Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday FAIL

The attempt might have been more successful if they had spanked her instead of inflating her.

Here's a little more information on the procedure, thanks to Prefectdt.

From Hermione's Heart


Emen said...

Very much enjoyed your interview. Can't stop looking at this picture even though pretty sure I don't like it.

Hermione said...

Emen - I'm glad you liked the interview:)


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Could this be where Blow smoke up my a.. comes from?

Michael said...

WOW, what a colossal fail! But what else could you expect in an age of leeches and bloodletting.
Excellent find, Hermione.

And I LOVE Bogey and Bacall's of "Our Bottoms Burn" comment. Too funny. :)

Kaki said...

Hey! OBB took my line.

Blowing smoke up someone's butt, I thought I saw everything on yesterday's post.

Hermione good luck finding some thing that will top these.

Anonymous said...

Military Discipline.PT 6
He went to a nearby birch tree, and used his pocket knife to cut six bushy branchlets, some 18"long tieing them together with some string at the thick end. "There Eileen my love, a nice bushy little birch rod for your beautiful bottom". She looked at him pop eyed., still clutching her bare reddened cheeks, as he piled two bales beside a wooden fence. He pulled her hands away from her bottom to the front of her, and took a piece of soft cord also from his pocket, , with which he gently but securely tied her wrists together. She realised that Andrew must have planned this outing in advance. "Right, bend over those bales, and grasp the lower fence rail". He had caned her bare bottom many times, but this she knew was going to be different, and probably more punishing, but also more exciting, and as for the afters ?! She kissed Andrew," Yes Sir, as you say", and laid herself over the bales, reaching down to the rail to which he tied her hands. He tossed up her dress, leaving her bare backside helplessly at his mercy.He made her spread her legs wide, putting another bale between them to keep them apart, leaving her wet pussy blatantly exposed. Andrew stood behind her, raised the birch , and swooshed it down onto her right buttock, the thin tips flicking onto her tender right hip, and thigh top; it dragged across her bottom, went up to his left shoulder, and then came down backhanded to cover the left of her backside. "Oweoooo" Eileen wailed, feeling as though her already sore bottom had been attacked by a swarm of wasps, as the birch swished back and forth across her. After twenty or so, he stopped. Eileen's hind quarters were blazing and quivering, she gasping and weeping. "Feel well thrashed darling ?" ."Oh I do, I do, and I want you so much "
"Just the finale". He raised the rod high, and brought it down the centre of her cheeks, the twigs flicking into the divide, stinging her offered rosebud, and then back upwards so that they also stung her spread pussy. Five times up and down; Eileen screamed, her excitement at fever pitch, as Andrew cast the rod aside, and plunged into her her torso rubbing against her oh so tender backside. It was some time before they finished their final coupling. Not only her first birching, but her first sex whilst tied.
Last part 7, soon.

Spankedhortic II said...

I saw a BBC program that included where this came from. Apparently someone was claimed to have been revived from drowning using this method. As a result stations containing tobacco, pipes and piping were set up, along the Thames in London, at regular spacings.

@ OBB The BBC said that this was where the saying came from.


Hermione said...

OBB - Yes, I guess so. See Prefectdt's comment above.

Michael - True. It was quite a mild treatment, compared with some.

Kaki - Top this? Hmmm, I just might have something tucked away in my wacko folder.

Anon - Very good!

Prefectdt - How amazing! I think just turning the victim onto her side would have some more good than blowing smoke you know where. How did someone ever come up with that idea? Did they say?


Anonymous said...

This is most certainly a FAIL! Medicine and medical knowledge sure has come a long way, thankfully!

crankyspanker said...

That has got to be the strangest thing I have seen. I like an occasional cigar and I don't mind ...
never mind I think it's time to move on


ronnie said...

They used this method for various medical purposes but mainly as your picture shows - in the resuscitation of drowning victims but I think you could be right a quick sharp slap on her bottom would work very well.

Enjoy your weekend Hermione.


Spankedhortic II said...

I can't remember precisely, the TV program was some time ago but I did find a small article on one of the kits used in London.

If your interested copy and paste this.


Daisychain said...

Definitely a fail!!! I am so glad I am a strong swimmer!!! xxx

Hermione said...

Grace - Yes, aren't we lucky.

Emanuele - Ron likes cigars too. but I wouldn't... you know.

Ronnie - "various medical purposes"? What else did it cure? Gout?

Prefectdt - My goodness, they were well-equipped. But hot air isn't going to do much good if your lungs are full of water.

Daisy - No risk of being vaporized then:)


Unknown said...

how in heavens had this ever developed, except as a chance to see a women naked...