Sunday, October 16, 2011

MBS Spanko Brunch #300

This is the 300th My Bottom Smarts brunch - what an achievement! Bonnie is away this weekend, and she has graciously allowed me to handle the festivities. Let's start by wishing her well; we all hope that Randy will find a way to celebrate this milestone in his usual creative style.

Now for this week's discussion:

You are browsing in a small antique shop. and come across a tarnished brass lamp. In an effort to read the inscription, you rub it, and out pops a genie, who grants you three spanking-related wishes. What would you wish for? 

The sky's the limit, so let your imagination soar. Maybe a certain person to engage in spanking with? An implement or position you've always wanted to try? A trip to a distant location?

I invite you to express your opinion in the form of a comment below. Once everyone has had their chance to respond, I will post an edited summary.

From Hermione's Heart


morningstar said...

Wish #1 - a weekend trip to a favourite Bed and Breakfast dungeon

Wish #2 - endless energy/stamina

Wish #3 - every toy in the combined toy bags used - and marks that last forever (well more than a few hours)

sixofthebest said...

1. Spanking my favorite woman. 2. With a cane. 3. On her bare bottom. 3. Televised all around the world.

Anonymous said...

1) A weekend of spanking at a secluded villa.

2) Mary Louise Parker, Gwen Paltrow and Ms XXXXXX as the tops.

3) A cast iron butt for the weekend.

abby said...

1. A whole weekend devoted to spanking at a spanko friendly bread and breakfast.

2. The spanking genie turns all of master's wood paddles into leather.

3. A shopping spree for free toys!

PK said...

What a concept! Let’s see,

1.That Nick would think about, and enjoy, spanking as much as I do.

2.I wish Nick would think up reasons or excused to spank me several times a week or more.

3.I wish mainstream movies and TV show would show spanking scenes regularly!

Lea said...

Hmm, great question.

1. Teleportation abilities so I could easily get myself around to all my spanking friends and parties. Avoiding TSA is an extra bonus.

2. To not bruise so damn easily.

3. To be spanked by E.J. from Days of our Lives. Any DOOL watchers here? *swoon*

Daisychain said...

Nothing could be easier, Hermione. Wish 1) For Davey to get to me in England
Wish 2)That he be granted a visa to stay.
Wish 3) That we have privacy...

The rest will follow quite naturally, without need of magic !

(Could I just whisper in 6OTB's ear... you can only have 1 wish 3... the next "wish 3" is actually wish 4, so you can't have that one! Wishful thinking, eh? ;) xxx)
Great question, thanks for hosting brunch, Hermione! xxxxx

Nerina said...

1. My husband does what I want him to do without me having to explain what I would like him to do in detail.

2. Have a real life friend that enjoys spankings, so I would have somebody to talk to that really understands.

3. That I get more spankings than I do now (once every 1-2 months just isn't enough)

Fizzy said...

hee fun question

1. Soundproof my apartment
2. Unlimited arm strength for my top
3. (would save this wish for when I change my mind about the unlimited arm strength thing)

Mija said...

1) That my friends all lived nearby so we could see them whenever we want.

2) That my parents' house would sell so they could live together (and not with me and Paul).

3) See the two above -- I don't need anything else.

MarQe said...

Oh dear, first one is easy & predictable :

#1 I wish I could spank Jennifer Aniston

#2 I wish Nigella Lawson would put me across her knee & spank me HARD!

#3 I wish I could be the Headmaster at a girls finishing school in charge of the 21 year old Debutantes !!

alex reynolds said...

1) I agree with Lea: the ability to teleport would be the best!
2) Magic sound proofing for any place that I was getting spanked in.
3) The ability to magically heal the visual aftereffects of a spanking when it becomes problematic (for shoots, or swimming trips!)

Mikki said...

Wish #1... soundproof bedroom
Wish #2... follow through
Wish #3... I'd be dandy with those 2..

Daisychain can have my extra wish! *hugs*

Dr. Ken said...

Happy 300, Bonnie and the Spanko Brunch crew!

3 wishes? Well, as things stand right now, they'd be....

1. There's a situation at work that I'd like to see resoved favorably. I'd wish for that.

2. Enough money to finally pay off all my bills.

And finally, just to keep this "on topic"--

3. Spank Hermione. :-)

ronnie said...

1. An outdoor spanking.

2. Spanked daily.

3. Soundproof house.

Fun brunch Hermione. Thanks.



Thanks for hosting the 300th brunch.

My wishes are.....

1/ To find a spanking life partner, a good harsh woman with accurate aim and a no nonsense attitude.

2/ A totally soundproof house, so that I could play at home (soundproofing is popular today).

3/ A spanko community close by, for more face to face communication.


MarQe said...

Oh! I forgot my bonus wish for being a good boy {*ahem!}

#bonus: I so wish I could spank Amelia Jane Rutherford !! pretty please ?


crankyspanker said...

Only three ok

1) There are way too many spankable bums to pick just one but I always had a thing for Mrs Peel.

2) Spanking many women who can not wait for me to spank them.

3) A visit to the time warp spa to take off a few decades.

kiwigirliegirl said...

so many to chose from.....
1, a daily spanking for the forseeable future...
2. to have "our place" - a private shed or basement that we use just for punishment
3. being dragged off outside by the arm during an argument and spanked OR being told to go to "our place" and wait for him...

Susie said...

A spank-no should get in on this.

1. A paddle rapture. Of course the paddles would all go to paddle heaven where all the spankos could gather them to their heart's content.
2. Only good spankings now and forevermore...those ones that leave you with all the right feelings but really don't hurt much at all.
3. Daisychain, PK and Mikki can have my last one. Is it cheating to give it to three people?