shenanigans.

Sweetpea: Mrs. Haskell was shocked to read that Ward Cleaver had been arrested for spanking his wife, June.

Bonnie: "Ow! I'm going to have to read the newspaper standing up."

Lea: Headline reads "A Bottom Has Been Declared Right. In Other News, Hell Has Frozen Over!"

Sarah Thorne: Just saw the full page ad her husband took out describing exactly what he was going to do to her when he got home from work.....

Hermione: 'Four out of five dentists recommend daily brushing to reduce cavities.' I'm so glad hubby always uses the hairbrush when he spanks me. 

Thank you for joining us this weekend; I hope you'll return for more fun with captions next week. To all my fellow Canadians, have a very happy Thanksgiving.

From Hermione's Heart

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