Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mad Men

Mad Men is a popular television series now in its fifth season. The show, set in New York in the 1960's, is about the male-dominated advertising business on Madison Avenue. One of the more popular characters is Joan Holloway, the elegant, hard-working office manager, played by Christina Hendricks. If you're a regular viewer, you will be familiar with Joan's most valuable asset, which garners her many admiring glances and the odd pat from her former lover, one of the senior partners.

Joan rules the office with an iron fist, and keeps the secretaries and the male staff members in line. An episode from season 4 shows that quite clearly.

The scene begins with four male copywriters wrestling with a vending machine in order to force it to give up a wristwatch one of the men lost while trying to reach inside for a candy bar. As they shake, lift and drop the heavy machine, Peggy observes,  "I feel like Margaret Mead."

Joan appears and scolds them for abusing the machine, tells them to call the vending company's service number, and finishes with "Don't make me come out here again."

Pete, an account executive, emerges from his office and angrily asks, "What's going on out here?"

"Joan's handing out demerits,"  quips Joey.

 Joan has had enough. "Joey, my office."

"Go easy on him," another voice jokes.

Joey still thinks it's all a game. "A private spanking. Just like my dreams!"

Alas, she doesn't spank him; only gives him a lecture. Maybe next time...

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I was so disappointed that she did not give him a spanking, but she still is one of my fantasy spankers. Joan's last name Holloway is the same last name as Lea Holloway, the secretary in the movie "The Secretary." I think the writers of the show are spankos.

ronnie said...

There are one or two of the copywriters that could do with being spanked and Joan would be just the right lady to do it.


CedenoGems said...

I don't watch the show, but that sounds fun!!!! Who hasn't had an office fantasy?

Hermione said...

Joey - I didn't realize that. What a coincidence. Thanks for pointing it out.

Ronnie - Yes, there are a few naughty boys in the office.

CedenoGems - This is very much a fantasy office!


Beth said...

I love Mad Men! I have a huge, huge, huge girl crush on Joan.

Hermione said...

Beth - I like her too. She's such a strong woman, in an era when women were supposed to be weak.