Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday FAIL

Judging from your comments, I've been getting these Friday FAILs wrong. You usually think they are WINs and I must confess I often agree with you. So I tried a little harder to find some true FAILs and I think I succeeded.

Here, for your amusement, are some real advertising FAILs from days gone by.

From Hermione's Heart


Spanky said...

I think the third one is especially a fail. Where do you find all this great stuff?

Aimless Rambling said...

I think they are all fails. Don't see any male specimens being chided.

Hermione said...

Spanky - Oh, here and there.

Sunnygirl - That's not the way it was back then.


Florida Dom said...

I would have loved to have changed the last one to a harder a wife is spanked, the cuter she looks. LOL.


Michael said...

Definite FAILS, Hermione. Easy to tell because my reaction was to just shake my head.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm in the minority, but I don't view them as fails. I am a stay at home mom and I do clean, all the time! Of course, I do many other things, also, but cleaning is a fact of life and I don't feel like less of a person for keeping our home clean. Why is it seen as demeaning for a woman to clean?

Nerina said...

I think the problem isn't that women clean, but the not being able to choose what you want to do with your life. I'm a sahm myself, I take care of my family and our house and I don't feel like less of a person either, but I do this because I _want_ to, not because society tells me to.

Anonymous said...

Well, if we only do things based on what "society" tells us, we'd never consent to be spanked because "society" tells us that is abusive and barbaric, at least some of the articles I've read from the "other side".

I've always prided myself on not being a sheep, in other words, not following the crowd.

In today's culture, society has stepped too far to a woman MUST have a career outside of the home, in my opinion. I get tired of people thinking that sahm wives/moms don't have much of a brain or they'd be in the workforce.

Stepping off my soapbox,

Hermione said...

FD - That would have been a WIN for sure.

Michael - How times have changed.

Kitty - Nerina beat me to it. That's exactly the point: housework was considered women's work.

Nerina - Well said.


sixofthebest said...

It should be in every international countries constitution. That every woman has the right to choose her way of life. NO IF'S. but plenty of her VOLUPTIOUS BUTTS. Would'nt you agree, Hermione.

Spankedhortic II said...

I'm wondering what era the second one is from. How on Earth can you "Sanitize" a tape worm?


Erica said...

Absolutely -- with the plethora of old sexist ads out there, you have enough Friday FAILs for the next year and beyond!

Anonymous said...

What? Tape Worms are a fail? Now you tell me!


ronnie said...

I had to read the second picture a few times - "Sanatized Tape Worms." What.


morningstar said...

ok i missed the mark completely... i saw the theme throughout as weight loss.. especially the one that talks about "sanitized tape worms"???!!!

i thought they were saying cleaning house kept one's weight down... LOL

just goes to show what's on my mind these days...

though i count them as fails too.. cause housework (which i do in abundance) hasn't helped my waist line one little bit...

Hermione said...

Six - No argument from me.

Prefectdt - That would be a Victorian advertisement.

Erica - I have a goodly selection waiting to be posted.

VBB - Oops! I thought you knew:-)

Ronnie - I can't believe it either.

morningstar - The theme of weight loss was my intention, and they all involved ingesting something.

I haven't noticed that housework does anything for my waistline either:-)


Daisychain said...

Yes, these are definite fails, because they portray the stereotypical drudgery that was expected of a housewife...unpaid slavery!!!
I was a stay at home mum too, from choice; it meant we struggled financially, (and I still do, even though I work now); housework wise, I was organised and spent only a short time with that...I did the bare essentials, but I spent most of my time volunteering at the kids schools, listening to children read, helping with artwork, I was a school governor, chairman of the PTA, fundraiser extraordinaire, also a taxi to all our kids, supporter of their football/netball/rugby/swimming/gymnastics/dancing events, then got myself a p/t job in the evenings when dad got home.... I was never so thrilled with cleaning windows, dusting and vacuuming... But, I loved doing the laundry, though I NEVER ironed ;) and delighted in cleaning the bathroom and kitchen! Go figure!! xxx

Unknown said...

love them... the second one...sanitized tape worm...eeeewwwwww...
and the last one seems she should spank her husband with the pan..Red