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Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Oct 23

This week we had a lively discussion about how sound affects us during a spanking.

Joeyred51: I let the top choose the implements; the only exception is the cane. I have asked for that experience and I received what I wished for. Ouch.

For me, I have more of a visceral reaction to the sound of an implement before I start to play. Listening to the crack or slap or thud of an implement hitting someone's bum has sent shivers down my spine knowing I am next. Hearing the swish of a cane causes the most intense reaction. Once in the OTK position, the sting registers in my brain much more than the sound.

Abby: Hmm...I rarely get to choose, but when I do, sound is never a consideration. During a spanking the time I pay attention to sound is when I hear the swish of the cane. The one spanking sound I do listen for...and "enjoy" the swish of His belt when He takes it off.

Simon: The swish of a cane is a very evocative sound. If I'm bent over and I hear the sound of a cane being whipped through the air behind me my bottom starts to tingle in anticipation. Other implements may make noises when impacting but in my experience only the cane has an effect before it is even in use.

Sara: My husband always chooses too, and on the rare occasion when I am asked to choose, the sound is not what's on my mind ;) However, I do think sound makes a difference. Sometimes we need something quiet, because of kids in the house or neighbors in a hotel, and if the implement is quiet I am less edgy, can feel more relaxed. On the other hand, when we have privacy, the whoosh of a cane like implement or the slapping sound of leather can heighten the experience for me.

morningstar: i think the only time sound has any effect on me is when we are playing publicly and then it is more because the crack of a whip or the swish of a flogger and then the thud as it hits and my vocalization can and does draw a crowd - and trust me when i say - when we are playing publicly i LOVE the reaction of on-lookers - i feed off their reactions.

At home when we are playing privately - the sound that an implement makes seems to have little or no effect on me, though each one does have a distinctive sound - in motion and when it connects.

Six of the best: Hermione, I enjoy the sound of the 'swish' of the cane, when it falls on a naughty lady's bare bottom, when I spank her with it. It's music to my ears.

Bobbie Jo: I don't have any experience with implements except a little leather paddle shaped like a hand. It has about the same sound as a hand, though slightly different. I dread the "swish" sound of a cane. That is one implement I will not allow my top use on me. I have not experienced it and i have no desire to. Period!

Once I am into the spanking, I want to relax and get into the experience. The sound isn't as important as the spanking itself although I have to admit that it is a bit unnerving at first. That feeling leaves in short order.

Prefectdt: A little grunt from a spanker is a strangely pleasing sound to hear. It means that she is having to work a little to get through to me :)

Personally I think that sound does have a big effect but mostly subconsciously. The sound of a cane, flogger or thick whip cutting the air and announcing the arrival of the stroke, is all part of the experience but one that I realize more when remembering the event, than at the time. The unannounced silent delivery, of something like a belt, also alters the experience.

I have never chosen an implement based on the sound that it makes but if I did it would be a swishing cane.

Ronnie: Good brunch subject from Ron.

It's always P's choice on what implement to use, I rarely get the chance to choose even though I normally buy all of ours.

Hearing the sound of an implement heightens the experience enormously for me. Like hearing the cane whooshing through the air or the sound of him removing his belt.

Duality: There are times when I prefer loud to pain with Grace. She comes from a fairly strict upbringing and because of that tries to be quiet at all times. So, on occasion, I'll make it as loud as possible for humiliation purposes. Its nice because she's getting the spanking she wants plus the added spice of adrenaline over worrying if the neighbors can hear.

Mikki: I don't get to choose either, but when we have privacy and the kids are gone, I love to be spanked with his hand. It is loud so I can't relax if anyone is around... when there are children present, the hair brush is usually his mode of transportation... getting me where I need to go!

Thanks for having us two weeks in a row!

Our Bottoms Burn: We like toys that make a sound when used, such as light wood paddles that sound like a rifle shot when used in a room with live acoustics. We don't worry about neighbors or children.

We also choose our own toys to be used. That way we get what we want.

Country Spanker: Well my wife's fave is currently the Table tennis bat you can read about that in my blog. For me, the swish of the cane in the air and the sound of leather on skin. The sound of my wife's little moans during spanking are wonderful as well

Daisychain: Hello, Hermione, thanks for hosting the brunch again, I don't remember Bonnie being away for 2 weeks in a row before! Hope she is having a great time.

I don't get to choose, (other than my original stipulation at the beginning of the relationship that the cane was an absolute no-no) nor would I want to!
The sound of the belt snaking through the belt loops as he takes it off, always makes me shiver in apprehension, but other than that, the sound of implements have no effect on me unless I am worried we could be overheard (in which case the whole experience is ruined). It is the pain that has the effect on me!

It doesn't happen often, but I hosted brunch twice in a row on one other occasion.

Lea: The sound of an implement can certainly play into my headspace. As many others have said, the most specific ones that come to mind are the sound of a belt being removed or the swish of the cane. It's truly maddening, in a good way. I don't specifically choose implements for their sound, but those I mentioned do have an effect on me.

R. Humphries: Without question the most evocative and erotic sound for me is the ominous whistle of a beautifully crafted rattan cane slicing through the air on its way to make contact with MBJ’s upturned derriere and then, of course, the satisfying rotund thwack as the slender stick announces its arrival … music, sweet music … thanks for acting as hostess Hermione … Cheers

Anonymous: I recall this subject in school. I think it formed part of my adult situation. A loud crack of the paddle in the hall got everyone's attention.

Bonnie: Thanks, Hermione, for hosting brunch this week and last.

Sound, and in fact all five senses, contribute to a spanking experience. From the crack of a leather crop to the bang of a rigid paddle, each implement brings a unique impact upon the spankee. Some intimidate, some thrill, some shock, and others feel familiar and welcome.

I don't generally get the opportunity to choose, but Randy often matches the tool to the job to be done. For example, a playful spanking typically calls for a light, flexible implement. However, he also plays with my mind sometimes by mixing in sensations I don't expect.

Bonnie, I always have fun hosting brunches, and we're all glad you dropped in.

Conina: Sound is often a factor in what my husband chooses to use - he prefers quieter. The louder it is, the less often he'll use it.

We do have neighbors on the other side of our bedroom wall.

I love the swoosh of the flogger before it hits.

Welcome, Conina!

Mija: Sound is really important to me during a spanking. If something is loud, I perceive it as hurting more than it objectively does. I don't get to choose what gets used, but I tend to think painful things are loud, even when they aren't.

Or maybe that's just me.  

Hermione: Ron's preference for implements is almost entirely governed by the amount of noise they make. He likes large wooden paddles and the dogging bat for just that reason. Hairbrushes and spatulas just aren't loud enough for him. I have to admit I enjoy the loud sounds myself, and it's always fun when Ron uses an assortment of implements, each with its own distinctive timbre. He experiments with various angles to deliver each swat as maximum volume. The swishy dressage whip produces its own special combination of anxiety and anticipation; it's quite similar to the sound of a cane.

Thanks you all for contributing to an interesting discussion. I'll put the extra chairs and dishes away now, because Bonnie will be back next week. 

From Hermione's Heart

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