Thursday, February 23, 2012

There's an app for that

The Magic Butt is an interactive wallpaper for Android that lets you imagine you’re touching - and spanking - a lady’s bare bottom.

From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

Okay, now I've seen everything. LOL!


wordsmith said...

Hysterical. And I've only got an iPhone, damn!

Hermione said...

PK - I wondered if it was a hoax.

Wordsmith - Time for an upgrade:)


ronnie said...

Funny. It is for real?


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Who comes up with such things? LOL

Kaki said...

That is the funniest thing I've seen. LOL

Does this mean that Tops won't need real bottoms anymore? Are we being replaced by technology?

I will have to hide my Android from my husband. ;-)

Michael said...

LOL I see Hermione is hard at work again, scouring the world to bring us, her loyal readers, all things butt related and wildly amusing.
The only thing I would add is my Season and all the other women in our community like Hermione, PK, Ronnie, Grace and Kaki to name those commenting here already have magic butts and their partners are blessed for it.

Oh, and Kaki, technology will NEVER replace the real thing. Give me a warm, pink, squirming ball of woman flesh every time.

Anonymous said...

Military discipline Pt.5
They went on their honeymoon to small guest house in a remote village. Their lovemaking was hectic, but no spanking as the sound of a hand landing on a bare bottom, would be heard through the thin walls. On the third day they went for a long country walk. It was a sunny day, and Eileen wore a thin cotton dress, which showed off the outline of her rear end well; Andrew's palm itched ! Finally they came to a small wood, beside which lay a heap of straw bales. Andrew looked round, there was no sign of any one else."Just what we want" he said seating himself on one of the bales. He beckoned to Eileen, "Come here Mrs Appleton for the next event in your married life" Eileen blushed; her bottom tingled; she knew just what Andrew had in mind! He patted his lap invitingly, and she laid herself across it. She expected her skirt to be raised, but instead she felt him smooth it down over her upturned rump."I've always wanted to spank you over your skirt, but those khaki army ones are just too thick". He grasped one of her hands in the small of her back, thrusting her bottom higher; his hand went up, and then spanked down hard on her skirted bottom. Even through skirt and knickers it stung. "OW" gasped Eileen, but Andrew spanked on happily, enjoying the bounce of her bottom under the thin cotton. He paused, having raised her cheeks to a smarting glow. Eileen made to get up. "Oh no madam, we've a long way to go yet", and up came her skirt to offer her knickered rear, and suspendered thighs to continue her spanking. Her thin dress had not given much protection, and the next part stung equally. She squirmed and squealed; luckily there was no one in earshot. He paused again. She guessed what was next, and she was right as her knickers were peeled right off, and cast aside ,
so that the spanking could continue on her bare reddened backside. She was really burning and smarting, when he stopped. Andrew helped her to her feet, where she stood rubbing her sore cheeks. "Ooh that was a lovely first spanking for Mrs Appleton, so what's next ?" she asked with a cheeky grin."I've always fancied on in the open air".' Not yet my darling, I want you to really remember your first
tanning as my bride".
Part 6 to come.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - I think so, but since I don't own an android, I can't know for sure.

Grace - Computer nerds with time on their hands.

Kaki - I suspect we may be replaced.

Michael - Or not. Phew! Thanks, that's a relief!

Anon - Very nice! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

You do have a talent for finding the unusual:)!


Erica said...

LOL! Perhaps if they stepped out from behind their computers and turned off their smart phones for a few minutes, they could have the real thing? What a concept. :-)

Devlin O'Neill said...

Wow! That's quite, uh, something. Thanks for sharing, Hermione. We'll chalk this up to one more bit of technology I will never, ever own, although I can see it being of immense help to some people during really boring meetings, lectures, chemistry classes, and so on. ;-)

Rod of The Canery said...

High time I got a new phone...;-)

Red said...

LOL... this one is great...

Riley said...

That was too funny! Who even thinks of this stuff??

Thanks for the laugh :)

Christina said...

OMG - that is awesome! BUT, where is the app for the women? That's not fair that men get one and we don't get one as well! LOL

Daisychain said...

That is hysterical! I can imagine men everywhere getting turned on by this app.... *grins* then looking for a REAL woman to try it on..... this could be the time when spanking becomes more accepted!!!! xxx

Galwaygiirl said...


Aimless Rambling said...

Unbelievably funny. My hubby loved it too.

Lea said...

Lol! Oh it gets more specific than that. There was some kind of Android game my husband found a while back called "Spank The Booty" where you scroll the cursor into smacking a woman's backside and she lets out yelps.

Enzo said...

This is too funny and for a mere 99¢...what a bargain. LOL

To Christina's question:
Did you see the review:
"If you're a girl:
Testing also confirmed that giving Magic Butt to a boyfriend gives the girl a chance to finally rest."

I don't know about that as this would just get me in the mood for the real thing.

Hermione said...

Kitty - It's a gift:)

Erica - Good advice, but I'm afraid it's an option most users of this app haven't considered.

Devlin - I could have used it during long, boring office meetings, but I only had a Blackberry then.

Rod - Good idea!

Red - It is quite special:)

Riley - Computer nerds:)

Christina - You're absolutely right. Someone needs to get working on that.

Daisy - The time has come!

Galway - Thanks:)

Sunny - I'm glad you both enjoyed it.

Lea - Really? I don't believe it.

Enzo - It would be cheap at twice the price:)


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--It's amusing, at best, but it will NEVER replace the wonderful reality that is spanking.

Dr. Ken